Take-Two Say They Are Very Interested In Nintendo NX

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take -Two, who are the parent company of both Rockstar Games and 2K Games, says that they are very interested in the Nintendo NX. While this isn’t confirmation that they’re working on any titles for the platform it’s good to hear that they are excited at the prospect of new hardware from Nintendo.

It could be very exciting. You never want to count Nintendo out. They go quiet for a while and then they come to market and do something really exciting. We are very interested and watching closely the development of what Nintendo plans to do next.


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        1. Finally who understands the current situation with the NX. I currently have my expectations set low for Nintendo. Sure they may release good 1st party titles but 3rd party support is still up in the air. I suggest people sit and wait patiently and see how Nintendo unravels the NX and what support will its way otherwise we will end up getting another Wii U cycle.

      1. It will be a new box with slightly worst or better graphics than the PS4. It will also, most likely, have a new gimmick but HOPEFULLY it will be optional. Stop thinking Nintendo will change they wont so easily.

    1. Take Two did make a game for the Wii U. NBA 2K13. So you can understand that game series will atleast make an appearance.

  1. I remember there was talk about GTA V on Wii U , Basically it was swept under the rug and nothing was ever said afterwards, I’d Imagine the same scenario happening here..

  2. While I won’t say it’s impossible for it to happen, unless Nintendo gives the power to make the games happen and the tools to ensure a smooth transition, I can’t see a GTA anything coming to a Nintendo home console. It would be innnnnnsaaannneee.

    But, I honestly hope they can bring the other companies back. Nintendo needs it.

  3. Many devs said this about the Wii U. It really doesn’t mean munch unless the system has good specs and is selling.

    1. It could mean that. They may want to see how people respond to the WWE series and 2K sports series before making other commitments.

    1. They would have already known the specs. Contrary to what people think, Nintendo does speak with publishers about what they are doing.

  4. All these devs say the same thing. “Never count Nintendo out.” Why is it that video game companies seem to never give up on Nintendo while gamers constantly count them out?

    1. They respect Nintendo. They have a good relationship with Nintendo no matter what people think. They do release games on Nintendo consoles. It may not be the game you want but it is the game they want to put on them. Gamers will count out anything. They count out games, publishers, developer, and even other gamers.

  5. Well looking at this game and learning that many of its incredible features are derived from negative feedback from Skyward Sword, if this is also the case with the NX, then we will be in great shape. Here’s to hoping for the best!

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