Nintendo Celebrates Father’s Day This Weekend With An Adorable Story Visual

Nintendo has shared an absolutely adorable visual comic to celebrate Father’s Day this coming weekend. For both the US and the UK, Sunday, June 19 marks a day where we remember our dads, shower them with gifts and a card, or perhaps just a nice, cold beer. With the youngsters known today as the millennials, we can’t forget our parents who may have also grown up with Nintendo as a child, teen, or adult in the ’80s. Perhaps some of our readers here are even parents and go by the nickname “NintenDad” as the company so aptly says.

For dads today, especially the millennials, Nintendo was a big part of their childhood. These “NintenDads” have fond memories of playing Nintendo games like Super Mario Bros. (that celebrated its 30th anniversary last fall) and the original NES, Super NES and Game Boy systems. Their love of all things Nintendo hasn’t gone away, and today dads want to share that love, as well as a piece of their childhood, with their own kids.

But however you choose to spend the day, make sure it’s an enjoyable one. Brush off that old copy of Super Mario 64 and relive it on the N64, or maybe the Wii U’s virtual console. Kick back and enjoy some retro Bond with Goldeneye 007, or perhaps do a barrel roll in the new Star Fox Zero. Let us know if you have any fond memories of gaming with your dad in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo PR


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    1. Children and child-minded adults don’t have the attention span for home consoles any more. Their TVs are mostly used for gritty dim games dangling congratulatory pats on the back in the form of achievements and trophies, as if dangling keys in front of their eyes. If the kid is gonna play anything to enjoy and not feel some silly stigma for enjoying a console because others declair it’s death due to blind ignorance, it’d be a 3DS… which everyone also said was dead until they all bought one and now champion it cause of hypocrisy.

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