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Rumour: This Concept Art Likely Reveals Final Evolutions Of Pokémon Sun & Moon Starters

We found out a wealth of information regarding Pokémon Sun & Moon yesterday and it really sounds as though the Pokémon Company is shaking up then formula we are all used to. Now a leak has emerged showcasing what the starter Pokemon will look like after evolving a couple of times. You can check out the concept art for each Pokémon, below.



Thanks, MasterPikachu6


    1. “Proven Fake” Months ago. That’s exactly why I have reason to think the leaks have some truth. If you look at the spread sheet for Litten, you will see Mallow- who was just revealed yesterday. The leak also contained the notion of alolan forms, so I’m excited to see if this also holds true. I love Rowlet’s evolution.

        1. The part about the Alolan forms was not stated in the drawing, but rather the rumor that the images come from. It stated that something along the lines of:

          15 new Mega Evolutions will be revealed, but they are different or may have a different mechanic than what we’ve seen

          Now, while it says Mega Evolutions, it does also state “or may have a different mechanic than what we’ve seen”. This could have been to deter us from the fact we are getting these Alolan Pokemon. We’ve gotten more information in regards to other Alolan typings as well, but I won’t state them here.

    1. ||If it’s not Fire/Dark, I shall be very glitched for 10 seconds…||

  1. I hope this IS fake because I don’t want Litten to stand on two feets, All fire starters stand on two, and half of them are fighting type. Not saying it’s a bad design, but I wanted them to be more creative, a wrestler? come on! Also Popplio totally lose the hole circus act… so what was the point in having it in the first place? Rowlet is awesome tho, but 1 out of 3 is not a win in my book.

    1. The rumor stated that, while Litten’s final is on two legs, it isn’t a Fire/Fighting type. They stated it to be a Fire/Dark type, and Popplio’s final to be a Water/Fairy.

      Of course, rumors are rumors, so taking them with a grain of salt (I personally prefer a pinch of salt, myself) is the ideal way to digest them.

      1. Dosen’t matter if it’s Fight or Dark, the point is that this is a wresler, a fighter. It’s not very creative which sadly seems to be the norm for fire starters nowadays. Make something we haven’t seen before…like an assassin Owl, and a circus mermaid, oh and don’t forget the Tundercats.

        Not a bad design, but a lazy-ass one.

  2. I am still choosing Litten. However, I really do not like the final evolution.
    Rowelett’s desigm is pretty cool actually, and will probably choose it when I get to my second version of the game.

  3. While this supposed final evolution of Litten looks like it’ll be a Fire/Fighting type, we have to remember one of the Pokemon they first revealed was a rock type when it looked like a Normal type Pokemon. So fingers crossed it’s a Fire/Dark type. If not, FUCK YOU, GAMEFREAK!! It better be a Fire/Dark type, though, since Litten’s design and color scheme practically screams dark type!

  4. BTW guys guess what, one of the Aloha forms is said to be a Alakazam physic/fighting and another being Arcanine water or something like that it was in the leak I linked yesterday and there is more than that, it’s fucking crazy is all I know

      1. Didn’t know this, thanks. Still I tend to always be kinda doubtful about leaks, at least until official news

  5. I hope these are not real, they all look like shit. Rowlet’s looks like an animal -boring-, litten’s looks like a hybrid between an animal and a -fake- wrestler and poplio’s looks like some weird japanese guy’s fantasy/fetish.
    Hate them all.

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