E3 2016 Badge Lanyards Feature Legend of Zelda Theme

It seems that Link is popping up everywhere ahead of E3, and the latest sighting is on the E3 badge lanyards. Sephazon, who is part of the Zelda Universe team, Tweeted pictures of the lanyards, you can check them out below:

Link has also appeared on the Best Buy homepage and a new image was leaked on Amazon earlier today.



    1. Beside the different lighting conditions and facial expressions the two look the same to me.

      1. It’s either female link, or a child Link, like in Ocarina of Time. My money is on female Link. I don’t know why so many of you are in denial about this. There will be a female option in the new Zelda… You people need to accept this already…. That is obviously a female,… round cheeks, short stubby legs. If you go back and watch that teaser video from a few months ago you will see. She has thick feminine thighs and is easily a foot shorter than the Link from the first trailer. Don’t feel bad, everyone has over looked this, even GAMEXPLAIN, so your not alone.. But just accept it already.

      1. The faces are different though. I guess it could just be a young Link… Or maybe I’m just crazy.. Who knows.. We’ll find out tomorrow!

  1. I’ve said its since that ten second teaser of Link on Epona. That WAS a female version of Link. It sure is gonna feel nice to be vindicated. Even GAMEXPLAIN missed it. I sent Andre an email explaining that that sure looks like a female Link. Of course he ignored me like everyone else!

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