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TOMY Looking Forward To Exciting Christmas Due To Pokémon Z-Ring For Pokémon Sun & Moon

One of the many thing we found out yesterday with regards to Pokemon Sun & Moon is that players will be able to purchase the Pokémon Z-Ring designed by TOMY. The toy is a replica of the ring worn by the Pokemon trainer that you play as in the game and allows you to synch it with the game play to allow sounds, lights and vibrations and is employed when you use the new Z-Move attack.

The Z-Ring will come with a collection of different coloured Z-Crystlas, representing an element type. Kids can insert different types of Z-Crystals into the Z-Ring for a range of different sounds and colours.

The Z-Ring set comes with three Z-Crystals and a Pikachu figure. The new product is aimed at kids aged four and upwards.

“There’s no question that 2016 has been an incredible 20th celebration year for Pokémon and there’s no sign of it slowing down with the upcoming release of the Pokémon Z-Ring,” said Morgan Weyl, director, boys’ toys for Tomy.

“The mythical characters and retailer exclusives we have been releasing throughout the year have been in high demand and now with the introduction of our first video-game synchronized toy, we are looking forward to a very exciting holiday season.”



  1. I’ve got no problem with licensing, but they definitely shouldn’t have announced this toy as soon as the announced the in-game feature. Makes it feel as if it was made specifically for merchandising.

    Also, why aren’t that many complaining how Z-Moves and Alolan forms basically make Mega obsolete?

    1. Well I don’t believe mega evolves were revolutionary themselves, kinda ruined it by allowing it any battle without requirements, was cool, don’t get me wrong, just wasn’t “exclusive” enough for me….

    2. Yeah um, I can kind of understand why Z-Moves would make megas obsolete, but I really don’t understand how Alolan formes do. Those are literally variations that would most likely be only found in the Alola region, and it’s not like it makes them super powerful for no apparent reason. They still have their weaknesses and I highly doubt they’d be as strong as megas. Plus not every Pokemon can mega evolve. That’s the main thing. It’d be different if they could, but they can’t. However, every Pokemon has a Z-Move correspondent to their type. If you have a Pokemon with a mega stone in your team, then you could have someone else with a z-stone on them and you’re good. You just have to play your cards out right. So help me understand why it makes it obsolete cause I’d like to know.

    3. I can imagine that in the deal with TOMY, there was a period of time prior to release that Nintendo (or Gamefreak or Pokémon Inc., or whoever handles this in this case) had to let them start marketing their product, so that’s probably why they did it so seemingly early.

    4. If they do become obsolete then I hope they explain it in the game somehow…
      Like– Megas don’t work cuz they are in such an isolated land or something like that.

  2. made for kids and specifically stated therein, I don’t mind, yet I do agree that as an adult it does look as a desperate attempt to start making money off ASAP

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