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Amazon: Pokemon Sun & Moon Steelbook Editions Best Sellers

Considering the popularity of Pokemon GO it is not too surprising that the Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack which is exclusive to Amazon has shot to the top of the video game charts. Yes, the dual pack is currently the best-selling video game on the popular online retailer and the only thing beating it is PlayStation Network cards. You can check out all the best-sellers in video games on Amazon, right here.

5 thoughts on “Amazon: Pokemon Sun & Moon Steelbook Editions Best Sellers”

  1. Lance Matthew Bulmer

    I’m only getting the games to sell on to get back at the scalpers that want the game! Suck it scalpers for selling fates special edition at a highly inflated price and senran kagura 2 deep crimson special edition

    1. You realize you’re just joining the scalpers in scalping other people, right? You’re not “getting back” at anyone.

      1. Lance Matthew Bulmer

        well made point i’m just annoyed plus i know a scalper and i snagged the last few dual box versions from under his nose s he got my copy of fire emblem fates

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