The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Can Be Beaten Without Finishing The Story

If for some reason you want to ignore the story in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it looks like you’ll be able to do just that. According to producer Eiji Aonuma, players will have the option of directly heading to the final boss of the open-world game from the beginning. He also stressed that he didn’t view this method as an ideal approach, though speedrunners would probably take advantage of it nonetheless.

“Users may not actually get the full story depending on how they play this game and how they strategize and solve puzzles,” Aonuma said. “Users are able to go to the very end goal without revealing why Link woke up the way he did and where he did. Whether you want to reveal the storyline and find out why Link woke up, or you want to just go straight to the goal, that’s an option totally up to the user.

“Anybody who can go straight to the goal without doing anything else — there’s two possibilities. Either they’re a really good gamer, or they could be somebody that’s a little bit crazy. But it’s not impossible. I created the game like that. Maybe it might be fun for fans to compete in a challenge for who can clear it first.”



    1. Well maybe its not so bad… Being able to explore where ever you want is cool. I guess my greatest fear after reading this is that I’m afraid of the story sucking

      1. To be fair, Chrono Trigger DID let you beat the final boss early at the Ocean Palace. And once you beat that game, you could go straight for the final boss once you started the game XD

          1. Very true. That trash can that led straight to Lavos was active the moment you reached the End of Time on your first play-through.

    2. i think he is acknowledging speedrunners seeing as they tend to sequence break games, this gives them the option to do that without glitching the game.

    3. I’m not sure how I feel yet. I like a good story in games. Now I’m afraid I might miss something and not get the full story. I also like to explore, so what if I stumble upon the final boss’s lair completely by accident and happen to defeat him?

      They should’ve made it so that you could go to the final boss’s location but he wouldn’t show up unless a specific set of circumstances had been accomplished first.

      1. I would expect us to know when we’ve come across the final boss. They usually tend to stand out in one way or another.

        1. So I’m not worried. If I stumble on his location, I can just hightail it the fuck out of there! lol

      2. I think the odds of that happening are extremely slim. While it can be accessed right at the get-go, it will probably have obvious signs.

        “I dunno about this castle, it looks pretty evil… Maybe I should walk the other way.”

  1. Seriously? Now I’m even more worried this is Zelda 1 remade. :/ *hopes this fear is unfounded* Least it won’t be like Star Fox Zero where a certain gameplay style is shoved down my throat.

    This isn’t the worst thing I’ve heard from E3 yet, though. Resident Evil 7 will be all 1st FUCKING person. Sure the horror element is back but they wanted it to be VR friendly so they made it 1st person only. FUCK YOU, CRAPCOM!!! And fuck VR if this shit forces devs to turn every fucking game into 1st person only so it can be VR friendly! I’m out!

      1. Nothing. I just don’t want what will probably be the biggest Zelda game ever to be some damn remake! No thank you! That’s like if Zero Mission, a remake of Metroid 1, was the biggest Metroid ever! I would be… so pissed.

          1. Sheikah Tablet? That book Link carries in the game? Or something on the E3 Zelda things?

                1. Slate? Tablet? It’s obviously a book so it should be called the Sheikah Tome. Who came up with that name? Does that person know a slate & tablet is NOTHING like a damn book? Ugh…

                    1. They probably named it that because it has a nice ring to it. The words “Shekiah Slate” both start with ‘s’. Just like how “Boston Bruins” and “Cleveland Cavaliers” have nice rings to them. Not a single (normal) person will freak out if it’s called something similar.

        1. Why would a remake even matter when this game really looks and feels nothing like Zelda 1? Would just the name “remake” really spoil the whole game for you, even if it had absolutely no influence on the game itself?

          1. Zero Mission looked & felt nothing like Metroid 1. Star Fox Zero looks & feels nothing like Star Fox/Star Fox 64. Yet both of those are remakes of Metroid 1 & Star Fox/Star Fox 64 respectively.

            But this entire point is moot now because of what RidleySlayer told me.

    1. Even in Zelda 1, you couldn’t access most of the final dungeon and the final boss without all the Triforce pieces.

      1. Good point. Unless the orbs you are collecting from those trials ARE Triforce pieces. o.O

    2. Yeah whats wrong with Zelda 1? Why does this make you think its a Zelda 1 remake (impossible if you read about it)? and they make the games lol, qst person or 3rd its up to them. RE is probably gonna be great that way. You just like things the way you’re used to them

      1. I’ve moved on from the Zelda 1 remake fear.

        “it’s their game so they can do what they want” Fuck that mentality. Only fanboys have that mentality when someone doesn’t like what their precious master is doing. And fuck first person. You want a first person game? Go play one that was built from the ground up as 1st person or go make a new 1st person horror game! Leave established franchises the fuck alone! If it’s not them trying to turn Resident Evil into Call of Duty, it’s them trying to turn it into Dying Light with shades of Silent Hill! Now if you want to continue defending Crapcom’s bullshit, go find somewhere else to do bend over & take it up the ass from them. Leave established franchises, AND established characters, the flying fuck alone! Man! You casuals need to step off of established things if you want them to be something they aren’t.

      1. Nah it was said to be nothing but a reimagining of Star Fox 64. They never said anything about it being an entirely new experience.

  2. How does this even work?

    1. Players just starting out is new world, won’t have a clue what the hell to do.

    2. In most cases, you have to advance pretty far in the game to even be a match for the final boss. That’s like Young Link fighting GANON, through a glitch, only to die horribly.

    1. Local naked man beat the king of evil with only a stick. When ask what inspired him he just looked in confusion seemingly not having no clue as to why.

    2. I’d say that’s kinda the point. Aonuma just said that you could beat the game without completing the story. He didn’t say that it would be easy.

    1. Just becaue “you can” doesn’t mean you can. First of all, he only said you can complete it without completing the story. This doesn’t mean it can be “completed from the start”. You might still have to beat all trials or something like that. Secondly, even if you could beat it from the start, maybe it would be too ridiculously hard to do so.

    2. Dude it’s literally giving you so much freedom you can kill the final boss at the beginning of the game, but of course it’s gonna be extremely hard.

  3. Why are you crying over options, people? If you don’t want to do that, don’t do it. Besides, if the harder enemies are anything to go by, the final boss will one-shoot Link if you go there with just 3 hearts.
    This is a blessing for those planning to do speedruns and minimum % runs. It gives this title more replayability than any other Zelda I can think of.

    Other than that, Aonuma must really dislike this game. It’s completely opposite to his design philosophy.

    1. I don’t see how he’d dislike it since this was all his idea, no doubt. If anything, I’d think he’d love it since this is pretty much Aonuma taking the Zelda franchise & literally making it his own while kicking Miyamoto off a cliff screaming “LEGEND OF ZELDA IS MINE!!!”

        1. I knew there were certain things about Aonuma I didn’t like. But what you just said is even worse. The original was great. And I don’t want my Zelda games to be easy.

  4. Just shows how much freedom the game gives you. Sounds awesome to me. Will I be doing it? No, not on my first playthrough at least. But I see nothing wrong with it being an option. And it would be fun to see how quick I can get to the end on a second playthrough.

    1. I’d attempt it. Of course, I’d be collecting as many heart pieces as I can along the way, though. If the world is indeed huge, I’d suspect there would be a lot of shit that you can collect on your way there. xD

  5. This is in line with Nintendo’s current philosophy: “Hard games bother consumers; let’s make them super easy so that children can play them!”

    And some people over here still defend this sh*t.

        1. If they don’t mind waiting the next day so they can reuse their amiibo, I guess they could use amiibo to beat the final boss at the start with ease by pausing the game when their summoned wolf or whatever gets killed, wait til the next day, reuse amiibo, pause again when it dies, rinse & repeat. Yeah. I don’t think so. That would actually get boring really quick because many people don’t have very good attention spans as it is these days.

              1. I’ll watch the gameplay. For some minutes, at least. Don’t want to get spoiled since this is coming in… 9 months… :'(

                1. I’m not watching it period. The trailer is good enough for me as I don’t want anything spoiled. 6 hours of gameplay whether they avoid story spoilers or not is still too much information. I do understand why some people don’t even want the locations spoiled because even I don’t want environments of games I’m really interested in to be spoiled, either. I do like to have some mystery when playing a video game.

                    1. Like I said, 6 hours is too much. Even 3 hours is pushing it. Now you see why I wasn’t too enthusiastic about E3 2016 being all about Zelda. Least there were other games they could talk about. I might hate Color Splash, Star Rush, & a couple of others but least they keep some of the attention away from talking too much about Zelda.

                    2. I want more info on Ever Oasis. I hope it does better than Nintendo’s last new IP that had RPG elements. *shakes head at poor Code Name STEAM* Tragic, too, because I liked the nod the game was doing to the Cthulu Mythos with it’s monsters.

        1. Um… where were you yesterday? They literally played the game for 4 hours straight on Nintendo Treehouse. This site has been reporting this for the past 2 weeks… I don’t see how it’s possible you didn’t know about it unless this is the first time you’ve ever visited any gaming news site.

  6. Lol, why are people just dropping their interests for this game. Sure you can beat it quick, but it must be hard doing it at first. Plus, this gives speedrunners an actual challenge to play this game, of course if they find glitches to give them an advantage throughout their play through.

  7. So many people missing the point here. He’s just trying to point out how they broke another convention of the franchise, linearity. So now instead of having you hand held through the entirety of the game, you are actually free to go and do whatever you want! Similar to how in Zelda NES you can go anywhere in any order. I think it’s another great aspect to what is going to be an amazing game.

  8. While this certainly breaks the mold of original Zelda games, I really don’t mind this. It’s an OPTION first of all. Let’s say a new game just came out but I haven’t finished LoZ, just jump straight to the boss and the game is completed.

    And while I like good stories, I’ll probably just explore and kill things at my leisure with this new Zelda. XD

  9. In the original NES Legend of Zelda, you only needed a normal Bomb to wander into the first room of the 9th and final Dungeon without completing ANYTHING else first, if you knew the right boulder to bomb for the entrance … but you could not actually get through it without gathering certain items first (like all 8 shards of the Triforce).

    You needed certain items to gain access to certain dungeons (candle, bracelet, raft), but otherwise you could complete the 8 normal dungeons in scrambled order, and could wander to 98% of the overworld map from the very start, without even picking up a Sword.

    It sounds like this game will not have a magic wall (like the Triforce Door) preventing you from entering the final Dungeon without completing 100% of the story first … however … I strongly suspect that a few key items and powers will be needed to actually traverse it and solve it’s puzzles. If you know exactly where you aquire those powers, then you could go grab them first, not even finish the Dungeons/Shrines you get them from, and run straight for the final challenge as a severely underequipped character and TRY to beat the end boss.

    … you COULD … but like playing an Elderscrolls game, could you REALLY just run past everything you pass along the way without wanting to interact with it? You would need to have a walkthrough/wiki in front of you to play it that way. Otherwise, the process of unraveling the puzzle on your own would have you wandering towards all the interesting points organically, and the story would reveal itself as you go.

    If you are the kind of player who CARES what the story is, then you are probably NOT going to sneak past the defenses you are too weak to counter, cheese your way through the puzzles and terrain, and climb the ominous staircase (probably) covered in flames where the final boss awaits … with only your boxer shorts on and a tree branch in hand.

    … unless you REALLY want to. Getting completely trashed by [almost certainly Demon Pig Ganon] early on, then going back to gear up, lore-up, and challenge the end boss again sounds like something I totally might try to do when I play the game myself … almost a Year from now.

    I played much of Elderscrolls and even Xenoblade X that way. Beating a challenge you are underprepared for, but not forbidden from attempting, is fun and exciting in it’s own way.

    1. I now want to try going after the final boss like in an anime when the big bad shows up early in the anime, kicks the hero’s ass, then the hero spends the rest of the show trying to get stronger so they can finally stop the villain who was too powerful for them to beat when they first encountered them. I actually like that trope in anime & shit because it helps the character build up some humility instead of them being all powerful from the beginning & having a big ego throughout.

      1. So hopefully if we fight the final boss but soon realize we aren’t a match for him, or her, that we are allowed to retreat from the fight & come back later. If not, there goes my plan. :/

  10. That is just so damn stupid. For the first time ever I don’t want a Zelda game at all…if I had know what I was getting into with Skyward Sword this would be the second because that game was a wreck from all angles. The story was just not right with it but I enjoyed it but the controls made that game crap…but this…I don’t need a crappy elder scrolls game I need a wonderful Zelda game. Yea I said I hate elder scrolls games. I have my opinions and this is them so if you are gonna bash them use facts not random hatful trolling…sigh I can’t believe they want to mess up Zelda so much…next they will turn Link into a female in a canon story. I don’t have a problem with a female link but it would not feel like a Zelda game that way either…interesting thought and I agree Nintendo’s “reasons” are not really up to snuff but I mean I just prefer not to have what is not broken being “fixed”. Keep to the great style of Zelda.

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way, but I think you’re in the minority. Don’t look at this as them trying to fix what’s not broken. This is the next generation of game designers taking the reins, and they seem to be drawing inspiration from games that have done really well and that are really popular. At the same time, they’re returning to the basics. The idea behind this game’s open worldness is more faithful to the original Zelda than any previous game has been.

      They’re changing a lot of things for this new title, but check out the video below. Look at the conversation that takes place from 9:20 to 12:40. It’s has that traditional Zelda feel to it. The gameplay mechanics may be getting a complete overhaul, but I have a feeling that this game’s story is going to be exactly what a Zelda story should be. Hope that helps.

      1. I think it’s one of those psycho Zelda traditionalists I spoke of the other day that hate the idea of change in Zelda to the point they go rabid at the sign of it. Probably doesn’t like the idea of Link hooking up with Zelda, either. Since I’m a psycho Metroid & Resident Evil traditionalist, I can sense these things. xD

  11. I’m the guy who is going to chop down every single tree, kill every single enemy, and open every single chest

    1. It’s an option whether you go after the final boss at the start or not, so for once, I have to agree with you.

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