Ubisoft: Nintendo Is “One Of The Best Partners In The World”

We know that Ubisoft have always been strong Nintendo supporters, while their output may have wained in recent years, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot still claims that the Kyoto based company is one of the best partners in the world. We know that Ubisoft currently has Just Dance 2017 in development for the Nintendo NX and was one of the first games announced for the platform during E3 in June.

“You can expect we’ll support Nintendo. Nintendo is one of the best partners in the world.”

“We could see it wasn’t selling as fast as expected, so we reorganized around other platforms. With the Wii U, we were able to relaunch Rayman 2D. It was a good thing for the company and the brand and its fans. If you remember, it was supposed to be Wii U exclusive, but we made it multi-platform when we saw it wasn’t selling fast enough. The Wii U has done quite well. It’s still a Nintendo machine with lots of great franchises, and we’ve sold lots of copies of Just Dance on it.”



  1. ||Bring Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed and other weaponry even though I don’t like some of them, and then I’ll possibly call it support, until that happens, get lost to oblivion…||

      1. ||Until it does, they shall not receive my support, unless they bring their entire arsenal to the NX…||

          1. ||Well that has been obvious for decicycles now, I only want them to bring their weaponry to the NX, because the cattle will eat it up and thus The First Order shall receive resources from these mindless humans…||

      2. actually, Assassins Creed was at one point considered as: “Prince of Persia: Assassins Creed”

        When they saw that itself, it had better potential, they made it a standalone series

        1. i would like to see a prince of persia and assassin’s creed hybrid game like how they did with tokyo mirage sessions #fe which is a fire emblem game with some atlus influence, mostly shin megami tensei and persona.

      3. This Is why Nintendo should publish Prince Of Persia while Ubisoft develops it if they don’t believe in the franchise anymore. I would certainly buy it and that rumored Beyond Good And Evil 2 for the NX then maybe my faith will be restored back in Ubisoft

        1. ||High Command should publish/fund Prince of Persia, Bomberman and Golden Axe…||

            1. ||Most likely, but it can still be revived if High Command is willing to pay the price…||

          1. Bomberman 64: The Second Attack on virtual console would be nice. Especially considering I never beat that game. I honestly think I might have done something in my playthrough that made Sthertoth invincible and impossible to beat since I think it’s possible to do just that with the final boss.

    1. I’m fine with Assassin’s Creed never hitting a Nintendo console since I’ve decided it’s going to be a Sony PlayStation franchise only since I can’t trust them to not fuck Nintendo consoles over when the going gets tough & U-BE-SOFT curtails & runs like a little bitch because they have to put forth a little effort to sell on Nintendo consoles.

  2. funny they say that since they held game hostage if wii u doesn’t sell well and they stopped supporting nintendo since they delayed rayman legends to make it multiplat.

    1. I wonder whatever happened to that game. It was probably a big fat lie & the game they were actually talking about was just another Just Dance game. In other words, they were trying to blackmail us into buying more of their games on Wii U. Thankfully most wised up to that bullshit.

  3. … uh huh.

    Look, I’ll give them credit: at least they were the last of the so-called “hardcore-preferred” third parties to properly support the Wii U, but it was so poor it was still almost laughable.

    They better put their money where their mouth is and properly support the NX. If they don’t, they’re dead to me. (And they dare proudly call themselves Canadians, too. -_-)

        1. I fucking love this song! I’m listening to a non-live version of the song. I don’t like “live” & on stage videos because the crowd tend to drown out some, or most, of the music. Now if I could be at these live shows in person, that would be a different story. lol

          1. I grew up on Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, The Cure, New Order, Human League, Crowded House, Genesis, Dire Straits, Yes, Deep Purple, Joy Division, Supertramp, The Blow Monkeys, Mike and the Mechanics… And with my NES, SNES and N64 right there, hooked to my old TV… :'(

  4. Oh,Ubisoft, let’s not start sucking Nintendo’s dick again quite yet. I understand from a business stand point, you had to jump off and abandon the ship when it was sinking. But the shit you did with Rayman Legends, Watch Dogs, and Zombi U being a complete mess, I’d shut up and think before talking about Nintendo.

  5. Then why don’t they release ZombiU’s sequel on the NX, since they are such big supporters and they had begun working on the sequel already, but stopped after realizing they were Ubisoft, which is synonymous with repetitive lying bastards!

    1. Sells weren’t that good for Zombi U, and honestly, the game sucked anyways. It was a hyped mess and that’s why I said that. It was a game that offered very little to what it come have been to the system and zombi genre

  6. Funny how nice Ubisoft seem to with Nintendo every time their new console is about to be revealed or released. Weird how they haven’t commented anything good about Nintendo or released any new games for the 3DS or WII U in a long fucking time.

    1. Not supporting them but, from a business stand point, they had to leave Nintendo and the Wii U. The system had no customers. You can sell games to people who don’t want to buy the system that you will make them on. I respect that and understand. However, their 3DS push with Nintendo is fucking non existent and states how poor their partnership has been since Wii U. It also says that they have a dev kit from Nintendo and that’s why they are sucking Nintendo off. They probably have launch titles in the works and dropping lines like a whore about sex.

      1. Exactly why I’m still supporting Ubisoft… on PlayStation. I don’t trust them on anything but that because of the other bullshit they pulled with Wii U. Although, abandoning it was pretty bogus in itself to a certain degree considering how they treated games like Rayman Legends & Watch Dogs. If they had done better with those, they might not have had to ditch the Wii U to begin with. But since they didn’t, the people they should have been trying to gain the trust of didn’t trust them with the other games they released so they didn’t sell. The entire “the Nintendo fanbase just isn’t interested in Mature rated games” was a big fat cop out to justify their bare support. Just look at the dislike for the censorship of so many games on Wii U. Clearly there is an audience for mature games. :/

  7. And Rayman Legends was complete yet delayed because…… Let alone Watch Dogs and AC didnt get the same features PS3 got in its games even though wii u is more powerful.

  8. Eh, makes me wonder if they’ve seen NX and liked what they saw. They seemed pretty down on Nintendo and Nintendo fans after seeing how the Wii U performed against the other 2 consoles and even sort of “held a game hostage” until console sales rose. Not only that, (because hey I know they have to make good business decisions) but they went around talking about how they weren’t gonna release it unless Nintendo could get the numbers up. Kind of an odd move imo but we’ll see how they’re partnership fairs when NX is announced/released. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy some of their franchises and I’d love to be able to get non-gimped versions of the 3rd party games I like on my Nintendo platform.

  9. So I’ve spoken to someone who knows what happened between these two companies. The real and only issue for the fallout was when Nintendo packaged a Pro Controller into the ZombiU bundle. It pissed Ubisoft off because it made that bundle $390 instead of $349 like the regular NintendoLand bundle. It made no sense to Ubisoft why Nintendo would do that. It was a slap in the face. It was supposed to be a regular 32 GB bundle. So here’s Ubisoft, went out of their way to make a very good game (I think) from the ground up that utilized the gamepad better than even Nintendo had, and Nintendo includes the superfluous Pro Controller which priced it out of reach for millions. Ubisoft was given the impression that the Wii U was going to be a very lucrative partnership and that Nintendo would market and support their endeavors. So sure that they spared no expense in making ZombiU. The agreement was a percentage of bundle sales. Since it was such an expensive bundle and sold so poorly Ubi lost a lot of money. That’s why they bithed about profits and losses back then. Ubisoft was so upset that they then took away Rayman Legends exclusivity and pretty much abandoned the Wii U.

    was at Ubisoft and even went so far as to boycott the company for a couple of years, but when I heard this it made me feel very guilty. Turns out Ubisoft was in the right and Nintendo was shady. Hopefully Nintendo has managed to repair that rift. Ubisoft is the one company besides Nintendo that can deliver on Nintendo’s hardware vision. They knocked it out of the park with Red Steel 2 for the Wii and ZombiU and RL for the Wii U.

  10. BG&E2 on NX, and I’ll consider supporting ubisoft.
    Not buying any of their games on PC because uplay sucks ass.

  11. It’s great that Ubisoft feels that way. But why did they not bring Assassin’s Creed Unity and Syndicate to Wii U? They caused me to buy a PS4 (which I might not have bought if I had known before hand that you can’t rip CD’s to the PS4 and use custom soundtracks. SO disappointing).

  12. One out of three. But srsly, besides all the bad blood between FANS, Ubisoft has been the most consistent third party when it comes to Nintendo.

    1. But sadly, the majority of Ubisoft games on Nintendo consoles are casual garbage like Just Dance etc. I can’t believe how many games on DS, 3DS, Wii and Wii U has the Ubisoft logo on them. But Assassin’s Creed is the only Ubisoft series that I’m a big fan of. And sadly, that’s one of the series they stopped porting to Wii U. SO unfortunate.

      1. They insisted on the GameCube when everybody else bailed out to be PS2 exclusive. They were there on Wii’s launch with Red Steel when everybody else was approaching it with caution. They were the last ones to drop out of the Wii U.

        Find someone as loyal to you as Ubisoft to Ninty.

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