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Here’s Some Paper Mario Colour Splash And Metroid Federation Force Footage

The folks over at GameXplain recently attended San Diego Comic Con and manage to capture some footage of a couple of key Nintendo titles due for release in the coming months. The footage taken is from Paper Mario: Colour Splash for Wii U and Metroid Prime: Federation Force for the Nintendo 3DS and include 10 Minutes of Dark Bloo Inn and 12 minutes of a core new mission in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Check out the footage, above and below.


23 thoughts on “Here’s Some Paper Mario Colour Splash And Metroid Federation Force Footage”

  1. More Paper Mario: sdkl48u089034fdkasl809r 4kfdklnsklfswaior844tklnvklas and Metroid Prime: kl342879r48usnklvmncklvnm m43 iu34u8ufjksaknlfdksnladfnkl news. I’m not even a robot like Quadraxis and I’m malfunctioning! @.@

    1. It might be because a number of us lump both of those games into one category (keeping us from getting true representations of these franchises) and mentioning both on either article about either game regardless. So might as well put them together in the same article to cut down on the bullshit. xD

  2. A Super Paper Mario remaster for the NX would be lovely. Does anyone remember the Metroid game on the DS where you could play different classes in multiplayer? That is probably my favorite Metroid game.

    1. I’m all for it if they incorporate a better battle system. Otherwise only the first two need remastering (imo). And yeah same here, Metroid Prime Hunters is my all time favorite! I still go back and play it occasionally.

      1. I wish more people could play it. It’s also recent enough that I think it could be done pretty easily. Out of all the Paper Mario games I feel like it’s the one most people have missed.

        1. Most people probably skipped it because it wasn’t a partner-centric RPG like the first two were. That doesn’t make it bad, just a bit of the odd-one-out (until now, where Color Splash seems to be unanimously hated).

          1. I would have skipped it myself if I knew it wasn’t going to be partner centric like the first two before I did play it. Then again, I only rented the game back before physical rental places started to go out of style and dwindle away to nothing. lol

  3. Okay, I’m going to be honest…..Color Splash is actually looking pretty fun. From what I’ve heard, you don’t have limited attacks like in SS, and there IS leveling up of sorts. The environments have a more “Paper Mario” feel to them too. Like…they are making them 3d without so many paper jokes.

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