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Miitomo Is Getting A Big Update

User usage may have dropped but Miitomo was an extremely popular app upon release. Nintendo is looking to lure players back with a big new update that adds a new mini-game. The new mini game allows players to exchange pieces of candy for a chance to win something nice and useful.

The new Candy Drop game will make its debut at a later date, according to an update preview notification within the app. It will allow players to spend the candy pieces they’ve amassed by playing other mini-games in the hopes of winning game tickets, which can then be spent to play the Miitomo Drop game.

The update will also allow users to turn off the Miifoto of the Day and players will soon be able to choose who comes through their doors rather than seeing the odd stranger. You’ll also notice that the user interface has been simplified and the chat options have been expanded.


19 thoughts on “Miitomo Is Getting A Big Update”

  1. Totally agree with Nintendo Military Strategist Sylux, this really isn’t going to win anyone new over or bring anyone back.

    If they want users they need to get on to Niantic/Pokemon Co and ask about linking some minor Pokemon Go rewards (Poke balls or something) to Platinum Points. This and the Animal Crossing app could really boost their mobile presence.

  2. Sounds good. I hope we can count on future improvements to the game, making it more enjoyable. I still play every now and then, but not too often

  3. Unfortunately my interest in Miitomo died pretty quickly and I never discovered the real value of it or the new Club Nintendo replacement. Pokemon GO is a huge hit with me though.

  4. It was only popular cos it was the first Nintendo app. That’s all it had going for it. It’s not a particularly imaginative game. Most of my friends stopped playing shortly after trying it. There’s not much to keep you playing.

  5. HA! I just deleted it today because I got a notification for the Splatoon shirt. I forgot how useless it was, which reminds me to delete the My Nintendo link on my phone which is also useless.

    1. Should be more regulations for notifications (“recent”), like ignoring answers of popular people. I have one popular friend, and I hate seeing his answers pop up all the time, because 100+ people are commenting…

  6. They could’ve done so much more with this app. Hopefully they used this one as a test or starting point, so they can apply what they learned from this one to the next apps.

    1. Well, while I do agree, they have the ability to keep expanding, like they are doing. But yeah, I do hope for more enjoyable apps in the future

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