Miyamoto States Nintendo Is Keeping Quiet About The NX Due To Secret Idea

We have heard a lot of rumours about Nintendo’s future console, the NX, but we haven’t heard a lot of solid facts about it. Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto explains that this is due to a secret idea, and advises that if the NX’s development was just following an advancement in technology we would have heard more about it by now. Here’s the statement from the Big Story article:

“In terms of NX, there’s an idea that we’re working on. That’s why we can’t share anything at this point, and I don’t want to comment on the other companies. If it was just a matter of following advancements in technology, things would be coming out a lot quicker.”

This information raises more questions than answers, but all will become clear once the NX is finally revealed.


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    1. You’re wrong. It’s about cartridge-based, and an SCD– Supplemental Computation Device. All speculation aside– It’s classified information. That means Nintendo are still keeping a secret about the “NX” until they’re ready to unveil it this Fall.

    2. It also seems like they’re not intending to focus on making the NX a powerful console. If they’re still working out some gimmick, just how long will it take for this thing to see the light of day? =_=

      1. Jesus Christ! You didn’t read fully at what Miyamoto is saying?

        GOD DAMN!

        You guys are dumbasses! lol

        1. Wow, enough with the very foul language there.
          I made a mistake, big flippin deal.

          Why would you flip out from a simple comment?
          It kind of shows what type of person you are, and if you’re the type of person who takes a hissyfit over one mistake, you might need to get your life in check because you’re sounding like your need a doctor, you headcase.

          1. lol. Wasn’t talking to you, stupid? But thanks for reminding me how dumb humanity really is? LMFAO!

    1. Doubt it, they already said they weren’t jumping into VR until it’s more relevant and kinks worked out. Besides if it was VR there would be no reason to keep secret considering everyone else is literally doing it lol

    1. Yeah that’s what I think too. Which is frankly the most useful gimmick they could have, so hopefully that’s what it is.

    1. everything has a gimmick, a gaming console has a controller which is a gimmick, arcades have joysticks which is a gimmick, smartphones and tablets have touchscreens which are gimmicks.

      1. A gimmick is a feature or thing that it used to entice the consumer but doesn’t really have a “needful” use or could work just fine without.

        The tablet controller is a gimmick because they didn’t find a good use for it or use it to its potential and made games that focused on traditional controls which made the gamepad a gimmick since games did well without it.

        1. If you ask me, the game devs because lazy about their creations with the wii u, I mean splatoon, zombie U, and maybe star fox came out with the most useful for the pad. The rest just….ugh…oh and rayman legends.

          1. you’re forgetting the most useful game of all… Super Mario Maker. ALso, both of the Zelda HD games, I absolutely love having my maps and inventory on the touch screen, i never want to go back to playing zelda with out it.

      2. Not really, I can see you saying that the XBO’s controller haptic triggers are a gimmick, but not the whole controller. It cant be a gimmcik if its a standard, and a controller on a home console is definitely a standard.

    2. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO DAM WORRIED ABOUT FUCKING GIMMICKS?! The other systems have gimmicks too! Look at the microtransactions and season passes and shit! The so called gimmicks sales or breaks systems…don’t you know that people?

  1. No need to worry about this. I’m guessing that the NX will use cartridges and be a console/handheld hybrid and that this is the idea he’s talking about.

    Furthermore, Nintendo is smart for keeping things under wraps. The other two have had a tendency recently to adopt Nintendo’s ideas. They both incorporated motion controls after the Wii came out and Sony made it possible to use the Vita as a PS4 controller after the U came out.

    1. I think that a hybrid is a bit farfetched, at least more than simply having both a home console and a handheld that share the same cartridge as their media. A hybrid will always have a compromise, battery life, power, weight, etc. having both consoles using the same media is far more optimal for Nintendo.

      1. Well that’s what I’m assuming it will be. Perhaps I should’ve elaborated on the word “hybrid”, but I suspect it’ll be a home console and a seperate handheld unit that share the same media.

        1. Well, by definition a hybrid would have to be both on the same hardware. So a handheld that could also be played somehow at home with a TV. A lot of people talk about a hybrid, but if you are doing a $200~300 handheld with a lower resolution that needs a $150~250 dock to play at 1080p in your TV, why not a $300~400 home console?

          I think that if both consoles can share the same cartridge, this will be huge and I hope they do. Although, for now, I don’t really expect it.

          1. Not sure I agree with that. In electronics, a hybrid can be defined as something that has two different types of components performing essentially the same function. If the NX has a home unit and a handheld unit that both communicate with each other, have the same architecture (this is possible), and accomplish the same task (i.e. playing the same video games), I would consider it a hybrid even though it has two seperate units.

    2. I really don’t think they’re keeping it a secret because of Sony and Microsoft. When was the last time Nintendo took them seriously? If they did, they would have tried to make the Wii U powerful enough to hold its own against them, but they went and did their own thing again. Nintendo probably doesn’t even care what Sony or MS has planned anymore.

      1. If Nintendo wasn’t worried about Sony or MS copying them, they wouldn’t be keeping the NX a secret. The only reason they have for keeping it a secret is that they don’t want someone else to copy the idea before they get it to market.

        1. It doesn’t matter. They will have to deal with Microsoft and Sony whether they like it or not. It’s competition. Even if Sony and MS wanna copy them, they should fight back. Not hide behind the sidelines and pretend that the other companies don’t exist. Nintendo can act like Sony and Microsoft aren’t affecting them all they want to, but they definitely are. They’re taking customers that could’ve been Nintendo’s. And Ninty is so clueless, they don’t even realize it.

          1. let me ask you this…when was the last thing they did copy after nintendo or caught wind of the wii u? I believe 2011…that is when nintendo threw out the wii 2 as it was called then…a year later pops out the wii u, and them they got clobbered by the new ps4 and xbox one…then sony and microsoft heard of the nx, look how quickly they came out hoping nintendo would say something at e3, oops…now scorpio and neo (ps4k) comes out and still clueless on the nx because of that…I don’t think nintendo is being clueless this time. Last time they had a huge market failure was the virtual boy and they learned from that at least as I understand it. Again, you never know what the future holds…could be a success, or another failure and one more failure is something nintendo can’t afford regardless.

          2. its bad enough that nintendo put so much profits in to this development of the NX and they dont want people copying the idea on what there working on because its copyright.

          3. That’s not the point here. The point is you said you didn’t think Nintendo was worried about MS or Sony coppying their idea, but that’s the only reason to keep the idea a secret.

    3. Sony did Remote Play long before the WiiU was announced. Was first done with PSP + PS3, they just improved it later on with the Vita/PS4.

        1. Actually, Remote Play was revealed years before the WiiU. It was first presented before even the PS3 came out, which was in 2006. And the development started even earlier, certainly before anyone knew about the WiiU.

          1. Nintendo was the first gaming company to introduce home console and handheld connectivity via GameCube and Gameboy Advance and not to mention the DS had connectivity to the original Wii even though it was crappy. For anything Sony was still inspired by Nintendo to come up with the concept in the first place. Sony does nothing but copy ideas from Nintendo……hate to break it to you. The standard features on the Sony controller should tell you that

            1. And how is any of that relevant to what I said? Ridleyslayer thought Sony got the idea for Remote Play on Vita + PS4 from the WiiU, and I explained to him how that was most probably not the case. Have I claimed Sony was the very first to ever make connectivity between handheld and home console possible? No? Then what’s the point of your comment?
              I won’t even bother going into your last lines, as I find it rather sad how you jerk yourself over the idea of one company being “superior” to others, so I’d rather not lower myself to that level and even attempt making a discussion out of that. Weak b8 m8.

            2. Sigh, I hate repeating myself so much. You’d think with how many times I’ve written this here, everyone that visits this site regularly would have this information. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I have already corrected you on this before.

              Sega introduced this 2-3 years prior, with the Dreamcast’s VMU. The link cable didn’t come out until 2001, VMU came out in 1998.

              One could say the transfer pack for the N64 was technically the first concept, but it did not work remotely like either of those two things, so it isn’t necessarily comparable as far a remote connectivity goes. All it did was transfer save data and act as a emulator that could be used on the N64 to play Pokemon, or to upload Mario Golf/Mario Tennis Game Boy Color characters to the N64 version, but it didn’t save these characters to the cartridge, so it was kind of a waste of time. More importantly it only worked one way, it wasn’t used remotely.

              It wasn’t a thing until Sega hit the market with the Dreamcast’s WMU, like with Chao Adventure on the VMU that came with Sonic Adventure. Even the gamepad in it’s entirety is not a new idea considering all this. The VMU had many similar features when plugged into the Dreamcast’s controller, displaying the status of things in correlation to the game your were playing on the console with the VMU’s screen or doing things like organizing inventory, like it was used for in Seaman.

              Many of the same things Nintendo uses the gamepad for now, in 2016 mind you, when the VMU came out 18 years ago. Just saying…

  2. Speculation would inquire thoughts of AR/VR, amiibo, or a handheld the streams from a home system (like ps Vita or better in some way)

    But I have a feeling its more then that.
    Xbox one already has cross play with windows 10, a unified app store, and streaming to Edge browser.

    The ps4 already streams to the vita
    VR is already becoming main stream, so they better offer something special.

    Microsoft took the last 10+ years working on hololense (wich started from Kinect) so I dont think nintendo is going to pull out that kind of tech.

    And amiibo related stuff seems like. Side thought (good business, but not a core element)

    So I’m thinking it’s something thats related to general business (a fancy new OS, and development software) or something more out of left field, like a modual system that you can update every few years

  3. By now, we can pretty have an idea of what to expect. It seems very plausive to expect an x86 processor, Polaris 11 (2~3 Teraflops), cartridge, easy to port Multi-platform games and developer friendly.

    My bet on the secret would be that you will be able to use that same cartridge in a future NX handheld, that will certainly not be as powerful as the home console but it will be able to run the whole game at a lower resolution.

    Therefore the conflicting rumours about it being a hybrid console, having ARM achitecture, not being as powerful as XB1, etc. Part of those rumours were possibly about the handheld. This would be in line with NIntendo saying this is a new way of playing and with earlier rumours about being able to play basically anywhere.

    Mobile tech already caught up with current generation of home console and it’s ready to surpass, this move would make a lot of sense, it would sell more, both platforms would grow the same installed base, developers would be happy and by the end of 2017 or 2018, this handheld could be launched.

    It’s even more of a stretch but why not turn it into a VR just like they do with the phones? Sure, it would depend on the design, but if they are able to do it, the handheld would sell even more, plus helping with some of the CPU/GPU burden of a VR set along with the home console.

    This is not what I expect but I can see the shared cartridge and the handheld being this secret weapon of Nintendo.

    1. at this point it would be STUPID to not be X86. that was part of what was hurting the Wii U, super easy to develop for PS4 and Xbox one because its the same architecture as PC, porting to power PC was just stupid.

      that said, I dont think they are ignoring VR/AR I think they are just being quoi and pretending they dont have interest. (which almost always means they are doing exactly that) just like they tried to be quoi about pay once, or Zelda not being influenced by Skyrim or witcher. (they pretend to be all totally original. but come on, you dont have to pretend you dont play other games, or like what they made)

      I’m pretty convinced at this time that the NX and its handheld have a joint OS, use cross buy, and maybe go even deeper (cross play, cloud saves, streaming)

      I would be surprised if they made a system with less then 2-4TF (current systems are about 1.8 and 1.7 TF) of power, with the Xbox one Scorpio coming out with 6TF I think that Nintendo needs to be at least in the same realm of power, it well most likely be slightly more powerful then the original PS4 and Xbox one, but I dont think it well be as powerful as Scorpio. I think this is why Reggie decided to claim that “its not about TF of power with us” seems to be driving down hype a bit in that department so fans dont get carried away thinking NX well be a power monster, but I think that damage control was on part with Scorpio, not current versions of systems.

      at this point I think they should just have current versions of all current controllers, all new remote, gamepad (change to view pad), pro controller (change to classic) fit meter, fit board, and nun chuck. and use Nintendo branding. switch “wii” branding to a family friendly branding (like for Mario kart) which can tell families that the game is made with local multiplayer, and the content is ok for all ages.

      then the new system should have some kind of VR support, and focus on OS. with a consistent OS and architecture, they could even release a updated NX (like xbox scorpio) that well kind of be like the “NEW” 3DS of home systems. has more power, and features, but dues not replace current systems. it just offers more to customers who haven’t switched. or want more performance.

      1. The issue for the Wii U was not ARM processor, it was far beyond that, it was the internal architecture plus the fact that the Wii U worked with a second screen.

        People are a bit too obsessed about VR, there are a lot of demo-like games, which shows that people are interested in VR, but until some real games start to pop up, I doubt that Nintendo will jump into that. I mean, Nintendo has been late to everything, even to a fault, but jumping in right now wouldn’t be wise.

        Sure, research on it, start a developing process but it will only become a thing when VR gets out of its infancy.

    2. How would the whole compatible games for both systems work if one has x86 architecture while the other is ARM based? Genuinely asking, because I can’t see how that would be beneficial for developers. They’d have to work harder to get their games running on both pieces of hardware on an optimal level.

      Other than that, expect nothing, hope for the best.

    3. Gawd, you’re all a bunch of idiots throwing around numbers you don’t understand. You don’t even know what a x86 processor is!
      1. Polaris 11 is brand-new and there’s NO POSSIBLE WAY that the NX will have it, as the chips have already been decided 2 or 3 years ago.
      2. Polaris 11, with all the additional chips it needs is FUCKING EXPENSIVE!
      3. The NX handheld will feature a ARM processor. There’s nothing to speculate here.
      4. As e-Shop games have to be compiled for the ARM processor in order to run on the handheld, the NX home console will have a ARM processor as well.
      5. A x86 is NOT more powerful than a ARM processor, nor is it easier to program for. The important difference is that a ARM processor has a lower power consumption and thus produces less heat. It means that you can clock it higher and get more performance out of it than of a x86 processor in the same setup.

  4. I wonder if going back to cartridges goes well, and they perform better than disc, will Sony follow their lead and do the same for future playstation consoles, if they are decide to keep making consoles, or will they just go complete digital?

  5. The problem is, everyone has a different idea of what they think or hope the NX should be, and having virtually nothing solid as to what it really is (still), it’s being built up and broken down in people’s minds with each new vague mention of this or that. There’s no question that Nintendo knows what they’re doing, I just hope they realize how rabid their fans really are, and that the longer we have to wait with nothing but here-say to chew on, the crazier we get.

    That being said, the NX can be as simple or far-fetched as Nintendo thinks necessary — as long as it features a traditional pro controller and “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, I may just have to quit my job. :)

  6. While I see a lot of reasons to be nervous/skeptical about what Miyahon is talking about, it’s still pretty damn vague. It’s no surprise that Nintendo is being so secretive, though… I’d take this vague comment over some bs rumor any day. Rumors are only fun for so long.

    1. to elaborate further on what the collecter was saying, um what does “Miyahon” mean exactly? I’ve never seen his named spelled that way…

  7. “and I don’t want to comment on the other companies”

    Seriously, Miyamoto?


    We are more than aware that Nintendo does not care to compete against Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo does their own sh*t and still dare to call it a business…

  8. Miyamoto could mean either the NX will be a family of systems (handheld, home console) and that the true innovation is when those devices are connected together or he’s talking about the SCD (Supplemental Computing Device). Remember, Kimishima said that Nintendo wants the NX to played for a long time so this could mean that the SCD will give the NX a huge advantage over the Neo and Scorpio but as usual we will see what happens

  9. People toss the word gimmick out there before they even know what the thing is. Just because it has a unique feature doesn’t mean its gonna be gimmicky. News flash- Sony and MS have exclusive features too. The key is to have your tech be up to date as well and not omit standard input controls in favor of a experimental idea. So wait and see what it is first. If the specs are garbage and/or if the controller something that will drive away 3rd parties then you can worry. Until then let’s just be patient- and remember it can play Breath of the Wild which is played mostly by using traditional input methods plus optional motion aiming like WWHD & TPHD. They even said it’s the same experience on NX just with different visuals. Let’s not assume the worst until we know more.

  10. “I don’t want to comment on the other companies. If it was just a matter of following advancements in technology, things would be coming out a lot quicker.”

    This worries me…

    NX confirmed underpowered?

  11. ||The Final Solution regarding the disease that are the Xbots is at hand…||

  12. Secrets, secrets, secrets.
    They do the same dance over and over again causing the formula to repeat itself.
    Just be upfront about the information, so we know WHAT we’re spending our money on, and if it will be worth a day one purchase.

  13. If it’s another forced gimmick-… No, I better say innovation because the word gimmick triggers some people’s inner fanboy to come out. If it’s another forced “innovation,” how about you take your secret idea & shove it, Nintendo. No more Gamepad bullshit please! If I have to deal with another fucking console settings that can’t be accessed unless you use their stupid special controller worth over 100 bucks, I’m so over Nintendo til they get over their ego.

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