Ubisoft Has A Number Of Games For Nintendo NX Beyond Just Dance

Ubisoft’s head of EMEA, Alain Corre, has confirmed to Games Industry that the developer and publisher has a number of surprises in the works for the Nintendo NX. We already know that they’re working on Just Dance but from the sounds of it they have a number of titles in development for the platform.

“Another new technology that Ubisoft is excited to support is the Nintendo NX. Of course, Nintendo has yet to say anything at all about its new hardware while the rumor mill continues to present plenty of plausible possibilities, but Corre assures me that Ubisoft is gearing up for a slate of titles beyond Just Dance.”

“We announced that we’re developing Just Dance for NX and we have other surprises that we will announce later, but we also believe Nintendo has the power to reinvent the way families are playing,” Corre tells me. “Nintendo is a fantastic powerhouse of brands that are really cherished by a lot of fans and families… I am still impressed by the reoccurrence of success and appetite even today for the Nintendo franchises on the current system.”


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  1. I know I’m the only one thinking this, but I believe them. Grudgingly.

    Out of all (non-indie) companies, Ubisoft was the most consistent. (Even if they dropped off later after Watch Dogs. Which is still a horrible game, by the way.)

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      1. ||I only consider the Warners worthy enough and to some extent the Activisionists, The Ubisians however I do not…||


      2. ||Besides ZombiU and both AC released, everything else was either a mockery or civilian nonsense…||


      3. You forgot how they promised to use the Gamepad for awesome things for Watch Dogs on Wii U & ultimately only used it for the bloody map. :/


      4. Like Nintendo did for Mario Kart? (with all due respect my friend) and I am totally fine if we have to be on opposite sides of the “Ubisoft fence.” I won’t comment on any other Ubi post you have. Ubi fucked some things up, and you have a right to dislike them. :)


      5. Yes. Like Nintendo did with Mario Kart.

        Oh & I understand why Ubisoft did what they did so I’m not putting all of the blame on them as Nintendo does share in it. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. lol


      6. Also, they still support the wii U. None of the 3 stopped supporting the wii u. It’s just not the type of games people accept or don’t have the taste for.

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    1. What more can you ask from a 3rd party? At least they didn’t abandon the WiiU like Nintendo did. I think if a 3rd party helps launch Nintendo do hardware, Nintendo and it’s fans should be grateful, not pissy just because a 3rd party wouldn’t back hardware the parent company wouldn’t even support.


      1. Dude, third parties bitch when they launch their games alongside Nintendo made games because theirs don’t sell as much when going up against Nintendo titles and what are you talking about? Nintendo has released almost 40 1st party titles for the Wii u, very comparable to their other systems, none of which had more than 60 1st party titles made for the system, while Ubisoft had less then 10. Most of which were casual, low budget titles, and shoddy parts missing features.


      2. That’s not really saying much since only a small handful of those 1st party Nintendo titles were actually good or even worth getting.

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  2. … okay let’s believe that the NX is a portable console… that the main point is well beeing portable right?

    when Ubisoft at leas confirms that they are gonna put let’s dance for the NX…. I thougth … EH?

    how can a dancing game work as a portable game?

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  3. Key thing ti note here. Just dance. Which is currently supported by Kinect, Ps move, and Wii remotes. So I guess this confirms some sort of motion controls for NX. Interesting.


  4. ||These are most likely spin-offs to Just Dance or other civilian nonsense, and remastered/extended versions of current generation weaponry which doesn’t say much…||


  5. Will people support thirds on the nx if its there though? Nost people that have a ps4 and xbox one wont buy multiplats on the nx. They just want to bitch about nintendo. All talk and no action keyboard warriors. They say children are on nintendo platforms yet they are the ones that act like children.

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  6. Well there you go Ubisoft but I must admit they did strongly support the Wii U in the beginning so it isn’t technically a surprise. I really hope this is a long term commitment for support of NX and not just PR talk. I’m also hoping that rumor about Beyond Good And Evil 2 being an NX exclusive comes to fruition, along with a new Prince Of Persia, Watch Dogs 2 (hopefully it’s a vast improvement over the underwhelming prequel), Far Cry Primal and so on but this news really has my mind going along with the rumors of the NX being an handheld/console hybrid device. Since when has Ubisoft given any handheld device constant support? I know I’ve said this countless times but I’m really thinking that the NX will be a brand of devices. Ubisoft pledging more support for the NX beyond Just Dance is really leading me to think this but I could be wrong but I really hope I’m not

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    1. ||We should prioritise our own production first while staying on guard for any Ubisian betrayal…||


    1. I agree with that. Ubisoft is being cryptic with their words as to not excite the wrath of Nintendo’s ninja assasins. They call Nintendo a “fantastic powerhouse” which they are.
      Ubi knows Nintendo will do well with NX.


  7. Too little, too late. I don’t trust them to NOT ditch the NX when the going gets tough. So I’ll stick with getting any Ubisoft titles I want to play on PlayStation.

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      1. ||My system is modified into the more South American spanish speaking pattern…||

        ||How would you construct it yourself?…||


      2. ||Both should be correct, you used the adjective version while I used some past/future adjective one…||

        ||Sometimes I mix with older words…||


    1. Yes, families. Me and my wife. My brother in law and his family. My 2 brothers and their family. My cousins and their families. That’s the type of people nintendo likes to sell to. Microsoft and Sony like to sell to them too.


  8. The whole “Nintendo needs third party” thing I agree with entirely, or I did, if they are making a console and having a separate handheld. But they aren’t, don’t get me wrong third party helps massively and I desperately want the thing to be supported by third parties, I don’t want to buy a ps4 for a few franchises that aren’t difficult to be ported. But think about the 3DS, if the NX can fill that handheld market and get the developers that hit the 3DS for it’s userbase then the NX will have a massive amount of third party games, a lot of which will probably be exclusive to NX. Not that the 3DS will be dead but the NX being 1 platform changes the whole game in terms of what is going to come to the system. One thing I can imagine happening is more mobile focused smaller games being priced between 20-50 (though with the ability of still playing on TV obviously, though not anymore grand than the portable screen) while things like zelda/sonic 2017 are 60 and look like something more suited to TV to get the most out of tyhe experience. It will be a weird scale of seeing how far nintendo and other developer’s ambitions go when deciding to make a game, even if they want it to be a portable experience the line will get blurred because they will just have pretty alright specs to work with in general no matter the intention.


  9. well if the controllers are detachable then you can have motion like wii and use the screen or stream to the TV and have the portable screen off or whatever. Who knows what “it” is. All I know is this… Nintendo has been so silent lately which one can only come to the conclusion that all the company’s focus is solely on ”NX”.
    When it does release, I’m expecting a lot!


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