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Mario Party Star Rush Enables All Players To Roll Dice Simultaneously & Introduces Toad Scramble Mode

Nintendo Treehouse has showcased some brand new gameplay of Mario Party Star Rush. The all-play party title features a mode named Toad Scramble, where players can move across a tile-based board in any direction rather than a static board, as a means to refresh the game series. This particular mode will also grant players the ability to engage in boss battles regularly, as well as pick up ally characters such as Luigi, Daisy, Yoshi and Mario as they continue across the board.

Mario Party Star Rush also enables players to roll the dice simultaneously, rather than one-by-one as seen in previous games in the series. Described as a title that “keeps the party going” during the livestreams, Mario Party Star Rush is bound to have you vying for those coins and rare stars with the countless mini games on show. Yesterday, Nintendo announced new amiibo from the Mario Party range which includes Waluigi, Wario and Boo. Both the amiibo range and the game are due for release on November 4.


29 thoughts on “Mario Party Star Rush Enables All Players To Roll Dice Simultaneously & Introduces Toad Scramble Mode”

  1. I’ll just quote myself from the last article:

    “Not going to say it looks promising, because I won’t believe we have a good Mario Party before I play it. But I’ll say this: The “always your turn” sounds a lot better than the car-gimmick.

    Still wish we could just go back to board games…”

                1. I honestly have no clue. Nor do I really care either way. When Mario Party goes back to traditional board games where people take turns and there isn’t some stupid car gimmick, I’ll care then.

  2. ||Somewhat better than the previous two…still the originals are way better…when it comes to the boards themselves…||

      1. Awesome! I never actually tested it out, I only used the Mario line for MP10, but used Smash Wario for MP10 as well. So I’m totally going to use classic Wario for smash! ^^

        1. I wanted the Smash line Yoshi and Bowser, but I could never find them. I got the Mario ones since I actually could find those. Eventually I will replace them so I can *truly* complete the Smash line.

          1. They’re probably easier to find now, check amazon. I also follow amiibo alerts and amiibo news on twitter and have notifications turned on for whenever they post, i’ve been able to catch some rare amiibo that get sold out fast because of them! ^^

          2. I might have to do the same with Meta Knight. Now that the Kirby edition is out, I sadly don’t see Nintendo giving two shits about sending out more Smash Meta Knight stock. Shame because I love the pose. Expect something similar to happen to the rare Smash Fire Emblem amiibo if they release a Fire Emblem amiibo line.

          3. Speaking of, so glad I got the Kirby edition of Kirby on a star because the Smash amiibo was pretty generic.

    1. What Quadraxis said. It’s just silvershadowfly. I guess she decided to use her real first name. Or it could be her middle name.

    2. Been here 3 years ish? I think. But I moved from News and Reviews Editor to just a Reviews Editor around a year and a half ago now. That might be why you don’t see my name pop up often. And yes, it’s my real name. :)

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