Xbox’s Phil Spencer Likes The Idea Of The NES Mini

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed on Twitter that he likes the idea of the retro themed NES Mini which was announced by Nintendo earlier this week. Spencer loves the idea of being able to easily play classic retro titles and thinks the introduction of retro hardware is a great way to do this and says he will get one. You can read what he had to say, below.

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      1. ||The corrupt one can fool all of you as much as he can, his charades don’t have any impact on me at all…||

            1. “Anger is an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong. Anger can be a good thing. It can give you a way to express negative feelings, for example, or motivate you to find solutions to problems. But excessive anger can cause problems.” Something you would have experienced at the announcement of Federation Force if you had emotions.

              1. ||I see, this should be useful into manipulating humans further…||

                  1. In either case, I seen that phill has attack fanboys/fangirls of xbox over on his twitter about playstation and nintendo. He’s got my respects. Specially over nintendo, they talked bad about fans of nintendo, playstation, their systems and he straight out told them, “get out”. Any fanboy/fangirl of xbox talked smack to either system, he flat out told them off and smacked them out. I’ve been watching him for a long time now. The man has my respects. He seems to understand what I’ve been trying to tell everyone.

                    1. I didn’t even know all that. He’s even better than I thought. Play whatever makes you happy and don’t bash people who like something different.

  1. It would be awesome if Microsoft looked at this, and in a couple years, as technology progresses, makes a small box capable of playing hit original Xbox games, including Halo CE and 2. We’re not too far off from being allowed to call them “retro” at this point! :D

    1. It would be cool except for the fact that no one – not even Microsoft itself – can emulate the first Xbox properly.

      1. I’m sure that by the time the parts become cheap enough, Xbox emulation will not be a problem. It was done fairly well on the Xbox 360 anyways. Aside for a few tiny graphical and audio bugs.

    1. Reads off as genuine to me, he hasn’t been shy in the way of giving Nintendo kudos in the past.

      It’s an excellent idea. As long as they keep the retro systems looking like the originals.

    2. Spencer is just smart enough to know there is nothing to gain by bad mouthing Nintendo. There are alot of Xbox owners who are also Nintendo fans. Unlike Ubisoft last year when they took every chance they could to dis Nintendo and call Nintendo fans “kiddie”…. Now, one year later Ubisoft has never been so universally hated. And now one year later Ubisoft is kissing Nintendo’s ass again.

  2. A part of me wonders why I’m so excited over this, since I own nearly every real NES game. But I just can’t WAIT to get my hands on this. Even if I never play it, I NEED THIS in my life. I’d be the happiest gamer there is if Nintendo actually made a new (real) NES console and started making NES games again.

    1. I will probably buy this. But when I first saw it, I was under the impression that it actually played real NES carts. You could imagine how pumped up I was. When I found out it just had 30 pre-loaded games (of which I own every one) I was extremely disappointed. In fact, “extremely disappointed” doesnt properly convey how extremely disappointed I actually was.. But I will still buy it, and probably never take it out of the box unfortunately…

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