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First-Person Shooter Draw The Line Is Heading To Wii U

If you’re in the mood to play a new first-person shooter on Wii U, it looks like you won’t have to wait too long. Developed by the studio behind UCraft, Nexis Games, Draw the Line is scheduled for release via the Nintendo eShop in the next couple of months. According to the developer, the upcoming Wii U version of the game will aim to provide players with a “quality FPS experience” as well as “heavy utilization” of the GamePad controller.

25 thoughts on “First-Person Shooter Draw The Line Is Heading To Wii U”

    1. yea, but in a way, its like that’s kind of the wii U graphics. honestly the game concept dues not look to bad. but it just kind of seems over done and running on old tech. cant wait for the NX. 4TF may not be xbox Scorpio BUT its almost 4x the ps4/xbox one. lets hope rumors are true

      1. I hope you’re not include the Metroid Prime series there man.
        (It’s self described as an First Person Adventure, but there is shooting and it’s first person, so..)

      2. what a joke. cus duke nukem, doom, Metroid, lovely planet, bioshock, skyrim, halo, zombie U, and Jericho where al crap.
        I mean yea battlefield and call of duty are yearly crap dump, and destiny jumped right into that too

  1. HEAVY USE OF THE GAMEPAD so it has gyro mouase aiming at least aka shooter controls for real gamers and of course a wi remote and chcuk option

    i bet niether LOL @ THIS INDUSTRY its a dumb as thse steam controller yt reviewers who didnt turn on the gyro


    1. Steam controllers gyro is pretty bad, compared to Wii U gamepad.
      I don’t know if its some settings I’m supposed to know, or if there has been patches for it, but games that does not have native support gyro felt kinda clunky.
      Especially Fallout 4. MGS 5 was barely manageable.

      But in either case, Steam controller requires lot of end user tinkering even for games with native support for controllers. I do not know if there is any games out yet that have native support for Steam controller, but usually best way to start playing a game has been picking out the most popular setting and editing it to serve my own purposes.

      But I hope industry starts using gyro for more than just menial things (on Playstation I have only seen it used to turn on and off valves…).

      1. Nah, never cared much for that series, or mindless shooters. Preferably if Rare wasn’t bought out by Microsoft and could make a HD remake of GoldenEye…but that’s not going to happen. I hope that Playtonic becomes a huge success with Yooka-Laylee. If they do, Nintendo should buy them to add them to their family (definitely to prevent a repeat of what happened to Rare).

  2. Say what you will about Wii, but I love the FPS controls on that system. Even Call of Duty WaW had great controls, one of the few ways that the Wii version of a CoD game was actually better than the competition. For a FPS to come out on a Nintendo system and NOT utilize Wii remote controls is just wasteful, IMO. FPS had such a bright future with IR controls, but that’s been squandered for the most part. Not to say there are no exceptions, of course.

  3. Hopefully this will be better than chasing dead, can’t believe they were asking for 30 bucks for that when that first came out lol.

  4. I love the incredibly random woman at the end of the trailer.

    “This game trailer isn’t going to sell the game, what do we do?”
    “Stick some woman in at the end?”

    That’s how I hope it happened anyway.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||What you should ask yourself is, why do almost everyone do games where American Humans kill Non.American Humans everytime?…||

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