Nintendo File Patent For Single Screen Handheld With Touch Interface

Twitter user ZhugeEX has spotted a new trademark filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent describes a “handheld information processing apparatus” that features a single screen rather than a double screened device which comes with a touchscreen. The device features built-in speakers and a vibration system to provide a “higher sense of immersion.” You can check out images of the patent, below.


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  1. I wonder how weird it would feel for Nintendo to go back to single screen handhelds…

    1. If it had a second screen add on, then I think it would be fine (backwards compatibility, and developers that wish to use it)
      Problems I see are. 1) still has a resistive touch screen, which has a few problems of its own, they are not flush with the rest of the system, they get damaged easy, they collect dirt in the edges, and of course only offer single touch point input. These day comparative screens are more accurate and can be paired with a digital pen that can also give out pressure and angel sensitivity.
      2) no second analog stick?
      3) it looks like a gameboy advanced. But why would they put the speakers on the bottom?
      4) I hope they dont ditch 3D support. Seems like they could make it optional or make a 2ds version of something, but dont ditch it all together.
      5) I hope they use oled display at 720p (especially if its using one screen

      1. Do not focus on the picture. The picture is just explaining how they plan to use the sound and haptic feedback in the patent. The patent is not the device. Never focus on the design in patents. They never come out with a full product the same way.

        1. I was just about to say that. People get more caught up in the pretty pictures but patents also include a lot of text. In this case, you only really need to skim it to realize it’s about speakers being used in conjunction with a rumble motor, or “vibrator” as Nintendo patents refer to it.

    2. I’m calling it… The “NX” will be some type of normal console with great power (possible above PS4) a more traditional controller, and cartridges are going to be the physical media, saving costs from the absence of Optical drive, but also with the possibility of some “dual-play” with Nintendo’s next handheld device codename “MH”.

      The “MH” will be a powerful handheld device with only one screen (touch?) and it will use the same cartridges as the home console “NX” and also with a digital purchase is cross-buy between NX and MH.

      NX is going to be launched on March 2017, probably at the cost of $299.99 with lots of games (Zelda, Luigi’s Mansion, third parties).

      MH is going to be launched on November 2017, probably at the cost of $199.99 or $249.99 with another lots of games (Mario 3D, Mario Kart?).

      Just maybe (I hope don’t): Zelda is going to be “delayed” over to November 2017 (they haven’t told us that Zelda is a LAUNCH title for the NX).

  2. WOW…… will this be a NX controller? Or the new handheld device? I am sooo excited.

  3. I imagine that the NX controller has already been created, so I imagine this is for the next handheld, given that it also looks a lot like the 3DS. Hell, it looks like half of a 3DS.
    Could it be… the 1/2DS?!!!!

    1. It could just as well be “for nothing”. I mean, hell, Nintendo have hundreds of patents flying around which they never used for anything so far.

        1. It’s probably more like this: “I have a great idea. Maybe we can make money from it. Not sure, if we can use it for something, but let’s make sure noone steals it by filing a patent”. That’s quite a common thing, actually.

    1. ||Exactly, it’s like the 3DS version of it, nothing to worry about…||

    1. Except in this case it will most likely be optional. The NX will more than likely have an standard controller so I wouldn’t worry too much

      1. If it only has a standard controller without a screen then I pass. Gamepad, although a standard controller with a screen, made my gaming easier. Was able to complete all but two of my wii u games thanks to the gamepad. Was able to play longer than if I was only using a standard controller. It made a difference in my life. If I had to deal with TV screen gaming only, then I would have probably left gaming.

        1. No I don’t think it will only have a standard controller but I don’t think this ” unique ” controller will be forced on the NX like the gamepad was. BOTW has already been confirmed to only have a single screen experience on both the Wii U and NX so it appears that whatever unique control scheme the NX will have that it’ll be optional at best. I don’t think the NX will be backwards compatible with the Wii U because of cost so the gamepad could be a thing of the past but it may have a newer more improved version of the gamepad but like I said as a possible optional choice but I could be wrong

            1. Everything happening on the gamepad, can be put on the big screen.
              I just hope they can recreate the motion controls, I can not go back to sticks again.
              Splatoon and gamepad gyro aiming is the best use of motion controls I have seen in any game.

          1. If they don’t have one, I will be out. I have too much activities to not multi task. I multi task while gaming alot. Gamepad helps me do that. I want Microsoft and Sony to give me a gamepad too.

  4. I think at this point Nintendo are just filing patents to confuse their competition. I mean there is nothing particularly unique or creative about this one as far as I can tell.

  5. I really love the idea of having a portable and home console versions of the same thing. Nintendo can really pull it off if done right.

    Although, people are freaking out that the patent is the final thing, which is not true. The patent things are way different than the final product. People are jumping into conclusions already. Lol

  6. Are we sure this isn’t just an existing patent for the Wii U Gamepad? Remember, for a long while they were planning to sell them separately for games that would have supported 2 Gamepads at the same time. And for replacements, I guess.

    1. The patent is about sound and haptic feedback. It has nothing to do with being a handheld or gamepad. I don’t know why articles are labeling like so. The pictures is just for examples of how nintendo would use it.

  7. As long as there are some physical buttons (like FIG. 8) I’m good. I don’t care for all touch controls one bit. I’m really liking the design for FIG. 8 aside from the lack of a second circle pad. Hopefully they go with something similar to that design though. I’d be OK with going back to a single screen handheld design with the potential of putting the full power of the device behind the one screen instead of splitting it between two. I’m still feeling that they are going for a more unified platform making games work for both big screen home console and on the go handheld gaming.

  8. We’re not really going to get much clarification until we know for sure whether or not the NX will be some console/portable hybrid as we’ve been lead to believe so far.

    Though, I really hope they don’t abandon the two screen concept for handheld gaming. The NDS and 3DS are easily the most enjoyment I’ve had on Nintendo handhelds.

  9. Everyone seems to forget that it doesn’t have to be for their portable device at all, and the screen is included to throw people off in this picture. Do not forget about the free-form display patent. They used the same type of drawing here again, so I do not doubt it has the chance of appearing in their next platform at all.

    Going off my former point, the NX is a platform that is not going to be constricted to one type of gaming device any longer. It will be a family of different systems all joined together as a platform (hence why Nintendo ‘is’ using cartridges this time around). The good part is that this also means there is ample room inside the console not taken up by optical disc media storage that allows for more possibilities in terms of better tech that boosts performance.

    I think the patents people should keep their eyes on are the following: the scrollder buttons, the AR camera for the TV that makes images seem to project outside of the display from multiple angles through advanced auto-stereoscopy, and haptic feedback on the control sticks and separate handheld device. All of those are reletively feasible.

    However, don’t expect the following:
    1) An overpriced console. It will likely have a “cheaper”, more standardized controller to sell at a profit.
    2) A traditional home console. It’s likely anything but.
    3) A gaming powerhouse of a system. It’ll likely be much better than a PS4 or XBO in CPU/GPU performance, but around par on its RAM. I wouldn’t put it past them to make the console have 12 GBs of RAM, but that’s reeeally stretching it, to be quite honest.

    Remember, Nintendo follows a performance ratio design philosophy in each console they have: 4:2:1. RAM > CPU > GPU. 12 GBs of RAM, 6 TF CPU is not gonna happen. So expect 8 GBs of RAM and 4 TFs instead. That’s for the console.

    For the handheld unit(s), I’m expecting a free-form display to be used in some capacity, but not in an ovular format. Nintendo made a deal with Sharp to do so, and I doubt it won’t make it to the market as something like that would be very attractive if it also includes haptic feedback and can appeal to gamers, imho. It’d be like Nintendo’s foray into the mobile market as well.

    That being said, going off my point earlier, it doesn’t stop there. There are going to be many devices and peripherals that will likely end up being a part of the NX platform as Iwata said as much back in 2014.

    Nintendo has adopted a method of development where there is one way of programming for all future Nintendo devices. He wanted to have the same OS running across multiple Nintendo devices as well. This means that the NX will technically be a smart device…a smart “gaming” device. That’s where I think Nintendo will push as its main innovation: the fact that you can play games in almost any format you like or choose.

    No doubt in my mind that this is feasible. I doubt we will see SCDs or cloud computing for quite some time, but I do expect Nintendo to heavily deliver on the unique tastes gamers have nowadays.

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