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Pokemon GO Is Now Top-Grossing iOS App In The UK

Analyst David Gibson has tweeted that Pokemon GO, which launched yesterday in the United Kingdom, has shot to number one in the top-grossing charts on Apple platforms. The game is free, but it offers a variety of in-app purchases which have proved to be a hit with consumers. The game also launched in Italy, Spain and Portugal today.


  1. Well mobile games suck no matter what, very glitchy and relentlessly repetitive gameplay, some may be better but nothing compared to a true game….

    But 21 million people playing per day, sounds like bank to me….

  2. I hope this major success won’t affect the mainline games in any way, or other franchises for that matter. It’s easy for companies to change business strategies dramatically when one thing is majorly successful (mobile games), and their old practices being not as successful (Wii U). Go is great and all, but I only really play it 30 minutes a day, where I play on consoles for hours at a time.

  3. I tried playing Pokemon Go and the game keeps crashing. Never even makes it past the title screen. Im glad Nintendo is seeing success, but I hate this game, along with every other freemium ipad game, with every fiber of my body. One reason I like Nintendo is because of how polished and glitch free their games are.

    Nintendo makes a perfect fun glitch free game and nobody buys it. Nintendo makes a shitty freemium ipad game that crashes and is full of glitches and it becomes the biggest game of all time… go figure.

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