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A Pikachu Statue Has Mysteriously Appeared In New Orleans

The Lower Garden District Park in New Orleans, Louisiana mysteriously had a wild statue appear recently. The site of an old fountain in the park has been changed to pay tribute to Pokemon GO’s popularity. According to local news outlets, a Pikachu statue, constructed from fiberglass but made to look like bronze, was placed in the fountain in a small park near the intersection of Terpsichore and Prytania streets sometime Sunday morning. No one knows who placed the statue, but it’s there. We’ve included a picture of the statue below, so feel free to check it out.



26 thoughts on “A Pikachu Statue Has Mysteriously Appeared In New Orleans”

    1. The pose looks similar to one of the victory poses that it makes in Pokken Tournament (and it looks angry in that pose, too), so I think they were trying to emulate that.

      Why they chose that instead of something else is the million dollar question.

    1. If it stays and word of it reaches Niantic, it will likely be patched in.

      Around where I live, there’s a street decorated with benches designed and built by students from the nearby high school, ranging from Willy Wonka to Mouse Trap to Wizard of Oz. One of the benches is a Pokemon bench; conveniently enough, it’s a Pokestop. This new statue could easily follow suit.

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