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Super Smash Bros Has Surpassed 5 Million Units Sold On Wii U And Nintendo 3DS In The US

More than five million copies of the latest installments of Super Smash Bros. have been sold in the U.S. Sales for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U have crossed the two million mark, while the Nintendo 3DS version of the popular fighting game surpassed three million units sold. Both titles were released in 2014 and received their final pieces of downloadable content earlier this year.



    1. exactly but 5 million across both versions is not that bad but its a niche game, only the hardcore would buy it and not many casuals would because they are too “busy” with pokemon go and candy crush

      1. where tf have you been? smash isn’t even close to a niche game. It was one of the biggest and most hyped games of 2014. It’s also one Nintendo’s biggest franchises. And this only the US. It was already close to 10 M early last year.

    1. Not really. 2 million on the Wii U given the pathetically low user base is pretty good.

      Also, as someone else said, these sales are US ONLY! Worldwide is a much bigger story.

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