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Metroid Prime Blast Ball Play For Free On Nintendo 3DS eShop In US And Europe

We wanted to let you know that a Mission Briefing video for Metroid Prime: Federation Force has just been posted. You can check it out here:

Even better, as of right now Nintendo 3DS owners who visit Nintendo eShop can download Blast Ball, the game’s friendly competitive multiplayer mode! Fans can battle it out complete with online support, and even compete with players who own the full game once it launches. In early September, the multiplayer servers will switch over to support the full game only.

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    1. Personally i find silly how some “fans” bash the game yet they don’t support the original games, long before they announced federation force i decided to buy the metroid games in the virtual console, a friend of us is emcouraging people to support the previous games instead of buying federation force which i think is a good move because it could teach Nintendo that fans wants traditional metroid games, (i am not defending this game)

      1. ||Anyone who supports and likes this abomination are not true Metroid fans nor Nintendo fans, there is no opinion that matters but mine when it comes to Metroid…||

                1. Then you should do the same thing as my friend and encourage people to buy the prime series and the original games thru the eshop, would be cool to see the prime trilogy in the eshop charts.

                  1. ||Unfortunately, there are only Xbots and some Sonyans around me, however, I either force or convince anyone that crosses my path…||

                    1. ||Did you just expose yourself now?…||

                    2. ||Only 2 humans use that form of comment here, one that’s on my death list and another one that I barely have any communication with but that is respectable enough…||

                    3. Anyway I’ll find it out, you know we are so effective with information.

              1. A) Not everyone uses Miiverse, so that was pointless. B) Many Metroid fans probably have the originals. So they would have no use for Virtual Console versions aside from possibly having as many on one single system as possible. Your points were not very good at all. I personally have no fight in this, as I’m not a Metroid fan. But the arguments you make have no substance behind them.

                1. first of all hon, i thought quadraxis had the VC versions and i wasn’t figthing against him i was just sharing what my friend was doing. it wasn’s a debate nor a fight.

              1. ||Good, I have every Metroid including Metroid Prine Pinball but that one was given to me as a gift from former subordinates long ago…||

                1. I own every metroid except that one, following my friend’s plea, i gave the whole metroid virtual cosole games as a gift to another friend. Yes the whole!

  1. “Fans can battle it out complete with online support, and even compete with players who own the full game once it launches. In early September, the multiplayer servers will switch over to support the full game only.”
    – Okay that makes no sense. It says that we can play with those who paid for it once then game launches…but then it says servers will only support paid players at launch. WTF?

          1. ||Europe shall barely even hear about this when I’m done with it…||

      1. That bad? Coming from you, that speaks volumes. You’re a fairly unbiased fan. So if you say it’s shit, that tells me it’s really bad. I feel sorry for all you Metroid fans.

        1. It’s not like it’s an unplayable mess, it’s just dull. Like a very bad Rocket League clone. The game doesn’t have that good of a physics engine, the ball feels way too heavy and there’s not a lot of depth to it. It’s just disappointing all around.

          1. Does everything move as slowly in BB as it does in the seven plays we’ve seen of the same level with the “boss fight” at the end?

            No matter how many times I watch that level, I never think “this looks fun.”

              1. ||The civilian masses and traitors are still defending this garbage…||

        2. We are getting nearly the same treatment fans of Chibi Robo got with Zip Lash. Least they haven’t threatened to end Metroid if this spin off doesn’t sell… yet. :/

          1. Truth be told, I never even heard of Chibi Robo until that last game. I’ve been gaming since the NES and never even knew it existed. I don’t think they would end Metroid that easily. It isn’t as big as Mario, but it’s still one of their cornerstone franchises. Then again Nintendo does whatever they want, so who knows.

  2. Wait a minute… this is like the Global Testfire they did for Splatoon 3 weeks before that launched. If this is to try and convince more people to buy the actual full product, I hope they’re ready for disappointment (just like with the real game and hopefully reviews too).

  3. Wish they’d show the game a little more and the guys playing a little less… but from what I see the game isn’t all that impressive anyway. I really don’t want to hate this game, I’m so desperate for Metroid that I’ll take almost anything… but not this.

  4. Ugh. This is exactly why FedshitForce is a party shooter game because of casual shit like this in the game. Go make a new IP that’s a soccer game, damn it, and quit trying to use Metroid for it! Hell! You got Mario Strikers which is a soccer game! Just make a new Mario Strikers and leave Metroid alone with this crap!

  5. I’d personally like a hd remake of Metroid Fusion I love that game Federation force seems more like the xbox game Halo ODST my Nephew has it me myself im neither an xbox fan or pc i only likethe ps3 for lolipop chainsaw dead or alive 5 , Catherine Tales of Graces F plus the others released on there , Doom, Naughty bear as it’s a very amusing game, Dead Island Samurai Warriors series, Gundam games, and finally Ridge Racer but Nintendo i love my Fire Emblem, Street fighter, Smash, Animal crossing plus alot i’d bore you all listing off. But even though i havent played it I think federation force doesn’t seem my thing Metroid is a game i play only on the odd occassion

  6. So did anyone actually sit through that “briefing” video?

    So… Much… Bull.

    “We found that it was hard to aim at what you were supposed to hit on a small screen, so after testing this rounded art style, we found it to be the best way to portray this game’s objects and environments.”

    …Funny- small screen didn’t seem to be a problem in Hunters.

    1. That’s their fucking excuse for that fucking artstyle? Pfft! It doesn’t seem to be a problem for that Ironfall game on 3DS either! Just another bullshit excuse!

      1. I believe the explanation has been around for awhile now, but it always hurts to hear it again.

        Hunters was the game that got me into Metroid in the first place, so I know screen size wasn’t a problem.

  7. I suddenly got the urge to play this demo so I can have more reason to fucking hate FedshitForce than I already have!

  8. i’d rather play Metroid prime 1&2 on my gamecube portable called The G Varia with 128gb in built memory one built in memory card for slot a and i added metroid prime 1&2 Resident evil 2 as it my fave of the series , Smash bros, Mario Kart PN03, Veiwtiful Joe, Fire Emblem Harvest Moon, Eternal Darkness and Vexx i got around 8 hours on it’s full charge i made 2 which sold for 800 pound where i gave 4550 to the PDSA as i love animals

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