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New Super Mario Amiibo and Super Mario Party Star Rush For The 3DS Arriving November 4th

In the latest Nintendo PR email, the company has revealed that some new Super Mario amiibo will be arriving on November 4th, along with a new Nintendo 3DS game named Mario Party Star Rush.

The new amiibo will include Boo the ghost – who will glow up in the dark, along with Daisy and Waluigi. There will also be new amiibo with different poses for Wario, Rosalina, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Check them out below:


In regards to the new 3DS game announced, Mario Party Star Rush will be showcased on the Nintendo Treehouse stream tomorrow, June 15th. The stream will start at 10am PT.

“Viewers will get their first look at a new Mario Party game for Nintendo 3DS that includes additions and changes to make it much more fast-paced and portable-friendly – players no longer have to wait for their turn, as everyone moves at once. Mario Party Star Rush launches Nov. 4.”

Source: Nintendo PR

25 thoughts on “New Super Mario Amiibo and Super Mario Party Star Rush For The 3DS Arriving November 4th”

  1. “Players no longer have to wait their turn. Everyone moves at once.”


  2. What? But but!!! What the fuck!? Letting everyone move at once instead of taking turns in Mario Party is like letting people do that during Monopoly! People are supposed to fucking take turns in board games & board game simulators! *facepalm* Just ruin Mario Party further and turn it into something it’s not supposed to be! This is as bad as the car thingy.

          1. I’d say good plan… if it wasn’t the preorders that sold out all of those times! D: Better be on your guard 24/7 if you want to preorder it within the first 5 seconds of it going up online. So again, good luck!

    1. I just want Lemmy Koopa cuz I love his multicolored hair! One of the few instances where I actually don’t mind the mohawk hairstyle.

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