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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE’s Team Talked About Atlus’ Localization & Regional Changes

The team behind Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE talked about Atlus’ localization and regional changes. Hitoshi Yamagami said that “each country has its unique culture and taste. There are times when common sense in one country can be thoughtlessness in another. However, if we create a game with only that common sense that causes no problems in any of the countries, it can be a very boring game”. He continued by saying, “from among the various complex tastes of people worldwide, the developer selects settings and characters that appeal to as many people as possible. That being said, it is true that as we build up the settings and characters, we are sometimes obliged to change something in part of the game. This optimization does not destroy the identity of what we as developers want to convey. Developers would not accept such drastic changes. The changes made during localization are optimizations intended to bring to as many customers as possible the things that we want to convey. No major changes are made that would change what we want to convey”.



  1. This reeks of Treehouse forgery. Trying to market this to standard foreigners is a mistake. The people most likely to play this game are the ones who are already well acquainted with the quirks in Japanese popular culture. Your logic is null and void.

    1. I hope they just get rid of region lock , and english settings in jap/asian versions of the games catches on. As far as I’m concerned we are never going back and very few developers have the balls to not give in, maybe if the political climate completely shifts or some dev makes a game called “bitch killer 3” and does really well, making some odd new wave of games that are only notable because having muh soggny knee shit in games has become so taboo.

  2. So this is Street Fighter V’s butt slap removal explanation all over again isn’t it?

      1. Capcom admitted that they removed Rainbow Mika’s butt slap because it would possibly offend customers and wanting to reach a wider audience. So naturally, it caused a huge outcry for censorship and SJW’s ruining gaming for them.

  3. So many salty people over the most trivial and petty fucking shit. Gamers are really fucking immature these days. Trying to boycott a game for changing a fucking petting feature in an RPG. Claiming buying the game is supporting localization. Well lemme tell ya something. localization has been around for awhile. It’s not gonna change just because a few fuckboys don’t buy the game. And let’s be honest. If you’re not gonna buy a game over the trivial changes in FE, BS, and TM, you weren’t planning on buying it in the first place. News flash: The main people that buy those games don’t buy it for a petting feature.

  4. I think they need to reconsider using these changes for the US because we’re more comfortable with whatever this game had in the Japanese version than they think.

    There should be a Director’s Cut DLC sometime in the future.

  5. I hope those thoughtless changes to the western localized version of this game was worth the poor sales numbers! They should have just left it alone instead of listening to a bunch of SJWs who weren’t going to buy the game in the first place! They are so afraid of the vocal few that they even censored the version in Japan lol, and I won’t be buying this shyte:D

    1. I’m pretty sure poor sales wasn’t due to localization. This game wasn’t going to do great anyway because it’s too niche. Both fire emblem and bravely second are doing very well despite “taking out part of the game(lol)” Both of which I own and both are fantastic games. I don’t even know what changed in BS besides a class change. If people really want to pursue such trivial localization then talk to the people who localize it and tell them it’s ok to have a few tentacles in the games. The US can handle it. Don’t you think you should pursue bigger localization problems such as, idk, changing the gameplay or something. I haven’t heard of any localization that has affected any important part of the game.

      1. I’m referring to Nintendo’s BS censorship politics from now going all the way back to the snes days! They pull this crap all the time, even with third party games, *cough* MK SNES! *cough*, which is the exact same reason a lot of really good third party devs have not and will not develop games on any of their platforms! BTW, are you enjoying the missing dialog in FE Fates, and how much do you enjoy the changed dialog where the guy keeps referring to pickles, even though none of that garbage is even in the uncensored Japanese version of the game!?

        1. Missing dialogue? Sorry but I don’t compare dialogue between japanese and western versions. It’s not that serious. And even if the “missing dialogue” was in this version it’s not like it would drastically change anything. Holy crap! This new dialogue completely changes the entire perspective of the game! lol no. And you have proof that’s the reason why 3rd parties didn’t develop or are you pulling it out of your ass? I’m pretty sure if that were the case, They wouldn’t have let Platinum and Tecmo go wild with Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta. And those comments about Fates dialogue and pickles (lol) really make you sound like a generally butthurt person. Pickles is gonna make me not like the game? I don’t even know wtf you’re referring to. And call me a white knight if you want but I’ll defend all day over something as trivial as this. Boycotting a game over these changes is retarded when games like Battlefront and others who sell half the game are much more deserving. It’s okay to be mad over localization changes, but to not buy the game over something so trivial will only lead to effectively killing the franchise. And i’m not blind. I acknowledge Nintendo’s mistakes. This is just trivial to me.

      2. BTW I’m voicing my rage on other sited about the censoring crap going on in other games too, like the removal of blood and terrible english dub only in the localized God Eater games, but I have option with those! You see I can actually mod the PC version of those games, and any other multi plat game released on pc, and swap in the japanese audio and blood effects, but you can’t do that with Nintendo games, and Nintendo doesn’t give the fans a choice in the matter, which brings me to to my first comment that you seem to white knight against for nintendo! This is the problem with fanboys, they get up in arms when someone speaks the truth about their favorite obsessions, rather than trying to understand why so many people have these issues with Nintendo!

  6. Nobody is burning books. Religious figures aren’t removing paintings from museums. Find a battle that’s worth fighting.
    Meanwhile there’s starving children and sad looking puppies out there.

    1. I saved one of those sad puppies, now she eats half of my meals every day! Se may be happy now, but now I’m sad because I’m always hungry TnT
      well, I should be glad I lost 10 pounds:\

  7. Bullshit. This was never about cultural differences.
    This is just Nintendo holding on to their fucking “good nanny” image in the West.

      1. They didn’t touch Bayo 1&2 for wiiu because Nintendo was desperate to sell the WiiU, and they thought an uncensored version of Bayo 1&2 would sell their console. There were the vocal minority crying for censorship, but nintendo weighed their options on Bayo 1 and 2 for wiiu, they could’ve censored it and risked pissing fans off, thus selling less copies of that game while risk losing what little third support they had left, or not go full retard for once in their life! Even though Bayonetta 2 wasn’t a console seller, it’s one, if not, the best games on Wii U.

        1. What? lol. If that were the case they would have, y’know, advertised the damn game. If they truly thought this game would sell them Wii Us they would have bundled it with the Wii U. Now you just sound ignorant. Nintendo has never relied on M rated games to sell their systems and this is no different. The main games Nintendo pushed as system sellers were SM3DW, MK8, Smash, Splatoon, and Mario Maker. All of those games pushed Wii Us even if it wasn’t huge. And to add, games like Devil’s Third, Ninja Gaiden, Xenoblade, Watch Dogs and Resident Evil would have gotten alot more attention if Nintendo was relying on Mature games (Xenoblade X is T but more mature than most N games) to sell their systems.

          1. Stalk much!? Because you’re riding my comments like one! Once again you’re wrong, because everyone who wanted a sequel were already aware of the damn franchise, but a lot of them didn’t own a damn Wii U! Nintendo tried to capitalize off of that by funding Bayo 2 and making it an exclusive! FYI there was advertisement for the damn game too, it was advertised on every major gaming media site, INCLUDING YOUTUBE, because majority of gamers don’t watch TV like a 60 yr old does, they are always on their phone, tablet, and computers! Were you born yesterday or were you just lost at sea somewhere for the past decade, because a 4yr old could have figured this simple fact out without any questions!

  8. This game is just pointless weeb bait! Plus the SJW can just get cancer and die they are ruining alot of things gaming and none gaming

  9. I don’t hear Atlus in this article. I hear NintenD’OH! *facepalm* of ‘Murica with their censor happy bullshit excuses! Down with NoA! They must be deleted! Just a bunch of fucking SJW pleasing fucktards there!

    1. *waits for the guy white knighting Nintendo in this article to come to NoA’s rescue like the little corporate slave it is*

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