Ubisoft: ‘What We’ve Seen Of Nintendo NX Is Great Will Also Draw In Causal Players’

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has said that what he has seen so far of the Nintendo NX platform is really great. He’s confident that it will help the video game industry grow as well as bring back more casual players to Nintendo platforms. The Nintendo NX launches next March and should hopefully be unveiled later this year.

“On the NX, what we have seen is really great, so we think having a new machine coming is going to help the industry to continue to grow and to take lots more casual players back in the industry.”


Thanks, Operationgamer17


    1. Well I mean it’s not long until the console releases, so I can see that being the case.

      1. yea since it takes about a year (at least) to develop a game (or longer) I would hope they have SDK/dev kits.
        since NX comes out in march, I would hope they have kits.
        that said IF Nintendo finally made the move to X86 then it would at least make porting current gen (ps4 Xbox one) games over to the NX faster.

          1. Wrong, the fact that Nintendo used an ARM is one of the MAIN complaints of third party developers, and anyone who was keeping up with EVERYTHING surrounding what went wrong with the Wii U, they would realize this.
            There were a lot of complaints about the ARM, as not all game engines support ARM, and are more tailor made for X86.
            Cryengine was not working on Wii U… which is part of the reason Sonic Boom sucked so hard, they had hell porting it to Wii U, because early in development of the game it was originally meant to release on the other consoles, but instead ended up on Wii U by order of SEGA.
            They had fucking HELL getting the game working on Wii U hardware, and the chief complaint was the ARM CPU.
            That said, because of the release of the Vulkan API, and the fact that Nintendo is to be using Vulkan, that is supposed to remove some issues because even Unreal is working with Vulkan, and it is said to be compatible with more CPU types now and not just ARM CPUs.
            But at the time of the Wii U, the developers were having to spend a LOT of money on something that was not a sure thing.
            NX should be better.
            I’m seriously doubting it will use X86 as those CPU types tend to heat up a bit more last i checked, unless that’s changed.

              1. I might have been wrong a bit.. the Wii U did use a PowerPC CPU.. but my point still stands, The Wii U was not easy to port to.

            1. “I’m seriously doubting it will use X86 as those CPU types tend to heat up a bit more last i checked, unless that’s changed.”

              Nope. It’s the same for the most part*.

              … wait. ARM? The Wii U didn’t use an ARM processor. It used a PowerPC processor (which correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s doesn’t have an ARM design in any way). So I’m not too sure what you’re talking about.

              That said, apart from that, your point still stands.

              *I say “for the most part”, due to Apple’s MacBook (and probably a few Windows PCs) having no fans even though there’s a x86 Intel processor (Core m7). They’re not as capable as most PCs on the market but it works. But since it’s a special case, it doesn’t truly count.

              1. Yeah… it’s power PC… my bad… still, it was not what the rest of the industry continues to use.

    2. They wanted a strong launch lineup. Therefore, they gave several triple A companies, and a few indie companies dev. kits a little while back.

    3. Of course it means developers have dev kits already. It would be ridiculous (even for Nintendo) to not have sent out dev kits a long time ago. The system is coming out in March 2017 after all. That’s right around the corner

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      1. More like they abandon gamers and then try to get back on their good side when it benefits them. Not to mention their money grubbing lack of care for good game making.

        1. Well that’s something Ubisoft & Nintendo have in common. Both have abandoned certain gamers in the past before.

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  2. Well given the inability if the Wii U to pull in a lot of consumers, I assume what he means by “casual” players is more akin to “non die-hard nintendo fans”( like people who got the Wii U for the sole sake of the Nintendo exclusive IPs that would only be found on the system). More likely “Casual” refers to less brand biased customers as opposed to… whatever the negative connotation of casual comes from. In the end the success of the NX system does depend on Nintendo extending the appeal of it’s system and games to a wider target audience and marketing it well to extend its fan base. Whether they succeed like they did with the Wii, or fail like they did with the Wii U is still to be seen. So far it seems as though there is some positive feedback, though it’s still incredibly vague and there is almost no information on what the NX actually is at this point, so one cannot really make a complete projection.

    1. You seriously think that Microsoft would be willing to give those two back at a cheaper price?

      How cute.

        1. Actually, Nintendo owns the Diddy Kong Racing IP so Microsoft didn’t give Nintendo shit. The only thing they did was let Nintendo borrow the racers that Rare owned, minus Diddy Kong who Nintendo owns. So unless Nintendo buys Banjo & Kazooie from Microsoft for a ton of money, it’s not happening.

            1. And? Monolith Soft developed Xenosaga but that IP belongs to Bandai Namco. Rare created Diddy Kong yet that character belongs to Nintendo.

              1. I mean, Microsoft is willing to let one of their studios develop for a handheld unrelated to Microsoft

                gosh how hard is it

                1. Very hard when you aren’t specific. Were you talking about the original they developed on N64 or the DS remake? Anyone can make a blank statement like “Rare developed the game.”

                  Point is, Banjo & Kazooie aren’t going to be on a Nintendo home console without Nintendo paying a hefty sum to Microsoft. It’s not going to be as cheap as you two think.

                  1. How could I be more specific? Why would Microsoft care about the N64 when Rare was still Nintendo’s?

  3. I don’t care for Ubisoft. They went down hill after they first started assassins creed.

  4. I’ll bet we’ll see glimps of the NX between 17 and 20st september. :)
    I’m crossing my fingers… so looking forward to it!

  5. So Ubisoft wants the NX to be Wii 3.0 where it tries to win back casuals? Fuck that shit! Those “gamers” need to stay on their smartphones and tablets where they belong!

    1. My thoughts exactly. Options are nice, but if too many developers start making smartphone games, it will ruin gaming for the rest of us.

    2. So let the console market stagnate as mobile grows bigger and bigger. Good plan :p

      In all seriousness though, that’s a pretty elitest attitude to have. Console gaming should have the same universal appeal as mobile gaming, it shouldn’t be this expensive small niche that only diehards invest in.

      1. Agreed. It’s also hypocritical.

        The PC gamers look down at console gamers, thinking that they’re better than them in every way, shape, and form, and saying that they’re not real gamers.

        Meanwhile, console gamers look down at mobile gamers, thinking that they’re better than them in every way, shape, and form, and saying that they’re not real gamers.


        … yes, consoles have more strengths than mobile (in terms of gaming). But yes, PCs have more strengths than consoles (again, in terms of gaming). It’s crap like this that makes society look at the gaming industry and calling it idiotic. As long as we can’t get along and we keep bickering, this industry is at risk of going down the drain. And (at least) I don’t want to see that.

          1. You’ve completely missed the point. There’s a reason why I had to amend the statement “in terms of gaming”.

            Yes, I’m well aware that gamers wouldn’t need the extra things that PCs and mobile devices have. But 1) there are a lot of things with console that are aren’t needed (mainly, an Internet Browser and streaming services), and 2) while you’re saying that, if you were to say the comment that you said to a PC gamer, they would think you’re an idiot. PC elitists are looking down on console gamers saying that they suck at games, they can’t change the hardware, they have to use DRM-enabled software, and the OS on the consoles are shitty compared to the “almighty” Windows (then again, those Windows gamers look down on Mac and Linux gamers, so they’re on a lonely league on their own).

            The point that I was trying to come across is that it’s hypocritical that console gamers look at the mobile gamers and think similar things and yet they try to defend themselves of why consoles are still worth it towards the PC gamers. And it’s that among others that make the entire gaming industry look bad.

            I play on all areas of gaming: mobile, console, and PC. I prefer console because I don’t have as much fun tinkering hardware. I respect the reasons why others would play games on something I’m not using. That doesn’t make them any less of a gamer, nor does it make their systems any less capable of playing games. Seriously, just get along with each other and give society less of a reason to make a mockery of this industry that we all love. But I guess that’s too much to ask, is it (since your comment generally asked to pick a fight with my arguments, even though you’ve pretty much haven’t read it properly)?

          2. ||Humans always go against purpose regardless of area, fortunately you will never escape extinction…||

  6. Great… it’ll draw in more casual gamers but what about the current hard core gamers? everything I’ve heard about the NX is how good it is for casual which means all ubisoft will be putting on it is just dance crap

  7. Nintendo do was dumb not to had thought about buying Banjo-Kazooie when they decided to sell their portion of Rare in the first place.

    Also cant Nintendo at least get the game for Eshope? It was for the N64.

    1. I don’t think they were dumb to not keep Rare and its IPs. I think of it more of…

      … they didn’t care enough. If they cared enough, they would have owned more of the shares of the company (they owed 49% of the shares at the time).

      Another part of me believes that this is how the company usually works. Remember, Intelligent Systems and HAL Labs aren’t owned by Nintendo either; they’re either very close friends or they have some of their shares of the company. Anyone can swoop in and take them right under Nintendo’s nose. And they would be the end of that. They don’t seem to like to take “huge risks” as buying full companies (at least, not often).

      As for taking Banjo-Kazooie and then selling off the company like that, I honestly don’t think Nintendo would be able to handle that IP properly; that is something that only Rare could do.

      Finally, for getting the game on the eShop? Yes, it’s possible; remember that Rare still helped Nintendo for a while with Diddy Kong Racing up until the DS. Then there’s Minecraft. Finally, there’s Phil Spencer’s consistent kind words about Nintendo (the last two are more related to the relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft). If these three examples represent anything, it can definetly mean that Banjo-Kazooie on the eShop is possible and that Microsoft wouldn’t mind seeing that happen.

      Or, at least, I hope so.

      1. *thinks for a second* Nope. They were dumb for letting Rare’s IPs go. Even if they themselves couldn’t handle it, they could have put them up in their little vault with the rest of the unused IPs they own and waited for a skilled team that wants to work on any of the IPs come along. Hell! They could be releasing the best IPs’ games on virtual console right now! Instead, some of us will have to eventually get yet another console this gen in order to play games like Perfect Dark.

        1. *Tsk tsk tsk.* You seem very emotional with this game. That’s hilarious. XD

          The mere fact that you implied that they could put it into their vault of unused IPs (and therefore basically sit there and not make any money off of it) already shows that you admit that there wouldn’t be much of a point into keeping it anyway. (Fun fact: if they’re going to put it in their unused IP vault, then you’ll most likely never see it being touched by anyone but Nintendo and the companies that they own.) Microsoft made a couple of games with that IP as well as added them into a few games and they’ve found success with it. But that’s because they own Rare and that’s because Rare known their own IPs. I highly doubt that Nintendo would really want to touch whatever Rare has done (because if they did, they would have stopped Microsoft and swooped in and taken a majority share). If Nintendo left the IP alone, then none of what you see that Microsoft is doing would happen.

          What I see is them not caring about Rare all that much. If they actually cared, then Rare would have been at 100% ownership since day one, just like Retro Studios. If you noticed (you probably haven’t, but whatever), Rare was basically the only American company that has made original IP and had some kind of ownership with Nintendo (all others were either scarped or they were so unsuccessful that Nintendo has basically all but forgotten about them). You may also notice that Nintendo rarely (no pun intended) works with American companies up until recently. Now, there are and they seem to have realized that they should let non-Japanese companies use their IPs.

          Anyway, they care more about their other IPs now. And like I said before, it’s not that they can’t get those games into the eShop (especially since Microsoft and Nintendo seem to have a great relationship with each other), but it’s more like they don’t want to do it right now; they aren’t going to pursue it. They can easily get those guys into Smash Bros. since they got Ryu, Cloud, Snake, et al. in the series in the past. It’s pretty obvious that many companies would love to have their characters in that game and if Nintendo chose Banjo-Kazooie, Nintendo and Rare wouldn’t mind letting them do that.

          You can’t say that they would experience more success with Nintendo than with Microsoft. However, looking at Nintendo’s history, I would be confident enough to say that they would never see the light of day after a while (like MOTHER/Earthbound after the third one).

          Also, why are you complaining? The company isn’t dead at all and none of the IPs are dead. They’re with a company that’s using them all (and besides, you think that the other systems are better than whatever Nintendo can come up with, so in a sense, you should be jumping for joy instead that some IPs are out of Nintendo’s “shackles”).

          The only thing about Rare that I mainly thought that they did very well in was their hand in Donkey Kong games. But considering the fact that 1) it’s Nintendo’s IP first, and 2) Retro Studios has made at least two games that actually pretty descent, I’m not crying about it. Then there’s also GoldenEye, but even if they still had Rare, they still don’t have access to the IP and therefore, they’ll never be able to put it into the eShop anyway. Does that suck? Hell yes. Is that Nintendo’s fault? Absolutely not; Sony can do what they want with that, since they basically have the rights to the movie (and to an extent, gaming) franchise since around 2005.

          Mind you, I don’t hate the Banjo-Kazooie series of games, but to think that you seem to have such an attachment to it to the point where you would call Nintendo dumb to let it go is cute, but since the series pretty much is still living on from a console that you probably already have and prefer to use, all of your points were (generally speaking) unnecessary. As I’ve said before, I don’t hate you, but I’m responding because I enjoy you talking smack and nonsense and it’s good entertainment for me. Keep in mind that the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC sites have similar people like you and I do similar things there.

          So keep going; I have popcorn.

          1. More Nintendo Apologist bullshit. I reiterate my opinion. Nintendo was fucking STUPID for letting Rare & it’s IPs go!

            1. *Eats popcorn*

              I knew you would say that without trying to counter-attack my points. :)

              It’s hilarious how your response to this is that you seemingly go by a slightly different angle by now saying “fucking STUPID” (even though it doesn’t change your argument or really did anything else besides showing anger) and (baselessly) implying that a response like mine is considered as being “Apologist bullshit”. Meanwhile, I still back and see the anger in your responses. At this point, you have basically nothing else to say here. Clearly you feel annoyed and you’re losing from my points versus your angry reactions. Who’s getting annoyed now?

              Between this and the RNC clowning around at this point, this is turning to be a very interesting week. XD

              1. Dumb, stupid. Same difference. Considering you are defending/damage controlling their mistake with Rare, yes. Nintendo Apologist bullshit. Just like how you damage controlled for Nintendo when I put a little of the blame on them with Pokemon GO’s rough start with it’s issues which are still a problem today by saying “it’s not their fault.” (And I still put some blame on Nintendo for Pokemon GO’s rough start since they own part of the franchise.) Yet not once did I see you on the articles that are praising Nintendo for it’s success by trying to tell people the praise & credit should go to Niantic since they are developing the game. You seem to only really take issue when people criticize Nintendo. But that’s okay. It’s your opinion and are welcomed to it because that’s not my issue with you. My issue is the fact you seem to like to patronize me for giving a damn about something I’m passionate about simply because it’s fictional and not real. (You must be one fun guy to watch WWE with or debate about since you probably go on long ass rants about why they shouldn’t get upset when this guy gets pushed or this guy gets buried. Or when going to see a movie & someone dares to get upset over say Han Solo being killed by his son. And all the while laughing at them as if they are some inferior creature for being passionate about it.) So go ahead and continue laughing at me. It just shows how passive aggressive you are being. Now excuse me. I think we’ve wasted enough of both of our time on this battle of different opinions.

                1. *Eats more popcorn*

                  Ah. There we go with your “walls of text” (I have to thank Link for that term). I could go bit by bit with disproving your points, but I’ll instead say this: I’ve said what I’ve said, and yo’ve said what you’ve said. Since WordPress doesn’t allow you to edit/delete comments with their built-in comment section, I can tell you right now that when people look at your comments with mine, they’ll see that while I have (in the beginning) acted… well, let’s say interesting, my statements are usually on-point and you can easily find the proof right there (and when they’re not, I apologize). You, on the other hand, act like a persistent hater that seems to have nothing to do but to troll around. But I’d like to see you prove me wrong about the fact that you’re more than acting like a baby, because after all, you have the burden of proof (that you won’t be using because it’s too much to deal with and you won’t do it. (Though, if you do, good for you, but you’ll find very little to back yourself up).)

                  Anyway, a few more things:

                  – Yes: “dumb” and “stupid” are pretty much the same, so that statement basically repeated part of my last response to you. What was the point of that again? That’s what I thought.

                  – No, I don’t actually go to the positive news and tell people not to praise Nintendo because of “this”, “that”, and “the other”. For three reasons. One: people like you do it for me so I don’t need to do anything, two: I clearly don’t go to all articles because I don’t have time to do much more than read the articles and look at some of the sources, and three: the proof is there, I don’t need to do it all of the time, and your statement is more blown out of proportion than what’s actually true. People aren’t necessarily praising Nintendo for “making a game“ (in fact, many people think that Nintendo doesn’t even own Pokémon, as I’ve correctly given out that proof before). And for those who are,… well, okay, whatever; I can’t do anything about it, really. But they’re more praising them that they’ve “finally” opened their PIs to mobile (and I’ve already said in the past that it would be bad for Nintendo to go to iOS and Android for games with the exception that they can use it for making better console and handheld games). You can clearly see on the startup/loading screen of Pokémon GO that it mentions nothing about Nintendo until they display the copyright print at the bottom (they only have the logos for Niantic and The Pokémon Company). And yes, I have basically defended Nintendo with that particular example of Pokémon GO. Because simply put, they didn’t touch the game. Whether they gave out some input in the game isn’t really relevant; Nintendo doesn’t have a hands-on approach to the success of Pokémon unless the IP is legally being threatened. The servers aren’t owned by Nintendo, but by Niantic. They didn’t anticipate the success that it would have. The fact that they only released it in a few countries initially shows that they had a feeling it would be a lot, but even with that, they underestimated. That’s Niantic’s fault with that sort of thing; Nintendo had nothing to do with it. The only thing they would do is to cancel the project (because honestly they’re not going to do it themselves), but then people would be angry about that move. As for me, that would be a good move because I’d rather see that sort of thing on the 3DS (a much smaller market) then anything else and retain more of the profit (even if the general amount would end being a little less). Anyway, I’ve said enough about that and it’s clear that you didn’t have any proper thing to say about it, so we’ll just put that one back to the grave. But I give you points for digging it up and attempt to talk about it again.

                  – (Well, you seem to have one delusional imagination when it came to this thing.) I’ve honestly haven’t looked at the WWE since… actually I don’t know when was the last time I’ve watched that show. 2004, maybe? And I was never interested in that kind of shit. I’m also not the kind of person that looks at movie theatres because there’s no point: I have Amazon for that if I need to rent or buy something, but if I did, I wouldn’t really care, but at the same time, I wouldn’t laugh at them because I’m not even a big enough Star Wars fan to care enough about that. The only people I laugh at are (for the most part) assholes. You can call me an asshole and that’s fine. Problem is is that all this time, you’re the closest in name-calling more than me. I don’t need to do that because it’s not worth doing that. You might think otherwise. In fact, you’ve said it yourself that you enjoy annoying people, whereas I enjoy seeing haters fight and whine because people are still supporting a company that they’re blindly criticizing about. I bring popcorn whenever I see something like this and you just so happen to do the most amount of baseless whining.

                  – Actually, I don’t care either way if you think I’m an apologist, because here’s the thing: regardless of whether or not you’re right or not (which it isn’t, by the way; Google is your friend from showing that I haven’t done much wrong), here’s what the result is: I shrug and/or laugh at your face, you get angry, and Nintendo’s still alive. Whether you give out a few more angry people on your side or not is irrelevant because it changes very little about anything. Whatever defences isn’t really going to change anything because in most cases, my goal isn’t to convert someone’s opinion (if I can see that they’re definitely being ridiculous). Nintendo can always leave the industry (not immediately, but overtime) and go to another one without skipping much of a beat. After all, Nintendo still has a lot of money left to last them a long time.

                  – Finally, if you look hard enough, I’ve criticized Nintendo enough already to justify my neutral stance with Nintendo. In fact, one of my replies in the past few weeks from your comment was a tiny list of things that I’d like to see Nintendo either improve on or stop altogether. When Nintendo’s stock went up like crazy, I said (and it’s I believe the first comment) that the shareholders must have a hard-on. That statement meant that the stock shouldn’t have shot up that high and I’m disgusted at the fact that the shareholders just seem to all of the sudden say that Nintendo’s going to live when they do something that they want and then they say Nintendo is doomed whenever they do something even close to failing. In fact, I hate that about ALL shareholders for ALL companies in general. So that sort of thing isn’t unique with Nintendo.

                  So okay: I did end up going through each of your points, but that’s because I’m thorough with what I’m talking about. You seem to what to do basically nothing but bashing (with no proof to back you up). And the amount of proof that you DO use are either non-existent or they’re based off of weak fallacies or something else. Whenever I’ve said something, I usually have proof and whenever I don’t put it out there, people eventually shut up or they make weaker and weaker arguments that probably don’t make sense or even don’t touch my arguments, because usually I’m right. Because when I talk, I make sure that whatever I say is right. I fuck up here and there, but when I do, I apologize and move on. And some spelling/grammar mistakes are made, but that’s what happens when you speed type for about 30 minutes and you only proofread once. This doesn’t seem to be the case with you though. Everything I do, you pretty much do a lot of the opposite. I feel sorry that you have to keep wasting your time with trying to find ways to push my buttons to make me upset or something when really I fell no pain with this stuff. I don’t care what happens (as I said before). I have more important things to take care of, like my job, my game collection, paying bills, and maintaining my apartment. With the breaks that I get, I look at these sites. And while I applaud the MyNintendoNews team for getting to this point, it has somewhat attracted the wrong crowd (not their fault). You definitely look like part of that group. Like I’ve said before (and I’m beaten the dead horse already), if you’re going to criticize about something, make sure you have your facts straight and criticize. It’s when you blindly criticize generally everything about Nintendo that it makes no sense. You can call me every name in the book and you can say that I do every thing that you hate; I honestly don’t care. Meanwhile, you’re whining and I have yet to call you (nor will I every call you) a single damn thing. It’s the classic example of someone (you) losing an argument against someone else (me). Yes, all in all, we have our different opinions, but the difference is that while you’re being emotional with your opinions, I’m backing up mine (or, well in your case, I’m not doing much of that anymore because at this point, there’s so much proof that I’d rather you find it yourself).

                  Anyway, I’m out of (popped) popcorn. Let me know if you need to say anything else so that I can pop more.

    1. If they are fucking serious about moving away from the Wii brand, they have to! Otherwise, might as well just give the NX’s official name as Wii something.

      1. If they don’t, might as well call it the “Wii Sii” as in, “Wii Sii ourselves to the door because we messed up again.”

        If there is any logic in that place, that will not occur.

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