Miyamoto Says “Hopefully You’ll See A New Kind Of Mario In About A Year Or Two”

Although Nintendo is currently focusing on Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto has already started to talk about the next Mario title. Miyamoto said in an interview with IGN that “we’re always challenging ourselves to create something new, so hopefully you’ll see a new kind of Mario in about a year or two”. In fact, Miyamoto said that “maybe next E3 we’ll be able to share something”.



    1. Well he said new “kind” of Mario, so they probably still have something from an existing series planned for the launch of the NX; maybe a galaxy game.

        1. Well I’m just assuming they’ll have some kind of Mario game at launch, not necessarily a 3D one. I just cited Galaxy as a possibility. Every Nintendo home console in the past, with the exception of the Wii (and technically the Gamecube since Luigi’s Mansion was the launch title) has launched with a Mario title. It would make sense for the NX to have one.

          1. I’d be incredibly lame to go back to the NSMB formula on home consoles after Super Mario Maker, so I hope it’s either a 3D Mario or nothing. If rumors are anything to go by, they might port SMM to the NX. Or maybe Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a thing. Who knows.

    2. I wouldn’t think the NX would launch with a 3d Mario. After all, it is launching with Zelda BotW. A year or two would be perfect for a new Mario title… Zelda in 2017, Mario 64-2 in 2018… I’m ok with that.

      1. I disagree. If the NX is going to draw attention, I think it needs to launch with a new game from each of Nintendo’s big series’; not just Zelda but Metroid, Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Pikmin, a Splatoon sequel, F-Zero (if such a thing can still be hoped for), and maybe a port of Star Fox Zero with better controls.

        1. That would be a bad business strategy honestly. They have to spread out their releases. Sure it’d be awesome, but it would never happen lol.

            1. That would work. What I was really getting at is that when the NX launches, they need to have these games lined up so that people can see that they will have something to keep them busy.

              1. Yes, announcements and solid release dates that can be depended on. Not, “Star fox this fall… no, xmas… no, early 2016… meh… sometime in the spring… April, but really it never came out right so hopefully you like it.”

  1. I would be happy with another Mario game in SM3D World guise or hell maybe they might take a risk and make a Mario version of Sonic adventure. Team Mario (Mario, Luigi, DK and Toad) and Team Bowser (Bowser, Bowser Jr. Wario, Waluigi) for example. Conquer the Mushroom Kingdom or Save it

      1. Actually the most recent new series of Mario was the 3D (land 3ds, world Wii u). So that would be about 5 years (3D land in 2011) Still a good amount of time like previously stated. For those confused the different 3D Mario series are 64 (original and DS), Sunshine, Galaxy (1&2), and super Mario 3D (Land & World).

        1. Yeah, it’s about time to have a new installment. I would love to have a new Galaxy game.

        2. I would say the Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World is a different series than the other 3D games. Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, Mario Galaxy (1 & 2) – all brought exploration into the picture to play different parts of each world. The end was finding that shiny star (or shine).

          3D Land/World, is basically NSMB, but with some wiggle room to the side. It’s not exploration, as the level is 100% linear, and you are just going to the flag pole (like 2D games).

  2. Sounds like he wants to do a new mario that’s different to all the others before it, but a mario galaxy 3 would be a new kind of awesome within itself, in the deep universe of everything, anything is possible ^.^

  3. To a certain point, is it really necessary to keep “updating” something or trying to reinvent a concept with something new? I mean, as long as the base is still solid, go for it – but I’m worried in an effort to be “new”, they’ll begin to lose what made it great in the first place. We saw it happen with Sonic, it could certainly happen with Mario.

    1. They went “new”with Galaxy and it is easily two of top 5 games for Wii and maybe the best Mario games they made. Well, that last one is debatable, but the point is new can be great and often it is with Mario

  4. A “more open world” Mario was already mentioned as a possibility if fan response seemed favorable of that approach right? And I think they later mentioned that they weren’t really sure what platform the game they started working on was for. I’d assume that game would be what Miyamoto is referring to…

  5. He had better not be a level editor, or yet another rehash of NSMB/SMB1.

    Considering the way Miyamoto has been lately, I’m scared about this statement. Is a true follow up to Super Mario Galaxy 2/3D Mario games with stars and missions too much to ask for? Why drift away from something that’s been established and works.

    I hope Playtonic NEVER goes out of business, or sells out to another company (clearly not interested in the spirit of platformers and Mario-esque games), because they’re the only ones left who can deliver.

  6. Keep in mind that Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros Wii both came out over a year after the Wii launched. This isn’t exactly surprising.

    1. If that can be coupled with stand alone “levels” or “challenges” where you walk seamlessly to a place and find yourself in a place where there are limits, great. I think the limitations or confines of a level is what makes Mario games what they are. I don’t think open world in the sense of how Zelda is makes as much sense. However, as I type I can see how it could work… would really have to be innovative though

  7. im not a fan of zelda , i am a fan of super mario games i hope there is a new mario game with NX i hope its the new mario kart

  8. I want another game in the style of SM64 and Super Mario Sunshine. The Galaxy’s were great, but for my personal taste they were a bit too “segmented”. There were a LOT of worlds and you didn’t spend much time in each one, as opposed to the massive ones in 64 and Sunshine.

    1. They WERE segmented, but not all the stages wereas linear as SMB3DL / SMB3DW.

      But you know what game would benefit from having the same linear 3D gameplay as the 3D World Mario games, a spiritual successor to Donkey Kong 64. A new island to explore, five kongs to play as, no collecting certain color bananas, blueprints, and balloons as certain kongs, or backtracking to a Kong Barrel. You can just pause the game and slect the kong you wish to play as.

  9. What the fuck is Nintendo doing these days?! No Metroid, no Mario, almost no Zelda and Paper Mario, a rushed and broken Star Fox and only 1 new IP. And they just “started talking about the next Mario”. You better get your shit together now, Nintendo, or you’re screwed! Nintendo used to make 1 or 2 games of EACH IP plus spin-offs plus new and original IPs at every console iteration. Even the Wii had a shitload of Nintendo games, and most of them were good! And statements like “We wait until VR is mainstream” makes me wanna puke! Nintendo used to MAKE things mainstream, now they’ve become the new Sony and M$. DON’T WAIT, INNOVATE!

    1. Dude are you even reading ur comment? That’s a shit load of work and new ideas for a shit load of games. You sound like a arrogant selfish fag. Do you know how hard coding is? And how long it takes? I do agree with ur don’t wait innovate statement but Nintendo’s just having a bit of a bug this year… give them a break

  10. All you guys saying that there should be a galaxy 3 make me want to puke. Color splash isn’t even out yet and it’s getting so much back lash cuz its “just sticker star two” all you dumbass hypocrites I don’t like the new super !mario bros series because they are all the same rushed games with a power up here and there. I don’t like how Nintendo isn’t bringing anything new to the table. The reason why you like sunshine and galaxy so much is because it was a new innovative idea. Same for mario three. New ideas that challenge the player and give them something to explore with. All you hypocrites saying color splash is bad cuz its the same will look at galaxy three and Sunshine the same way one day and wonder why you wanted the same game over again. You don’t want sunshine or galaxy to end up as a shitty rushed series bringing no new mechanics to the series just like the “NEW” games do you? Nintendos trying to add variety not make another shit series. I don’t play the rpgs but I heard sticker star is cool. And galaxy games are just as cool. In my mind sticker star is just as good as galaxy so why is color splash getting back lash? Nintendos probably scared of getting such stupid childish reactions as you guys did to color splash WICH ISNT EVEN OuT YET! And the same to you idiots complaining that there’s not enough games and that Nintendo should be shitting out a game evrey month. Just fuck off till you tried coding and then whine about there not being enough games. I don’t want a galaxy 3 or sunshine 2 we need a new theme. Maybe there could be a game indulging into the yoshi powers from Mario world more? That would be cool. Or maybe a 1st person mechanic or hammer in the main game series? New ideas people!

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