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Sensor Tower: Pokemon GO Passed 30 Million Downloads And $35 Million In Revenue

Pokemon GO has been nothing short of a resounding success. New data provided by analytics firm Sensor Tower states that the game has been downloaded over 30 million times in the countries it is currently available in. Not only has uptake of the app been huge but it has also generated $35 million in revenue in an extremely short amount of time. iPhone owners just in the United States are spending roughly $1.6 million every single day.



  1. iPhone owners just in the United States are spending roughly $1.6 million every single day.

    sigh Imagine where else they could have spent that money

    1. It is, in the grand scheme, not a lot of money. It is, but it isn’t especially considering individuals. It is far less than a dollar a day.

  2. Funniest part about all this revenue is that it’s almost entirely from people who are doing the complete opposite of the game’s intention and aren’t GOing any further than their front door lol.

    1. That’s not how the game really works. Most likely these people are buying lure modules which attract more pokemon to the pokestops. Which means they are GOing out to those stops to place said lure modules in their designated spots. And god bless those people I say, because I haven’t spent a dime on this game but I sure as hell have been taking advantage of those lure mods as kids post them up in my neighborhood almost daily. ^^

      1. But Lure modules are so easy to come by, there’s no need to buy them unless you’re barely touching the game at all or relying on a pokestop close to your home. You can get them super often from the coins you get from gym caps. I get them all the time and I haven’t spent money on anything but granola bars for while I’m out lol

        1. I feel like I’ve only had one free lure mod but maybe I haven’t really been paying attention, i’m yet to even use one because my neighborhood gazebo is often lit up from other people lol. I only really play when I walk my dog and on my breaks at work. I’m only at level 9. I’m not even sure what you mean about coins from gym caps, I haven’t really had much gym experience yet. Trying to get my pokemans evolved and leveled up more first.

  3. thats almost $4.0 million in there monthly budget. and the iphone users yeah the game on that app its going pretty well but they are not getting less money from there accounts.

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