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Two Florida Teens Were Shot At While Playing Pokemon Go

According to local news outlets, a man shot at two teens who were playing “Pokemon Go” overnight Saturday in Palm Coast, Florida. According to the man, around 1:30 a.m. local time, he heard a loud noise outside his home. Because of this, he grabbed a handgun and walked outside. A car was parked in front of his house and he heard someone in the car say, “Did you get anything”? He stepped out in front of the car, which then accelerated toward him. This, according to the man, caused him to fire several shots. Deputies were unable to find the car until they received a call around 10:30 a.m. from the car’s owner. They said that her 19-year-old son and his friend were playing Pokemon Go when a man confronted them and fired several shots. Their mother said the teens didn’t tell her about what happened until they noticed bullet holes in one of the rear tires. According to deputies, the investigation is ongoing. No one was injured.


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    1. No. People are dangerous to people. This guy just needed any excuse to fire his gun on whoever happened to be there. If these kids had been, say, hanging out and playing cards, he would have shot them anyway because “he heard a noise”.

        1. You can’t blame the game for that stupid shit, those teenage boys had no business in that guy’s yard without his permission. I’ve been playing it myself a lot but I won’t go on someone’s yard unless I ask first. The game tells you to be careful of your surroundings so how can you put the game at fault? You can’t hold Pokémon GO responsible, those boys should’ve been more aware of where they were

          1. If you read other articles about this, they have more details. The boys were in a white car parked at the side of the road, saying “did you catch it?” The man got out of his house at 1:30 am cause he heard a loud noise, came out and stood in front of the car, thinking they were robbers. He pointed his 9mm at them and told them not to move but they accelerated, making him move out of the way, and he turned and shot at the rear of their car, leaving bullet holes in the fender and tire, etc. They weren’t on his yard, they were on the road… The guy that shot them is a crazy trigger happy lunatic.

        2. The article doesn’t say they were in his yard, just parked in front of the house. Unless they were dumb enough to be in the driveway, I’ll assume that means on the street.

          1. Unless they were trespassing they would probably have called the cops when someone ran at them and freaking shot at them, especially given the recent gun violence there. Not saying the guy was right; the guy is an asshat, but these idiots and others like them are going to keep doing dumb shit without thinking and eventually someone’s going to get killed for a flipping Pikachu. It’s madness.

      1. And why shouldn’t they? If people aren’t careful of their surroundings that’s on them not Pokémon GO. The in game text from the game tells people to be safe. You can’t look at it from the other side……come on now

        1. ||Logic of the dumb cattle, blame the tools for their stupidity…||

          ||I can’t wait for the final days of the human species, bunch of useless cretins…||

    2. People can’t handle a game of this magnitude… Who the heck goes out at 1am to play a game? It is normal that other people react bad! Obviously this guy exaggerated, but we can’t blame him so much…

      1. If he could hear them talking about it, they were close enough to his property for him to consider something off or not right. But I’m sure we’ll hear more about it. The news surrounding Pokemon Go since it’s launch is insane.

        1. That’s not how it works. If they weren’t in his property, they weren’t in his property. You can’t shoot someone because they are near your house.

          1. Read the information in the article and tell me there’s no way in hell he could have mistaken them for robbers hunting for a fast cash grab.

            “Did you get anything?” At 1:30 in the night.
            If the teens playing the game wouldn’t have accelerated the vehicle, it probably wouldn’t have happened. If they weren’t doing anything wrong, then they should have explained themselves in a normal young adult fashion. Stop sugar coating crap, it’s getting too sweet.

            “Hey man, we’re playing a game that requires location based information” that simple.

              1. Won’t ever happen because I’m not stupid enough to risk my life over a fucking mobile game. Get real dude, did you think that was clever or something?

                1. Did I say you had to be playing a game? No.

                  I only meant you were in a vehicle and it happened. But obviously you don’t even know how to assess a fictional situation.

                  1. Don’t place me in stupid fucking fictional situations and worry about yourself then bro. If you couldn’t read it before, I’ll retype it for you.

                    It wouldn’t happen to me. Playing a game, walking my dog, shooting the shit, looking for tupac, I know better than to be hanging around peoples home’s at 1:30 am. This isn’t about some nut case walking up to a car and opening fire. But obviously, you probably already knew that right?

    1. It sounds like to me that they were just on the street but this guy just came at them with a gun for very little reason. It’s not like they were on his property at all, they were inside their car on the street!

  1. Honestly, this is a great argument for gun control. Because people think it’s ok to bring a gun out just because they heard a noise in the middle of the night??? And start shooting at a car??

    There wouldn’t be so many deaths in this country if people’s first response to everything wasn’t “Shoot it”

    1. “He stepped out in front of the car, which then accelerated toward him. This, according to the man, caused him to fire several shots”

      Its really not.

      1. @skeletons420,
        First, you’re an idiot.
        Second, he stood in front of the car and pointed his gun at them, told them not to move. I would freak the fuck out too and gtfo since I was just minding my own business. He turned and shot at the rear of the car as it sped away, putting bullets in the fender and tire

        1. @ Krisilyn.

          First, I’m going off the information written here, so yeah.
          Second, so far there’s no update about this story, if the man wasn’t arrested for anything, he probably didn’t do anything wrong.
          Third, unless you were there watching this event fold out, how do you know what happened?
          Fourth, k thanks for that weak ass personal attack and name calling.

          Much loves,


          1. As I mentioned in another post, there are a shitload of different articles with more details. A quick google of ‘pokemon go teenagers shot at’ will show you a whole bunch of results. Orlando sentinel, for example. It says the police are still investigating. He didn’t do anything wrong? He went out to them and decided to play officer, pointing his gun at them and telling them not to move. And then he shoots at them as they’re driving away, he’s definitley in the wrong and I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t get charged.

            1. Ride on, I’ve read a few different stories about it and honestly I still think the possibility of him thinking there was potential robbers outside his home is high. One news story even writes that the teens were mistaken for thieves. Word?

              Frankly I’m over it. No one was hurt. You ain’t catching that dude’s Rare’s, let it go.

      1. Adamantly pro-gun website distorts the facts the portray gun ownership in a good light? Color me impressed!

  2. ||Always happens in the Xbot homeworld since they are just barbaric…||

    1. ||Because Pokemon Go is directly linked to us, Nintendo, we don’t care about the other 2 nonsense…||

  3. {Disclaimer}

    Gamefreak are not held responsable for mentally unsafe vigilantes stopping the overage players of pokemon.

    Good news no “children” were harmed during this maniacs plot

  4. USA and its gun,shooting shooting and shooting. Guys in your country can’t even play a game. It will be interesting to know if the teens where black or other ethnic background. In any case you guys in Usa should really rethink your policy on gun control.

    1. It’s the people, not the guns….

      I ain’t ever seen a gun walk up and hurt or kill someone, but I’ve heard of people doing that…

      Most Americans are just shitty people, have youyou seen are president?….

      1. ||And who are using these guns? Humans because they cannot control themselves and so need laws since 98% of all humans are useless cattle that needs strict laws to obey…||

        ||They do not deserve the technology they have and never will…||

      2. HAHAHA, are you even serious??
        Well I’ve never seen a nuclear bomb go around and stab people either, so why don’t we give everyone a handful of those, with launchcodes and all!?
        What a completely DENCE argument you’re making, it makes no sense whatsoever.
        If there are few guns in circulation, there will be few guns to kill people with, that’s just simple math!
        Stop talking before you think, PLEASE!

      3. Look simple people are stupid if you give them gun they will use it end remove the gun and stupid people and not there are not a minority will kill less. Also we talked about gun but in usa depends on the video game they are often linked and they shouldn’t. Video games often had bad rep because of people using gun.

    2. ||They need to rethink their entire existence, but even better, they just need to be wiped out, just like everyone else on this misreable planet…||

  5. People need to use their brains when playing Pokemon Go. You can’t trespass on someone’s property while looking for Pokemon. I’m glad no one was hurt, but seriously this shit is getting stupid.

    1. The two sources both indicate that they were parked on the side of the road and they were in their car. While it was rude of them to be loud enough to wake people up at 1:30 in the morning while playing the game in their car, neither source articles indicate they were at all trespassing.

      1. Thanks for verifying that :). I thought they were trespassing. That dude should get charged with something since he shot at then since they weren’t really on his property.

  6. Even if they had been burglars a normal person would call the police and not own a gun in the first place. America needs to stop handing out guns like condoms. For self protection my ass. Then again you don’t break into someone’s lawn. You don’t have to. The game doesn’t work like that.

  7. I wonder if STUPID things like this will happen outside America. If you don’t have the brain cells to know you don’t trespass or put yourself in danger then you probably SHOULDN’T be playing the game.

  8. The two teens should’ve at least been more polite and not loud enough to wake up people from their car at 1:30 in the morning. At the same time, being woken up by two teens does not justify shooting at them. :/

  9. I’m guessing most of the commenters play Pokemon GO, because their bias shows.

    While the man with the gun is not blameless, that doesn’t change the fact that the teens were stupid. A normal, socially-developed young adult should have the sense to realize that snooping around at 1:30 in a residential area will alarm homeowners. Heck, I’m not even a normal, socially-developed adult, and I’d still understand that behaving like that is suspicious to other people.

    The car was not on his property? That’s nice. Doesn’t make it seem less like a robbery. That’s exactly the way burglars would park a getaway car, and someone unaware of how Pokemon GO works would have a very hard time imagining another reason two teenager males might be getting into a car at 1:30 AM, discussing their haul.

    The man’s actions were bit reckless, but not irrational. There are plenty of irrational people in the world who behave in stupid, unpredictable ways. If you think being a little trigger-happy (note that he shot at the tires, not the windshield) at 1:30 AM in a legitimately scary scenario is the epitome of human idiocy, then you need to get out more. I heard Pokemon GO is good for that.

    1. ||Only in the human country of USA would someone like you call your fellow ape human for being a little bit reckless, everywhere else you would be a psychopath without a brain…||

    2. You’re right, I do play pokemon go. I played it the day it came out. So I know that the servers are shit (a quick google will show you how awful the servers have been) and they’re better at night, when not many people are on and overloading the servers. I’m just thankful I live in a country where guns are illegal. A bit reckless? I’m surprised the man hasn’t been charged already as they weren’t on his property but I’m sure he will be. If you’re worried you got robbed, you stay inside and call 911, you don’t go out onto the street with a gun and start shooting at people. He was shooting at the car as it was driving away, that’s not self defense. If he was scared he wouldn’t have gone out and challenged them like that. Call 911 and wait, like you’re supposed to.

  10. This would have been a completely different article on a completely different site if the two teens had been actual burglars and the guy killed them in the act or they killed him because he got in the way of their criminal activity. I mean, why else would two people be parked in a neighborhood at 1:30 in the fucking morning? What? Should he have gone out unarmed and nicely asked what you are doing out at this time of night? He’d be dead right now if they were in fact bad people. Use common sense, people. Not to mention this was in Florida which seems to be full of crazies. If I was that man, I wouldn’t have taken any chances going out there without a gun, either. What if they were bad people and I went out there without a gun? You’d be hearing in the article that they hit me with their car then got out and finished the job since I saw their faces.

    Oh but since the two kids were playing Pokemon GO and the man went out there with a gun, he’s the only one in the wrong, right? I agree with John. The bias for Pokemon GO is showing in some of these comments. The bias for guns is also showing. I’m all for stricter gun control laws but this anti-gun crap is getting just as bad as the pro-gun crap.

      1. How about the two idiots not be parked outside someone’s house at 1 in the morning of someone they don’t even know & doesn’t even know them? If he had actually shot them, oh well. That’s what stupid people get for doing stupid shit.

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