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Niantic Talked About Their Plans For Future Pokemon GO Updates

Niantic talked about their plans for future Pokemon GO updates. The company said that they will have more ways to play with PokéStops and more interactions with Gyms. Niantic plans to add customize functions in unique ways and a global leadership scoreboard for Pokémon players. The game’s augmented reality will see an improvement, and the game could see a future release on dedicated AR devices.


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  1. All those sound amazing, though you need to start working on adding gen 2 and 3 Pokemon at least.

  2. Cool. I hope they improve the location-based mechanics. I live by a large lake, but I haven’t found one water type Pokémon yet, even when I visit the beach parks right at the lake.

      1. Maybe, but I’m thinking that they might have a higher chance of showing up at salt water, such as ocean beaches or in a bay. The large fresh water lake that I live at has some rivers feeding into it and it’s 5 miles from the ocean, so it’s not too landlocked.

        I’m thinking that I’m just having bad luck. I’m going to head out again tomorrow and see if I can finally find a water type. If not, I’ll probably have to brave the hectic downtown traffic to search at the piers.

    1. I visited my county’s local park last night, and I have two Staryus, a Goldeen and a Psyduck surrounding the lack. I found several Eevees, Ratatats, Pidgeys, Spearows, and Tauros in the open grass area.

        1. Nice finds. I recently woke up and started to get ready for my search…then it just started raining =(. I should’ve bought a waterproof phone XD.

    1. I’m thinking that it’s not based on town size so much as how many monuments, murals, sculptures, and the like are present. I’m kind of confused why there aren’t more Poké Stops in my town because it’s historical and has some monuments and murals.

    1. Get ready for the NX to be the bridge to a new type of portable console and the portable being, and perhaps the home console as well, a system with augmented reality capability. The mobile platrform might not br just something seperate from what the console gaming environment is like, we might be seeing the meshing of the mediums. If done right that could be the “new way to play” that is being hinted at.

      1. If done wrong, it’s going to be a nightmare for people like me that want to play fully fleshed out video games as the fucking mobile tripe takes center stage. :/ But least I have the PS4 to fall back on for if, or when, Nintendo abandons us.

    2. Probably Microsoft Hololens, and possibly NX (if it’s going to support AR).

      Also, the 3DS supports AR; it’s just a shame that Nintendo didn’t do more with it (plus, 3DS doesn’t have a built-in GPS, only Wi-Fi).

  3. 1. Easier ways of tracking and finding Pokemon and seeing where they are

    2. More Pokemon

    3. Make a lower CP limit (I saw a few 1,000+ Pokemon, and I can only imagine it won’t be too long before all the boosting or extremely dedicated players have taken over all the gyms with their CP 9,999 Charizards and the like)

  4. How about a friend / social / networking function? I mean right now you can see who owns a gym but you can’t add your friends?

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