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Pokemon GO Has Become The Biggest Mobile Game In United States History

More Pokemon Go statistics have come in, courtesy of Survey Monkey. Its data has suggested that Pokemon Go has become the biggest mobile game in US history. Pokemon Go receives 21,000,000 daily active users, which has surpassed Candy Crush Saga’s three-year old record. The app is so popular on Android devices that it has not only surpassed Twitter, but it looks to surpass Snapchat and even Google Maps. We’ve included the chart data in an image gallery below, so feel free to check it out.



  1. Meanwhile, I’m at level four and passively playing the game.

    What the hell am I doing with lying life?

  2. Geez, next news are going to be “Pokémon GO becomes best selling video game of all time” and then “Pokémon GO becomes the most successful fictional work of all time”, then “Pokémon GO has taken control as supreme commander of the world”

  3. A few days ago I said I didn’t care for the game. Well, that’s completely changed now. I’m super addicted to it. It feels so adventurous walking around searching for pokemon. I’ve always hated mobile games but this one has captured me. I went to the park yesterday and almost everyone was playing it. It’s insane!… insanely cool!

    1. Same here man. Although I played some of it’s games but I was never really a big Pokémon fan but I must admit this game has me hooked like no other Pokémon game in existence since Pokémon Snap. I just from came back from trying to find Pokémon and wow I never thought it would be this much fun. I can see why Pokémania is running wild. While I was out playing it was about at least 11 other people playing it too. We were all just talking about how much fun we were having with this game and how addicting it is. I can’t wait when the trading and sharing features get implemented, that’s when the experience will be even greater. Nintendo has struck gold with Pokémon GO……they must be thinking about a NX version if they haven’t already. If the craze is still there by the time the system releases it should be a no-brainer

  4. I hate what this game represents but yes! It overthrew King’s Candy Crush Saga! Fuck you, King! You idea stealing, one word trademarking/copyrighting piece of shit company!

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