SEGA Talks About Sonic Being Linked To Nintendo Platforms

Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka has spoken to MCV magazine about Sonic being linked to Nintendo platforms in recent years. We’ve had a number of exclusive Sonic titles on the platform and Sonic has even appeared in fan favourite Super Smash Bros. Here’s what Iizuka had to say about the relationship between SEGA, Sonic and Nintendo.

“When SEGA stopped making hardware and just started doing software, the first platform that we released Sonic on was a Nintendo console. We felt from the very beginning, that the Nintendo platforms were where the passionate Sonic fans were. Historically that is where our relationship started with Nintendo. Unfortunately, the Wii U didn’t manage to get as many gamers on the hardware as we would have liked. That was unfortunate for Sonic because we didn’t get the mass of people to enjoy the content. But Nintendo has always been a great partner, we have Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Sonic in Super Smash Bros… we really appreciate the work that they do.”



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  2. I hope they stick with Nintendo. Although it was conidered bad Sonic 06 never came to a Nintendo platform, i’d hate for the next main Sonic game to skip Nintendo as well.

    1. they should have the entire game fixed and have an original mode which would be the buggy mess the game is known for, its like two games in one except its just one.

  3. Nintendo usually offers something unique with their consoles. I like that they go multi-platform on some games. The Sega Genesis was my first console but I now play both PlayStation and Nintendo frequently. I get different experiences and the different games from Sonic between the two have been great to experience. I love that they do things with Nintendo but I definitely don’t want to see Sonic be dedicated to one platform.

  4. Why not support all three. I don’t want to see Nintendo get shafted, especially when they put out a DECENT title. We didn’t get Sonic Generations (unless you count the watered-down 3DS port), Sonic Championship HD, Sonic 4: Episode II, or NiGHTS into Dreams (HD rerelease). But instead, we were cursed with Lost World and Boom.

  5. That doesn’t sound good for the 25th anniversary game being on a Nintendo Console…
    I hope we’ll see it on the NX, or something. I don’t want to have to miss out on it.

  6. Before Sonic Boom and Lost World happened, the best Sonic games in the 2000’s were on Nintendo consoles. Colors, the GC port of Heroes, the Advance series, Rush and Rush Adventure etc…

    1. Don’t forget Zero Gravity, say what you want about the previous Sonic Riders, but the controls are so much improved in ZG. Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing is also a decent title.

  7. i agree with Takashi Iizuka yeah. but i just want SEGA to put sonic games on every consoles like they used to so basically, one of developers did a nice job on keeping sonic alive for years. im just disappointed that they have to skip the 25th anniversary title this year to work on a new sonic project 2017 but we know its the 25th anniversary game but its too bad that both zelda and sonic missing there anniversary this year so hopefully there new games will get on the NX.

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