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Final Hyrule Warriors DLC Characters Have Leaked

Those of you who purchased Hyrule Warriors Legends are no doubt aware of the amount of additional content that has been added to the game in recent times. Well it would now appear as though the downloadable content is coming to an end. It’s not all bad news though as the final characters have already been leaked and they are Toon Zelda, Ravio, and Yuga. The final three characters will be coming sometime later this year!


38 thoughts on “Final Hyrule Warriors DLC Characters Have Leaked”

    1. I liked Yuga. Although, I think him & Hilda (well Hilda is already an alternate costumes) both would be better off as alternate costumes for Ganondorf & Zelda respectively. Also give Ganondorf & Zelda a new weapon type that would fit Yuga & Hilda’s characters.

    2. why the fuck would you have preferred the fourth Zelda clone (fifth if you count Marin) rather than a brand new villain?

    1. The team said in an interview that including him would have been difficult. Either it’s rights issues with Crapcom or they can’t figure out how to make his different forms work in a moveset.

  1. And like Groose, Linebeck gets backed the fuck off just like that.

    Time to enjoy the fourth playable Zelda in the game.

  2. Funny how many people are surprised that Groose or other characters from console Zeldas are not in the game. It has already been announced a long time ago (at the game’s release) what games the coming DLCs would be from. No console Zeldas (aside from Wind Waker) were among that list, so of course no Groose or Kafei or whoever would be coming as a DLC character. It has been clear from the very beginning. They’re merely delivering the DLCs that people have already paid for several months ago.

  3. I was hoping Nabooru was going to be in it, the Gerudo thieves have those swords that could work well in the game. Saria and a Malon costume for Marin would also be cool.

  4. I’m a little annoyed about Toon Zelda (I was hoping for Linebeck or Byrne, as the PH/ST rep), but at least we get Ravio and Yuga.

    We could still get Hilda, in the form of a Zelda costume.

  5. Anyone anticipating Groose as a part of the Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks DLC pace, you played yourself. Toon Zelda is more than likely from Spirit Tracks, as that’s the only ‘Toon Zelda’ from those games that has feasible attacks. I honestly would have liked to see Linebeck myself, but how the hell would the guy attack when he’s a bloody coward and the only time he’s ever had a way to attack was when (spoilers from nearly a decade ago) he was possessed.

    I’m pleased with Ravio, and Yuga honestly doesn’t surprise me. Even though Ravio’s a coward in his own right, he has a plethora of items at his disposal that allows him to have a lot of potential as a conceptually fun character to play as. And, I guess he is the ‘hero’ of Lorule afterall. Hilda would have been redundant, seeing as she pretty much is Zelda, and Zelda herself already has a Hilda costume.

    Overall, I’m satisfied. However, that is assuming this ‘leak’ isn’t in anyway faked.

    1. Linebeck could have used a train as a weapon. If the King of Red Lions, a freaking boat, can be used as a character, Linebeck can definitely get away with using trains.

    2. When has Princess Agitha ever engaged in battle? All she does is stand on her house waiting for you to catch bugs for her!

      if she got in, then Linebeck would’ve made more sense than her.

      1. Why would Linebeck use trains in any capacity? He’s a man of the sea.

        The King of Hyrule is actually a pretty unique concept I agree. But then again, I’d imagine a king would be a king for a reason.

        As for Agatha, I agree she’s a terrible character. But again, Linebeck is a bloody coward. When attempting to go into the temple of the Phantom Hourglass, he meekly has a 10 year old boy to do it in his place. Agitha at least has some level of bravery; if you approach her as Wolf Link and the people and town run at the mere sight, she asks the ‘puppy’ if he wants to play.

        1. You could trade stuff to Linebeck III for train parts. It’s a stretch but still doable. If that wouldn’t work, his moveset could revolve around either treasure or fishing instead. After all, men of the sea usually are men of the sea for the purpose of either treasure or fishing. And since you want to bring up Linebeck being a coward and give reason why Ravio can get away with being in the game as a playable character even though he’s a coward, too, they could give him a moveset that revolves around being a coward. Being a coward doesn’t necessarily mean they are useless in a fight. Just watch the movie Tombstone & watch the character Ike Clanton. He was a coward but when he had the chance to attack, he did not hesitate to do so as long as it didn’t put him directly in harm’s way.

  6. Wow. Another Link clone. Only this clone comes from Lorule so they hope they can get away with this yet not make Hilda her own character. Ravio should have been a costume for Link, to be honest. And if they wanted a special moveset for Ravio, just give Link the weapon type Ravio would have used. As for Yuga, same thing I said about how they should have done Ravio: give Yuga as an alternate costume for Ganondorf with a weapon type Yuga would have used as an alternate weapon for Ganondorf. Speaking of, give Zelda a weapon type that would fit Hilda. As for Toon Zelda, she’s fine as an extra character so that would have left two free spots for other characters. Like Malon, for instance! She could be given a moveset that revolves around Epona. As for the other free spot, hm. That’s a tough call because there are so many ideas for a villain like Vaati, Byrne, or even Onox or Veran.

  7. They should have chosen Hilda over Ravio due to the fact that nothing of Ravio’s abilities are shown in ALBW other then his bird fetching things. The bird does more in the game than Ravio. The only thing he does is pacify Hilda at the end of the game and sell you items that you need to complete said game. Hilda has shown the ability to teleport, summon Yuga-Ganon, create powerful barriers, Create restraints powerful enough to hold Ganon, along with whatever abilities Yuga gained from absorbing her in the final battle. I would have loved to use Hilda’s Staff in battle along with her powerful magic. I honestly don’t understand why people think that Hilda is just another Zelda or prefer Ravio over Hilda. Hilda & Zelda are different people. Hilda was shown to be cunning, resourceful, highly intelligent, as well as assertive. Hilda knew that it would be impossible to obtain the Triforce of Courage herself so had Link get it otherwise she would have slaughtered every monster in her path to the Triforce. Zelda seems to rely on Link for almost everything. Only Zelda from HW, Tetra from WW, and the Zelda from Spirit Tracks have shown the willingness to fight for their beliefs. Zelda from TP could have at least challenged Zant to a sword based duel over the fate of Hyrule instead of immediately surrendering.

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