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Europe: Two New Discounts Added To My Nintendo

Nintendo Europe has updated the rewards program My Nintendo with two new discounts. You can now get Earthbound Beginnings with a 40 percent discount if you have 20 Gold Points available. Alternatively you can also purchase Hana Samurai: Art of the Sword for 30 percent off if you have 180 Platinum Points.


6 thoughts on “Europe: Two New Discounts Added To My Nintendo”

  1. They like doing discounts on games that I already have…I wish that they would offer physical rewards again. I really enjoyed collecting unique Nintendo gear and items. I still use my Majora’s Mask and Mario Star messenger bags.

  2. I don’t ever see people praising this rewards system. And I personally don’t like it either. Club Nintendo stunk, aside from the first few years (which I was late for). And now MyNintendo is even worse. They should just stop with the rewards if they’re going to half ass it. Yes, they don’t have to give us anything, as this is just bonus stuff in a way. But if you’re going to offer us stuff and make a big deal about it, then you better make it interesting/appealing. From the great movie The Outlaw Josey Wales: “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.” You don’t get to brag about your “great” reward system and make it a marketing tool to promote yourself above your competitors but make said rewards garbage. And no, I’m not saying Playstation or Xbox rewards are better (I don’t have either and cannot speak to them). But Nintendo wants to pretend they are doing us a favor, yet a large majority don’t enjoy this favor. Discounts on old games? Whoopdie doo. Not to mention you can get some of these games cheaper elsewhere. Club Nintendo the last few years? A lame pack of stickers and some weird grill tongs or whatever? No thanks. The statues they did were awesome (I wasn’t able to get any). Do things like that and people will love the rewards system. Throw us crap, and people will just stop caring. I have logged into my rewards page like maybe 5 times since the relaunch. There’s nothing I want, and I’m certainly not alone. Nintendo, just put your feeble attempts at a rewards system out of their misery. Or make a great one. No more garbage. You would get more respect if you just canceled it all together rather than put out this dreadful embarrassment.

  3. Lance Matthew Bulmer

    Nintendo said the replacement for Club Nintendo would be better but I doubt it would be really any better personally i lliked Club Nintendo I’m still happy i got my Legend of Zelda beach towel. But the rewards on My Nintendo are very mediocre at best i really wish they did better rewards but i think it may happen but it’s highly unlikely it will happen but only time will tell.

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