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Renegade Kid Offers To Port Sonic Mania To Nintendo 3DS

Renegade Kid has reportedly reached out to SEGA and said that they would be happy to port the recently announced Sonic Mania to the Nintendo 3DS. The game was announced last night during the Sonic 25th anniversary event but sadly it is skipping Nintendo platforms. Whether SEGA will agree to Renegade Kid’s proposal remains to be seen.


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  1. Why would they skip Nintendo platforms? That’s their biggest market (excluding mobile). This is just dumb. I want this game on a Nintendo home console! Sega, great looking games, but you’re still making some stupid decisions.

    1. ||Even I’m interested in this since the originals were my first non Nintendo weaponry I tested and enjoyed using…||

      1. I loved them. My friend had a Sega and my family had Nintendo. So we got to play the best of both worlds. Nintendo was always my favorite, but Sega still provided some good entertainment. And a few years later another friend got Playstation. Great times as a gamer. We had a bunch of great multiplayer games to pick from on the three consoles.

        1. ||Indeed, until the Xbots were created and ruined gaming for every real gamer and thus the majority of the Sonyans got corrupted because they had to challenge the filth…||

          1. The Xbox and the Xbox 360 are both amazing consoles. Not only did they provide us with great games, but they also revolutionized the way we experience games online.
            I can’t say the same for the Xbox One. That piece of hardware, along with its games, has been an absolute nightmare.

            1. ||The only thing this disease revolutionised is to take away everything that made real gamers care about the essence of gaming…||

                1. ||If that illusion makes you blissful ignorant then so be it…||

                    1. ||I didn’t ask for your irrelevant opinion slave…||

              1. Exactly! That’s what I’ve been trying to say for a long time! Xbox is just full of simulations and generic shooters, nothing original, nothing fun… Nintendo takes creative strides to make games feel fresh and to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Sometimes they stumble (Star Fox Zero’s controls, for instance), but they never let that shake them. Breath of the Wild is a fantastic example of the creativity and sense of freshness Nintendo brings to the table in its games!

                1. ||Indeed, since we were forced to cater to the useless civilians, we hit some obstacles down the path of the Wii U, but in the end, one great Nintendo weapon is better than the entire nonsense the Xbots have…||

              2. Agreed.
                I can’t say i care about the XBOX brand at all, i never bought one and never will.
                I don’t see a point, i have a PC… it runs windows and thus RUNS direct X games.. so WHY do i need a damn XB?
                While i realize that FPS war games started before the XB, i feel like XB is to blame for those damn games taking off more.
                Sony then felt the need to challenge the XB, and thus both consoles now have a ton of crap that i just don’t feel are games.
                I remember the awesome games i got on PS1 and PS2… and then PS3 came along… and i was like “what the FUCK happen to all the actual VIDEO GAMES?” cause at that point we started getting ultra realistic shooting games and junk, and we no longer get as MANY colorful and fun gaming experiences.
                Now Nintendo seems to be the only place to get anything fun and stylized most of the time.
                I miss actual video games like i played back on old Nintendo and SEGA consoles.. even the PS1 and 2 still had some fun colorful experiences.. but when the 7th gen hit… i feel like things went down hill cause game companies started pandering to an influx of meathead motha fuckas who don’t give a shit about anything that does not look real and or includes the ability to blow someone’s head off..

                1. ||Gaming became corrupt the moment the Sonyans introduced the cheap gimmick that had nothing to do with gaming, DVD movie watching…||

                  ||Then the Microsoft Realm saw the opportunity and created the Xbots which in turn brought with them this entire multimedia nonsense that exists today in the gaming world…||

                  ||Thus perfecting the corruption cycle and why I also am against the Sonyans since they began this garbage to begin with…||

                  ||I need more fine warriors like you and PeteZaroll…||

                  1. To be fare… you may as well call me a Nintendork, AND a Sonyan.. i like both.
                    I’m just not a fan of Xbox..

                2. I wish I could say the same. But since Nintendo made the dumb decision to let Microsoft buy Rare, I’ll sadly have to get an Xbone at some point just for Rare Replay. I need my Perfect Dark, Blast Corps, Banjo & Kazooie, & Conker’s Bad Fur Day (the N64 version, not that heavily censored XB360 bullshit) fix. Speaking of, I should see how cheap the Xbone is now. lol Damn. Still too pricey.

                    1. From what I read, they used the N64 original for Rare Replay, not Xbox 360’s censored version.

                    2. Yeah, but didn’t they change some of the audio?
                      Either way, it ruined the game to begin with by censoring it.

                    3. I checked & they didn’t censor the N64 original. In fact, a few people were upset Rare Replay didn’t have the Xbox remake with better graphics & preferred that over the uncensored N64 original that is on the game.

                    4. Graphics whores is all I can say. That & people that don’t see how bad censoring in video games really are in America right now.

          2. I liked the original Halo. But other than that, wasn’t much for me on Xbox. Funny you should say Sonyans became corrupted. My Playstation friend became an Xbox fan and my Sega friend nowadays is a Playstation fan. Lost touch with the Xbox fan though. Still see the other one from time to time. I’m sure your response is good riddens to the Xbox fan though hahaha.

        2. Similar to my childhood. My family always had a Nintendo console and I had a friend who lived down the road with a Sega Genesis. :D Eventually got our own Sega Genesis, though. I remember playing that old Power Rangers game on there that focused some of the game’s story on the Evil Green Ranger Saga. :D Good times. Too bad most Power Ranger games have sucked since then.

            1. Sad thing is, the only games I really ever played on Sega consoles was Sonic and the Power Rangers game I mentioned. lol

                1. There were a few other games my friend had, like Altered Beast, but we mostly stuck with Sonic as I loved the co-op for that as Tails.

            2. As for Super Nintendo, it was only ever Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Super Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter. There are some other games on SNES I played but I sadly can’t remember their names nor can I barely remember anything discernible about them. I’m sure I’d recognize them if I ever saw them again, though. For Nintendo, I mostly stuck to Mario. It really wasn’t til the N64 that I truly became a hardcore gamer as I found Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, OgreBattle 64, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Bomberman 64: The Second Attack, and some others. For handhelds til Game Boy Advance, it was only ever Pokemon Yellow and Gold/Crystal. Buuut I guess I could consider that a great childhood as a gamer. xD

      1. WHAT WERE YOU TOLD?!!!
        I told you, you little FUCK!
        Stop telling people to shut up!
        It’s not funny sonicgalaxy27!
        If i knew where you lived, i would do what you parents obviously failed to do, and WHUP YOUR FUCKING ASS!!!
        And no, i will NOT leave you alone sonicgalaxy27, because each and EVERY fucking time i find you telling people to shut up, i’m going to fucking let you know what the FUCK is up!

  2. I want to see them port this to a Nintendo CONSOLE(not a handheld.. though they can do that to), i don’t care if it’s Wii U or NX, cause odds are that if the price is just right, i will get an NX.

  3. If SEGA refuses, it’s proof that they don’t want us to have anything good.

    That’s what I want to say, but the fact they announced Sonic 2017 for the NX makes me feel conflicted.

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