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Arcade Version Of Pokken Tournament To Get New Pokemon

Pokken Tournament fans should be pleased to hear today that the arcade version of the game will be getting an additional playable Pokemon character. The Pokemon will be revealed by Bandai Namco during a Niconico live stream on July 14th. Players will then be able to play as the new character beginning on July 20th.



  1. Sweet Pokken is pretty fun but damn does it get old facing the same few Pokes over and over again. So I def welcome this also if anyone is curious, supposedly we might already know who these new Pokemon are because the leaked files from the last update have references to certain Pokemon not already in the game. So if you are curious look up Pokken Tournament leak but I won’t say who the Pokemon are for anyone who doesn’t want the surprised spoiled.

  2. I’d love a DLC pack for the Wii U version. The game is pretty good even with the small roster. I’d also buy a sequel on NX or whatever Nintendo’s next home console is, so here’s hoping the game wasn’t just a one-off kind of deal.

  3. People who hacked the game and dumped the latest patch already know theres 4 pokemon coming and we know 3 out of the 4: Scizor, Empoleon and Darkrai

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