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Mind Where You Go, Pokémon GO: Players Dicing With Death At Landfill Sites

Players taking part in the last craze to hit Britain are dicing with death as they venture into risky areas in their pursuit of Pokemon.

Days after the game Pokemon Go was officially released in the UK, the country’s fastest-growing waste and recycling company has already spotted hapless Pokemon trainers wandering into dangerous territory, unaware of the potentially deadly (and real world) risks they are facing.

Yorkshire-based says they’ve already been forced to warn players – both adult and children – away from recycling centres and landfill sites, where they have been completely oblivious to their own safety.

“Pokemon Go is a huge step in mobile gaming which combines an imaginary world with the real one,” says spokesperson Mark Hall, “But players seem to think they are immortal in both, and that’s where the trouble starts.”

“In many respects, the game is extraordinary and appeals to both adults and kids, with whole families getting outdoors to hunt for their imaginary quarry, and that’s a very good thing. But it is not without its risks,” Hall continues.

The problem is that the game is an imaginary world overlaid on the real one, with little regard as to what are appropriate and inappropriate locations – as illustrated by the Holocaust Museum asking players to show a little respect last week.

Respect is one thing, but danger is another: According to staff working for, the incidents are already stacking up.

  • An adult was asked to leave a waste and recycling site after being seen playing the game oblivious to the plant machinery around him
  • A family group seen hunting Pokemon at an active landfill site. They were given appropriate advice and escorted to safety.
  • A teenager climbing on industrial bins containing metallic waste behind a factory because (and we quote) “There’s a Jigglypuff here, give me two minutes”
  • Two youths who stepped out in front of a bin lorry on their way to a nearby Pokestop at a local war memorial, who were within inches of being road traffic accident victims

“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” says Business Waste, “Our clients all over the country are reporting similar problems.” says its clients are noting numerous acts of trespass on their property, for no other reason than to (ahem) catch ’em all. While some are merely people sneaking round the car park or grounds, other cases are more serious.

“We’ve been told of trespassers in production areas, but what concerns us most is reports of people round bins which contain hazardous waste,” says Hall. employs specialist handlers for risky industrial waste, and to see people playing games in supposedly restricted and secure areas is shocking indeed. And that’s where players of this otherwise harmless game need to be warned.

“What is it with imaginary electronic creatures and rubbish bins?” Hall asks.

According to’s Mark Hall, people loitering at refuse and recycling sites – always the perennial problem for waste operators concerned out the health and safety of staff and visitors – have been on the increase as the game rapidly achieves cult status.

“We’ve nothing against Pokemon Go, and we know that players are warned to be aware of their surroundings in a message on the home screen, but it’s a warning that’s being ignored,” says Hall.

“Real life isn’t like a game, you don’t get to go back to the beginning if you’re killed,” says Hall. “Steer clear of rubbish tips and recycling plants, it’s not worth it.”

Source: PR


    1. There are several things wrong with that statement. First off, it is “do, and it should have been “who” instead of “that.” Second, it is “have” and not “has.” Third, it is “while” and not “when.” The end result: “People who do dangerous things while playing Pokemon Go have no business playing it.”

      1. “There are several things wrong with that statement. *goes on to list the spelling and grammar problems*” xD

      2. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way I wrote that comment (and I pity the 3 people who liked your comment). What are you, some idiotic English teacher? You’re the first person to EVER correct anything I’ve wrote/typed. I’m usually the one correcting others. After all, the internet is home to bad grammar.

        1. I pity you… a 38 year old, scraggly-beard man who lives in his mothers basement. There ARE in fact things wrong with your statement, and I am amazed that despite the mistakes being blatant, you don’t see them. But when I think again, the internet is full of people like you. And I guess I’m not that amazed, since that sentence came from a bum who buys every single little video game collectible, and all for what? That stuff is useless when you die. Also, those who correct shall be corrected. You aren’t always right…

          1. I KNEW IT! I was wondering why you’d single ME out and troll me, even though MANY more people have worse grammar than I probably ever have. And what you just said answered it. JEALOUSY! Anyone who insults someone for collecting games is just a jealous ass***e. Plain and simple. There’s nothing I recognize more than jealousy, since I’ve dealt with that crap for countless years. Even from my own siblings. And do you realize how old that “mothers basement” crap gets? I’ve heard it all.

            Since I know you’re just another internet troll (and trolls feed off of replies and arguments), this will be the last time I acknowledge you with any reply. Unless I forget your username. Congrats for being the first troll to bug me on this site in years.

            1. I honestly am not a troll, and I didn’t know you would get upset and/or annoyed. I know that I don’t like to be corrected, so i didnt know why YOU would like it. I apologize for that, and to clear things up, i will say that i am most definitely NOT jealous. Im not gonna lie, i love video games, but not enough to want to collect or even care about new collectible, guides, etc. But if you love collecting, then whos gonna stop you. Also, i didnt really single you out, you were the first comment i came across on this post.

        2. To be fair, your sentence was grammatically incorrect. If you strip away all the petty name calling it still boils down to he is right and you are wrong.

    1. If only these retards had some common sense to mind their surroundings so there doesn’t have to be a warning in the game in the first place.

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  3. Dangerous and not smart. I’m glad I don’t play POkemon GO, already an English autistic teenager plays that game to go out more often, I already thought that people playing that game have autistic tendences. Of course, it’s not the game’s fault, it’s people’s irresponsibility and fault.

      1. Wait were you trying to insult me, or did I unnecessary bash you? It’s hard to tell really.

            1. Kind of like the retards playing Pokemon GO & doing stupid shit. Whatever kills them off faster, though. lol

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    1. FYI: I don’t regret using the word retard to describe these morons as it’s not a word mutually exclusive to mentally challenged people, anymore. In fact, it’s not even related to most of them at this point since I’m pretty sure most mentally challenged people have more fucking sense than these retards.

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  5. ” There’s a Jigglypuff here! Give me 2 minutes!”


    That’s gotta be fake. That’s too ridiculous to be real.

    1. No. I’m pretty sure it’s real. Some people do really stupid shit. Like the morons that jump into tiger enclosures for whatever brain dead reason like trying to retrieve a bloody hat.

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