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Splatoon Is Getting A New Update Next Week, Here’s What’s Included

Splatoon is going to be updated to version 2.9.0 next week. New update data for the Wii U shooter will become available for download on Tuesday, July 5. Once it has been applied, the Callie and Marie amiibo will be compatible with the game. Other additions include weapon balancing, stage adjustments, multiplayer bug fixes and more. For a complete rundown on what’s included in the upcoming update, check out the list below. Nintendo recently announced that the final Splatfest will be held in late July.

Compatible amiibo Added

  • Now compatible with Callie and Marie amiibo.

Main Weapon Balancing

  • Adjustments have been made to specifications for certain Main Wepons.

Special Weapon Effect Duration Balancing

  • Adjustments have been made to specifications for certain Special Weapon Effects.

Stage Adjustments

  • Ancho-V Games: Fixed an issue in Rainmaker mode, in which certain terrain wasn’t appearing correctly on the turf map when inked.

Multiplayer Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused players performing a Super Jump while swimming through ink to appear to be sliding long distances to opponents.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Ink Mines placed on enemy turf to occasionally be visible byopponents, whether or not they had the Bomb Sniffer gear ability.


  • Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.


21 thoughts on “Splatoon Is Getting A New Update Next Week, Here’s What’s Included”

  1. I still can’t believe they’re doing the last Splatfest so soon- it’s only been a year and 2 months! Left 4 Dead 2 still has weekly mutations and that game came out 7 years ago. If that game could do it, why couldn’t this one?

    1. My guess is that weekly mutation is in the code. and every splatfest is managed individually.
      Would not be surprised if Splatoon got special treatment in Japan though, it has been selling extremely well there.

  2. If this does come out on the NX I hope Nintendo still has free online for the NX, because I’m not paying for online on top of my internet bill! That’s the same crap Sony did when they transitioned from the PS3 to the PS4. and I didn’t buy into that crap either! Don’t get me started on xbox live, those xbox consoles are a damn rippoff!

    1. If paying for online is the only way to get better features, so be it. It’s just 50 bucks a year, anyway. If that’s gonna break your bank account, I’d hate to have your job or income. *laughs* I remember when people got pissy about having to pay 5 bucks a year for PokeBank. xD “Oh no! I can’t afford 5 bucks a year! My poor, wittle wallet!”

          1. Sadly, many games do that, not just Splatoon. Even The Witcher 3 falls victim to reused assets for weapons and even armor where it’s just a palette swap. Some weapons don’t even get a palette swap & look exactly like another sword where only the name is different. No change in color or anything.

  3. If the final splatfest is almost here, I don’t expect many more updates. I will give them credit for still updating the game even after they said January, or was it March, 2016 would be the last update.

    1. I want them to keep nerfing the kraken until they can be bothered to fix its hitboxes. I’m sick of being splatted by krakens that don’t get close to touching me.

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