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Two New Pokemon Confirmed For Pokemon Sun & Moon


CoroCoro has held true to its promise and has revealed two brand new Pokemon that are set to star in Pokemon Sun & Moon. Serebii reports that the first Pokemon is Nekkoala, who is the Half Awake Pokemon. It has the ability Definite Sleep that prevents it from being afflicted with any status that isn’t sleep. Nekkoala is a Normal-type Pokemon. We have kinda seen the second Pokemon before in the Sun & Moon trailer. The dog/deer Pokemon Iwanko is a Rock-type Pokemon.He’s a Puppy Pokemon and will either have the Keen Eye, which prevents its accuracy from being reduced, or Vital Spirit which prevents sleep.


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  1. Ooh! I like Iwanko. Nekkoala looks kind of bland, though. They both look like they might evolve, though, so Nekkoala could end up looking better once it evolves once or twice.

  2. OMG!!! After waiting for what it feels like an eternity, There’s finally a Koala in Pokemon!!! Yay!!!! Also if you check Serebii now there is a video of Zygarde transforming in all forms just like the anime for Pokemon Sun and Moon!

    1. still no kangaroo pokemon to my remembering. and still no “good” elephant pokemon. also no robot pokemon. that would be interesting. like a bio robot. also id like to see some kind of coffee pokemon.

      my guess is that it started with Hawaii but then become more about island countries. so I hope they run with that. japan, Iceland, Hawaii (I know its US), Australia, Cuba, Jamaica. that would be really awesome.
      just like X&Y were clearly Paris, but then become more about France, then still just had some eastern European touches.

  3. Well, at least my girlfriend can be happy she got that true Aussie Pokemon. She’s got mixed feelings on Kangaskhan since it’s more of a dinosaur pretending to be a kangaroo instead of a real marsupial.

    1. Its. not entirely, an L sound. R sounds are more of a soft combination of the L and R sounds. F sounds are the same, but they combine a little bit of an H sound with it :P Since I’m a Japanese Major, I cant help but correct comments about Japanese, lol ^^;;

      1. Being a big fan of Inuyasha, I can attest that the R sounds have a combination of the L & R sounds. They tend to say Kirara, in the English dubbing, with a combination of the R & L sounds as it sounds like they are pronouncing it Kilala but upon closer listening, it’s Kirara.

    1. Commercial breaks are exactly the same lol. They don’t pause between commercials and fire one weird, colorful, ad right after another like a freaking Tommy Gun :P It’s more entertaining than the actual tv shows haha

  4. The dog one is soo cute XD It reminds me of the puppy in this anime called Kimi Ni Todoke lol. It looks like the obligatory Rattatta/Sentret/Zigzagoon/Bidoof early-game Pokémon, but I really want to train one, and make it rally badass XD

    1. I actually like how it’s supposed to be a rock type but looks more like a normal type. Must be the art style they chose for official art because it just looks like it has regular hair where I’m assuming those are actually supposed to be rocks. Maybe it’s 3D model will make them look more like rocks.

  5. They’re both pretty cute, but I like Iwanko better. Hopefully it’s an early-game Pokémon, so I can use him as one of my mains throughout the game’s story.

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