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Two Digimon Appli Monsters Games Are Coming To The 3DS

Toei Animation, Bandai, and Bandai Namco has revealed on Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, a new cross-media project. Anime, toys, and games that are related to the project are all coming soon. Among the goodies are two 3DS games.
The first is a retail 3DS game called Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters. All that is known on the game is that it will have “a grand adventure”. The second is a eShop 3DS game, which will be the first to arrive later this fall.. The tentative title is currently Appli Monsters: Cyber Arena. The game will be compatible with QR codes of Appmon Chips, which are Chips featuring individual Applimon that will launch in early October. You will be able to scan in your Appmon and use them in battle.


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    1. They got an OVA sequel going on for the original Digimon TV show. The good thing is the new anime seems to have been made for the original audience that has all but grown up now, so it’s not as kiddy as you’d expect a sequel to a kid’s show to be. It’s just in Japan right now, though, since the first 4 episodes aired just last year. Not sure I want it coming to the West, though. They might fuck it up & make it kiddy as fuck. Like they initially did with Naruto. :/

      1. Edit: Like they initially did with Naruto before they started releasing the Uncut version. :/

  1. Why don’t they have normal Digimon anymore. All I see nowadays are these retarded fusion Digimon. It was fine before cus the show wasn’t based around fusing but it seems the focus has shifted to that. Of course I haven’t seen the new one so I wouldn’t know just saw the fusion wars crap

    1. Lol no u see Digimon inhabit the worldwide Internet and digital world. But apparently appmon only inhabit apps which are clearly separate beings altogether. That’s the simplest way to put it, the whole phenomenon is just way out of our level of comprehension

  2. I need to watch the other episodes of Digimon Adventure tri. on Hulu Plus! It’s in Japanese but that’s fine. It might get ruined if it ends up getting bad localization in the West, anyway… like Naruto. Naruto still gets a bad rep in America because of the fact it was initially released with bad localization making it kiddy as fuck. Thanks a lot, Viz Media!

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