Aonuma Said That Changes In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Were Made Based On Negative Skyward Sword Feedback

Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma told Polygon about how fan feedback influenced Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Aonuma says that “A lot of the fans that played Skyward Sword said that they were really bummed out that they couldn’t find the hidden element of the game. A lot of the users, when they looked at the map, they said, ‘OK, there’s these places I can go, but how come I can’t go over here?’ Fans that enjoyed the motion controls in Skyward Sword may actually be a little bit disappointed playing this game.”

Aonuma says that the decision to create a bigger world was largely influenced by those fan responses. Aonuma continued, saying that “a lot of Zelda fans are the type of people who really like to explore those hidden elements. I realized that creating this bigger world and letting them freely play may be the solution to all of that.” Aonuma concluded by saying that “I’ve always thought that when creating a 3D game where it’s easy for users to get lost, it’s really important to tell the users what they need to do. But then, after creating this larger world, I realized that getting lost isn’t that bad. Having the option to do whatever you want and get lost is actually kind of fun. I think fans that enjoy a more linear type of gameplay will also enjoy this type of gameplay”.



  1. Quite frankly, I don’t like getting lost. It’s frustrating as hell. I always want to be aware of where I need to go.

    As long as I know where I need to go, but have the freedom to do what I want until I get there, I’m good.

    1. Skyward Sword is a fantastic Zelda game, and this new Zelda doesn’t change that fact. However it is a breath of fresh air to get a different kind of Zelda…. Skyrim, basically… but way better

      1. “breath of fresh air”
        I see what you did there! ;)

        I loved Skyward Sword, but I will probably love this one as well, since a 3D Zelda game true to Zelda 1 was what I was always hoping for.

  2. Let’s hope the positive reception of Breath of the Wild makes Nintendo as a whole see that it’s good to listen to fan feedback once in a while. It’s good to see Aonuma stepping out of his comfort zone to deliver what the fans want.

    Other than that, I’m incredibly excited for Breath of the Wild. I must have watched the trailer seven times already.

    1. i practically wet myself when i saw the trailer. i may be bummed that breath of the wilds wont be out until 2017 im still excited and hope that delay get the wii u version polished not to be close to the nx version but make the wii u version the most polished game. i will admit that i will double dip and get the nx version just for the higher res.

  3. It was obvious that they based this game on the negative critcism, but I think this is another bad case of only listening to the negative reception of a game. Negative reception always sticks out more, so companies often make the mistake to listen only to that. Sure, there were some problems with Skyward Sword, but this is not the way to solve them.

    Maybe Fi was annoying, but that doesn’t mean that companions should be completely ommited

    Maybe Skyward Sword was too linear, but you don’t need to make a world that is far too open (not that it’s a bad idea, I like the concept, but it feels more like a 3D verison of a 2D game now)

    It’s like Star Fox Zero, where Nintendo only listened to those who wanted a game like Star Fox 64 and delivered that way too literally

    I can still remember those youtubers quoting the original Zelda as an example of true freedom in comparison with Skyward Sword and those people are the ones Nintendo listened to

    1. That’s the only real downside to this game right now: no companion. We could have had a companion that wasn’t always trying to tell us where to go. If anything, it would have been nice to have a companion that voices an opinion in-game about the situation Link is in or something. ESPECIALLY considering they don’t let Link talk. Either give us a companion back for commentary purposes or make Link talk! Since so many will whine if he so much as says 10 words, I want my companion!

      1. I think that not having a companion really drives the point home that you can do whatever you want; you are on your own. No handholding.

        That said, I wouldn’t mind a companion as long as he/she was well-written and was super passive unless you needed him/her, AND not Fi levels of Captain Obvious.

        “Master, did you know you can pick up hearts to restore your hearts?”

        1. Yeah. Aonuma went way overboard with making our companion help us in Skyward Sword. I wish he hadn’t have done that to the spirit of the Master Sword. :/ Now some people hate her for something that wasn’t really her fault. Now people will be like “I’m so glad Fi is sleeping inside the Master Sword! I hated her hand holding! I hope she never wakes up!” :/ That shouldn’t be the mentality we have for the Master Sword’s spirit. We should be hoping for the day she wakes up, not dreading it. Maybe a remake of Skyward Sword can fix that, though. So I’m actually hoping more for that with Skyward Sword than a simple HD remaster.

    2. While i do agree they should pay attention to both the negative and positive feedback, I personally hated skyward sword, and love the new direction. I also think the companion being removed had 0% to do with feedback and 100% to do with sells. Now everyone(myself included) is rushing to buy twilight princess with the wolf amiibo because thats the only way to have a companion in game.

  4. Finally Nintendo understands! Breath of the Wild is the Zelda game I’ve been waiting for since OoT! WW got very close, that’s why its currently my fav Zelda game, but this one takes it to whole new level! From what I’ve seen this game should blow WW out of the water (lol get it;) and become my new favorite Zelda game! SUCH HYPE!!

    1. I thought the story was one of the best honestly, and one of the best parts of the game. Motion controls were weird but once it clicked it felt good to me. Not my preference but I enjoyed it more than most people. Having to pause between swings was lame though. They would really have to improve motion controls to give people what they expected with the wii originally, but at this point I don’t think many would care if they perfected it lol.

  5. Okay so which fans complained about music?
    You’re not including an overworld theme nor dungeon themes… is that because gamers complained about having to hear music?
    And before anyone jumps my crap… during one of the videos he did say there would not be music themes IE overworld theme and dungeon themes.
    To me that ruins the experience… even skyrim had music that played as you were out exploring.

    1. There will be music in the game, just like every other Zelda. I think you will be in the wild exploring a lot more in this game than any other Zelda, so to have a constant looping theme song would get pretty annoying. Hearing a light melody with the sounds of nature was 100% the right way to go. As far as dungeon themes…. I believe they will have them to some extent.

      1. I think it’s a terrible idea. And if gamers don’t want a looping theme out in the wild, Nintendo could just add a volume control for the music… or an on and off. But Aonuma said that there is not going to be music.

      2. But I like my music loop! Just do like Witcher 3 did & make it to where the music loops for a couple of minutes then it stops for a couple of minutes, coming back on again to repeat the cycle. Don’t do away with it completely. :/ This is the absence of a companion issue all over again. D: I like a companion to be the commentary since Link will not be allowed to talk & is not allowed to have his own personality because “mah ability to feel like I am Link will be wuined!” :/

        1. Yea I agree about the companion. I really loved Midna, and even Fi to some extent.. Navi was a little annoying honestly, but I wouldn’t want to get rid of her, she adds to the charm of the game. But about the music, hearing the sounds of nature does not bother me. I love being able to walk up to a river and slowly hear the running water get louder and louder the closer you get. Or being able to hear the wild horses before you see them. I just really love the absence of a theme song in THIS Zelda. If they add one in it wouldn’t bother me either….

          1. I do like how the music in Witcher 3 will sometimes stop altogether til you run into enemies or come across a cursed or abandoned area.

          2. But at the same time, this is Zelda. Music always has been something I looked forward to in Zelda. Even if most of it is on a constant loop. I love hearing new ones & new versions of old ones. Hopefully there will be multiple detailed options in the audio settings that let us set how we want to listen to music.

            1. Well, I can tell you that I loved Twilight Princess’s night time theme song. It actually added to the immersion. I love the way in TP and OoT the theme music changes from night to day. And if I’m not mistaken, doesn’t the theme music go silent in Ocarina of Time during the night hours? I’m pretty sure it does.. Zelda BotW could have done something like that, had a theme during the day and nature sounds at night… So you have a point, but I’m honestly not convinced that the entire game will even be without a theme. It could be like A Link Between Worlds, remember when you passed a certain point in the game the overworld tune changed to a more serious traditional Zelda theme? BotW could have something like that, when you pass a certain milestone the traditional Zelda theme kicks in….

      1. There will be music… It will probably be reserved for cut scenes and boss battles… Or any other big moments..While out exploring I would honestly rather hear the running water, thunder, and the rain hitting the leaves. Soooo much more immersive. You could always throw on some Symphony of the Godess if you needed a little extra background noise….

      2. ||There won’t be continuos music…however, the music…will occur when something important plays out…to give the music a more impact feeling…according to humans…||

  6. I’m disappointed about no motion control option for playing the game, oh and the lack of a companion if only so she, or he, can provide commentary since they won’t have Link talk, but everything new to the series will make up for that.

  7. “Fans that enjoyed the motion controls in Skyward Sword may actually be a little bit disappointed playing this game.”

    Ahhhhh. Music to my ears.

  8. I never understood the complaints about Skyward Sword. I thoroughly LOVED that game! And the Princess Zelda in that game is one of my favorites. I liked her because she was a normal girl, and didn’t act all quiet, mysterious and magical like the Ocarina Of Time and Twilight Princess Zelda. The only complaints I had with Skyward Sword was, I hated having to fight that stupid nightmare creature over and over. And I thought Demise was a stupid final boss. I beat him on the first or second try. I was also not fond of those weird……I can’t remember what they were called. Those weird missions where you have to race and collect those glowing ball thingies. Those stressed me out.

  9. What I want to know is, who the hell bitched about Skyward Sword!? I loved Skyloft, the townspeople, the Gratitude Crystals, the dowsing feature, the NON-CEL-SHADED textures, using a Wiimote to slash enemies and fire off sonic booms.

    It was the best Legend of Zelda game I’ve played in years! It’s the second best game I have on the Wii! The only real flaw were those god-awful Imprisoned battles. Now I’m thrown into a plot-less beginning naked, in a pseudo-Skyrim game (didn’t we just do LOZ Dynasty Warriors, twice?), where Link doesn’t even have his green tunic. Well there’s still future handheld LOZ games for familiarity.

    The next Zelda game after this will be an RPG will disc-swapping, and a shocking party-member death.

  10. ||In other words…High Command will erase the abomination…known as Federation Force…and fix everything that is wrong with it in the near future…which is everything…||

        1. Well it looks like your glitch is about to spread like a virus. All we can do is hope it has all the life of a house fly and dies soon after birth.

  11. They should add a musical mini game which interacts with the environment through different songs, like putting enemies to sleep so link can easily sneak by or steal their stuff, luring wildlife for hunting, taming, or putting to sleep, or even summoning Cuccos to maul enemy groups as a distraction, playing music for npcs to earn currency or items such as food and equipment, or just for enjoying music from the series!

    1. I like the summoning cuccos idea. Sadly, they’d probably just make an amiibo of a Cucco & make us summon them that way instead of using some musical instrument.

  12. if I am honest, I am more and more worry about the game.
    – The art style.
    – Rendering but that just because they are more issues.
    – The reduce number of main dungeons (4??!!).
    – The fact the main story does not seems to be important since you can go to the boss directly.
    – Voice over (and I bet it will be a real language instead of Hylians).
    – Removal of motion control (I love this in skysowrd).
    – Huge empty open world.
    – No compagnion (but Zelda 1 and 2 did not have one either).
    – No sign of Ganon.
    – They took 5 years to develop that game which at the end does not seems (in first impression) there are much work done on it.

    Note: the theme technology vs fantasy is like a Final Fantasy type of game.

    Anyway that’s my personal opinion but despite of all that and being worried I will give it a shot since it was one of the reason I bought the Wii U (will be daft not to buy the game now but it won’t be day one purchase for me).

    1. When watching the trailer, I did notice there was a slight issue in the draw distance of smaller things like patches of grass. Xenoblade solved a bit of this by allowing you to download texture packs to speed rendering. I’m sure it will be OK, I forget who said this on this blog, but Nintendo is not one to really pat themselves on the back pre-maturely, and like any good artist, their comments that underlay things are likely veiling an epic game.

      I share most of your concerns, and given Nintendo track record recently it seems a little scary, but I don’t think we are getting another Zelda for a very long time. So I would like to think they are completely maxing out the WiiU’s abilities. I am also going to pick up the NX disc, but I’m waiting two years to buy the NX itself. Hopefully there will be a system transfer or a way to transfer your Zelda game from WiiU to NX… Because I plan on logging some serious hours. ;D

      1. They’ll probably follow Monolith Soft’s example & have some free DLC packs for testure & load times. As for the NX version, if it’s more powerful than Wii U, preferably at least a midway point between PS4/XBone and Neo/Scorpio power, we won’t need to download packs to make the game better on NX.

  13. I’ve always felt the games were dated with their control schemes. Link should’ve jumped regularly a long time ago! I’m excited that he’ll have more movement and feel more real. I’m glad they were open to taking it in a new direction, it looks like it’s going to pay off!

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