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Amazon: Star Fox Zero And Star Fox Guard For $37

Popular online retailer Amazon is currently selling the double package of Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard for the more than reasonable price of $37.26. Star Fox Zero came under criticism from some due to its control scheme but its a solid entry in the Star Fox franchise. You can read our review of the game here, or purchase the game from Amazon, here.


27 thoughts on “Amazon: Star Fox Zero And Star Fox Guard For $37”

  1. It’s been for that prince since a few days
    I am constantly watching Games and see how they Drop in prince.
    The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess hd was 35.02 Last week
    But those two Games don’t get their price Drops suddenly.
    They literally get chapear each half hour… not kidding but only 1ct-10ct
    With minor price increase here and then
    But then tloztwhd reached the 35-40usd Zone it started getting 5 usd price increase and then a few ct price decrease until it decrease 5 usd again
    And then it got another 5 usd price increase. That cycle kept going for two weeks but then it got a big major price increase (back to 59.00… but Hey it’s still 2%off ;) ) and has stayed like that ever since

    So I think Star Fox will still get chapear
    Reaching 36.xx or 35.xx
    But in about two days. But my words don’t mean it’s true. Amazon can do as they please but Star Fox also is getting a 1-10 ct decrease ever half hour
    It’s like tloztwhd was

    1. *It’s been for that “price” since a few days
      *They literally “got” chapear each half hour…

  2. Dang. I’m going to try and get Best Buy to price match, otherwise I’m going to have to sign up for Prime again and maybe score this price along with an extra 20% off.

    Can anyone confirm a further discount of 20% with Prime?

    1. Sorry for those multiple replys. otherwise my comments wont show up. forsome reason only small replys appear

    2. Now i know why my comment was not appearing. I contained a amazon link. So please remove all “xxx” and spaces in the links
      And could you sign up with Amazon prime over this link “axx .xx coxxx /78aHjyc”?
      If you do you and I will each get free 5usd Amazon credit
      It’s a promotion

      Here to show its not a scam:
      “amazon xxx. xxx com xxx / referral xxxx /prime?#xxx”

      If you want free 5usd just sign up over that link

        1. how? i just wanted to reply once. but it would not work. so i tried splitting my messages. which worked… until the link part came. If I had known the problem i would have just left one reply.
          Its like calling someone worst troll even if they are not trying to troll.
          might just do that
          Worst. Troll. Ever

          1. i mean technical you are trying to spam out your link so you can get a $5 amazon credit lol. also, i am the best. troll. ever. thank. you. very. much.

            1. Please :3
              And why not get 5 credit
              He will get 5 too.
              I’m not gay but 20 USD is 20 USD
              And what is your pic from?

    3. And the 20% off worked on all games I preordered so far. And preordered about 20 games since the offer

  3. Just fan FYI for all of you, if you’re a college student or no anyone will a college email, signing up for prime is 49 dollars instead of 99 dollars a year. You get it for that price for 4 years, each year at the 49 dollar price. If you have any issues, tell them Big Boss sent ya.

  4. Forced motion controls and little to no replay ability. So yeah, not surprised.

    If they allowed a non-profit control option and built in something simple for multiply skirmishes, it could have been a whole different story. And I DONT blame platinum.

      1. Brisk, I’ve been having a Hellava time with my new phone… The autocorrect is killing me. X. X

  5. Shout out to everyone who knocked the controls even though those controls are like one of the only reasons the game finally got made in the first place. They really don’t like to just iterate on stuff like that without adding something very different to the formula.

    That said I guess that doesn’t apply to mega-hit ftranchises that sell very well (which Star Fox never really was). Here’s hoping we still get a new F-Zero someday. Maybe a smaller downloadable one that won’t hurt them much if sales are low.

    Of course i’d love huge ambitious new entries in all of these series but I know if they don’t perform too well then we won’t see them again for quite some time if ever.

    1. Forcing “innovation” that eventually breaks the game is game design at its worst. It has caused a lot of games to fail. DON’T FIX WHAT ISN’T BROKEN!

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