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Video: Check Out The First 40 Minutes Of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Gameplay

The first 40 minutes of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE gameplay has been uploaded onto YouTube by Louis Contaldi in three videos. If you wish to check them out, we’ve embedded the first part down below. All three videos are linked in our source info below the video player, so if you want to check out the other two parts, we have also provided those for you.

Source 1 / Source 2 / Source 3

Thanks, Courtney


    1. lmcontaldi you were the coolest admin on this website, somebody told that you left because of ED trolls.

      1. Let me nip that rumor in the butt — I only left because DualShockers gave me a pretty great offer to be their Reviews Editor and podcast host. Miss this community and comment section like crazy though, and I’m always lurking.

        1. Eeeww, glad to read that it wasn’t the reason, this website has improved since you left and trolls don’t annoy as much as before, this website needs someone as cool as you, you cared about the people who follow this by answering directly.

          1. ||I got several banned and destroyed, my mission is always to get rid off Anti-Nintendo filth…||

            1. Good job as always, you are too smart for those trolls. I see that some of them are back…

              1. ||Considering you exposed Iceazeama’s hypocrisy, it doesn’t surprise me he got back after Zelda…||

                1. I want him to damage control this:
                  His last game was twilight princess HD before the miiverse ban!
                  bashes nintendo and buys their games, i know that he is going to damage control saying that those games were rented, borrowed or something, except that he bought earthbound, dk 64 among other which are digital games, i want to know my rank among the nintendo forces sir!

                  1. ||First I need you to add me in the Wii U…||


                    1. sorry my NNID is private, i don’t know if some of my partners who run this account would want, maybe i could create a new NNID.
                      Btw, anubis name is Anthony.

        2. Hah! I did remember correctly & you did leave because you got a job at a site that actually pays! I hope things are working out there.

  1. 5 hours in. It’s as fun as any Persona game imo. But there’s not as much filler. The game looks pretty good too, it’s very colourful. Don’t see this being a 6/10 game at all it’s more like an 7.8/10 from me so far.

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