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Nintendo Defends Art Style Of Metroid Prime: Federation Force

One game that has come under a lot of criticism from fans is Metroid Prime: Federation Force which is in development for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is completely different from other Metroid Prime games that have come before it including visually with its cartoonish graphics and chunky character models. Producer Kensuke Tanabe says that the visuals and art style were decided to make it easier to depict groups of shootable enemies in a handheld game. Here’s what he had to say.

“After completing the development of Luigi’s Mansion 2, we started working on this project with development company Next Level Games. At that time we had many discussions about how to make a multiplayer gameplay experience great on a handheld system: things like map loading time, the number of enemies we could display at a time, etcetera. There were many technical hurdles to face. But, most of all, the biggest issue was that objects you need to shoot will be so tiny on the small screen of the handheld system. That is why we decided to change things up and use this more rounded art style for the characters.”

“If you make the characters more rounded, enemies also become more compact, and you can display larger groups of them. Also, we compressed the surrounding terrain vertically, based on the characters’ proportions. So the amount of information we could display on screen really increased. This resulted in a different aesthetic but we wanted to prioritise providing the very best gameplay experience. After that, we tested out a version of this art style and we confirmed that it definitely offers the best handheld experience in the Metroid Prime world. That’s when we gave the go ahead to proceed in this direction.”



  1. ||%(&/(^”#Ö!#Ö^#¤1!11…Kid..Icarus.”%2 Uprising….!”½!x132 .¨* !”#!”#¤#||

  2. Then why did Metroid Prime: Hunters look fine on the original DS without the chibi style? I’ll admit that the graphics look better in person, but there really isn’t any reason to give the characters massive heads.

    1. ||It’s an invalid excuse when Kid Icarus Uprising can do everything right plus having a multitude of enemies at once while being pretty much aimful…||

  3. Honestly: I actually like the art style. I also played Blast Ball for a bit and it’s a lot of fun. Will definitely buy this game. Won’t just let this pass, solely based on “mimimi, but it’s not like the other Metroid games!”.

        1. ||It’s called the Metroid standard, not our standard and this garbage destroys everything it stands for…||

            1. ||Silence civilian slave, they disgrace us and Metroid with that garbage…||

              ||It’s guardians like me that made Metroid to what is and the reason to why it survived…||

              ||You and the rest of your mongrel race of civilian nonsense are the reason to the fall of everything that is sacred…||

              ||It wouldn’t surprise me if the likes of you also likes that new so called Ghostbusters movie which is the exact same type of disgrace to that realm’s fans…||

              ||So move along little one and stay out of real Metroid guardians’ path…||

      1. Yeah. He’s part of the problem. He likes something you don’t, therefore he must die.

  4. So just make a Wii U version with Metroid Prime graphics at discounted price and people won’t have what to complain about this game anymore…. while you’re at it, make IS port Fire Emblem Fates in HD glory to Wii U too.
    Thanks for listening.

  5. This game looks like a lot of fun. going to try it today. I’m ok with this game not being metroid prime. get over it people. Can’t you just enjoy something fun for what it is?

    1. No, Metroid is prestigious and should be respected, you’re part of the problem and don’t deserve to call yourself a Metroid fan if you buy this heaving piece of shit.

      1. Shut up, Metroid belongs to Nintendo, not you! They can do whatever they want with it, and this game you hate is rumored to be leading to Metroid Prime 4. Yeah, I said Metroid Prime 4! So shut up! The NX will bring us the next Metroid Prime game, as it’s doing with the current Zelda that’s coming to it and Wii U!

  6. I’m gonna buy this for one reason, I don’t want to hear anymore BS excuses from Nintendo about not making a real Metroid due to this selling bad! They better make a true Metroid featuring Samus or I will come down on Nintendo like the hammer of Thor! THE THUNDER OF MY VENGEANCE WILL ECHO THROUGH THEIR CORRIDORS LIKE THE GUST OF A THOUSAND WINDS!


      1. Okay first thing my comment was a joke reference to Always Sunny, secondly take that stick out of your ass and learn to laugh once in a while lmfao:D You fanboys are a bunch of laughless boring bunch, you don’t even know how to tell a diference between a reference joke and actual ranting! FYI I knew ahead of time Nintendo were going to make a new Metroid game for the NX, and I was going to buy this regardless!

  7. Okay, so I have a fairly unpopular opinion here, but I actually love the graphics of this game. They look very smooth, and very clean. When the characters walk into enourmous areas, the draw distance is great, the textures are all quality, and the framerate is solid. There is even enough geometry there to make these cartooney structures feel a little more grounded and real.
    Maybe this is because I’ve been playing nothing but Gameboy Color games lately, but I was fairly impressed by this games overall graphics. I don’t really care for the chibi stuff and fat exosuits, but I don’t hate them.
    Not trying to defend the game or anything. Co-op looked kind of fun, but I haven’t seen enough to warrant a purchase from myself. I think this whole debacle could have been avoided if they simply made this game a new IP with a new title or something like that.
    Overall, I can understand some of the hate for this game, but a lot of it is misplaced. As someone not too invested in the Metroid series, I think this game will be a decent game despite what metroid super-fans are saying.

    1. ||The worst thing is that this could have been avoided, at least when it comes to the art style if they made it solely for the New 3DS which for some illogical reason almost all of High Command keeps forgetting its existence…||

  8. The art isn’t bothering me as much as the gameplay that I’ve seen so far. Hopefully they’re planning a more traditional Metroid for the NX.

  9. I’m not buying it. They should not have named it after the Metroid series as it has nothing in common with that type of game. Nintendo and Next Level started on a new multiplayer FPS and decided to slap the Metroid name on it to give sales a boost with name recognition. It’s not a very honest way of doing business and when you reject the fans long enough and then come out with this crap its like being spat in the face.

      1. ||At least SFA had one of the best graphics of the 6th generation, was actually fun as a game on its own right, great soundtrack and nice bosses unlike Fed/\÷/$tion For+2\£€e that has absolutely nothing good even as a stand alone game at all…||

        1. I agree. But at the same time, it would have been nice to have gotten another IP from Nintendo with a heroine to rival Metroid’s Samus.

  10. Metroid fans — I’m a die-hard one — don’t deserve this.

    We’ve seen this before: this game is gonna bomb big time, and the franchise will be mercilessly frozen for another decade.

    Typical Nintendo.

  11. This is just like Wind Waker, where everyone was like “man, this is stupid”, and then it came out and the graphics made the game awful and everyone was right and Nintendo was buried in a sea of “I told you so”s. Just goes to prove that you should never EVER give something new a chance.

  12. Inb4 people compare this to Smash 3DS’s situation.

    In other news, I have to babysit a fucking kitten for my birthday. Just great.

    1. “babysit a fucking kitten”

      And now you’ve given me a good reason to invade your house tonight other than that cake.

      Also, happy birthday sweetie. ;)

  13. Hey, Quadraxis got some news for you. At the shop i work at Nintendo gave where i worked a small demo/test card of federation force and i can reveal some info for you and everyone else.

    First of i will honestly say that veterens of the actual Game Metroid (Yourself and me?) Will definatly not enjoy it.

    the controls take some getting used to but then again every new game takes some getting used to but this is one game i regret using my lunch break to try out

    the shooting/combat is similar to the actual game but it doesn’t feel the same without samus as the main controllable avatar

    all in all I would personally avoid this game, But if you want to try it go for it but don’t say me and Quadraxis didnt warn you of it even tainting your console.

    Wait for dragon quest 7&8 on the 3ds and hopefully a new mainstream Metroid game on the nx

    1. ||I already avoided it the moment it was unveiled…

      ||At least you have some common sense by avoiding this virus…||

      ||Tanabe must be put on trial for this atrocity…||

      1. Well In honesty i didnt like the look of the game as it doesn’t feel or even look as good what a metroid game should be. Plus i always had common sense just i get pissed off very easy. But concerning the game it’s not worth the time Even monster hunter, Pokemon are much better games than this sorry excuse to empty your wallet

    2. …Are you really saying that the shooting is only bad because it’s not Samus who’s doing it? I gotta say, that is extremely petty,

      Your whole speech here reeks of pettiness.

      1. Well It looks like we have a traitor in our ranks looks like Quadarixs needs to eradicate your existance

  14. I don’t mind the weird art style. Hell, they could go full Chibi manga style and I wouldn’t mind it. I mind that they made a Metroid game without Samus. That’s like a Zelda game where you run around saving Hyrule as some random Kakariko Villager. The hero shouldn’t be an after thought in their own franchise.

    1. It is called Metroid, not the adventures of Samus Aran.
      Your argument holds as much weight as someone celebrating that Star Wars 1313 got canceled because you don’t play as Luke Skywalker. As far as I’m aware, everyone was pissed at Disney for canceling it.

      I’m interested that the game explores more aspects of the Metroid universe than just the perspective of one character, it’d be nice to see what the Galactic Federation actually does when they’re not getting wrecked by Ing, Space Pirates and corruption.

      My problem is when I want something cheesy I don’t play Metroid, when I want Metroid I’m not looking for bobbleheads. The only way the 2 could exist is if it were a parody like Lego Star Wars.

      1. Did you rip off my Pokemon anime reason for why Ash can be ditched at some point? lol You missed the underlying point in that if you did. Pokemon itself was about Pokemon and Ash was just an afterthought for the anime. Samus Aran, on the other hand, was not an afterthought for Metroid. She IS Metroid. Ash is NOT Pokemon. Major difference. But that’s not my issue with FedshitForce, so you two have fun bickering over whether Samus is in the game or not. I got bigger fish to fry with this abomination.

          1. I think you missed my point there. Please reread my comment again instead of being so quick to hop on the Nintendo defense bandwagon. Oh & by the way, not to be a smartass (no, I’m totally wanting to be a smartass here), Samus had Metroid DNA injected into her own DNA in Metroid Fusion, changing her genetic makeup. Soooooo…. She pretty much IS Metroid now.

            But like I said before, continue fighting about the absence of Samus in this game. It’s honestly not even an issue for me as I would have been perfectly fine with the absence of Samus since I originally thought Metroid Prime Hunters wasn’t going to have Samus in the game (though I later found out she WAS in the game) and I didn’t have an issue with that. So again, I got bigger fish to fry with this abomination than the absence of Samus.

  15. Short Version: It’s what we had to make. We’d have made it for Wii U, but that system wasn’t selling as well.

  16. Because opinions don’t exist apparently.

    Who cares if they like the game? It’s their decision to buy it and thus they should not be condemned for it. Now shut up.

  17. Well this one isn’t very hard to decipher is it?
    They want to render three screens at once at a high framerate. At the same time they wanna quadruple the high detail protagonist model count (counting the cockpit) shown onscreen thanks to the coop design, while showing hordes of enemies as well.
    The 3DS never was powerful enough to do anything of the sort. Of course they gotta resort to ways of making extremely low poly models look decent.

  18. *Facepalms* Just stop guys. You lost on this game. People have legit reasons to dislike it, so quit defending it like you know what you’re talking about. If the DS game can look better than this, you f*cked up

  19. So many suckers defending this abomination on here. Enjoy your Call of Duty clone trying to pass itself off as a Metroid game when you buy it, guys. Pfft. Nothing but a bunch of casual Metroid players here defending shit. Probably defended that Paper Mario: Sticker Shit bullshit, too, and are probably defending Color Trash as I type this.

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