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Fans Notice an Interesting Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Easter Egg

While pouring over every tiny detail of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s trailer, dedicated fans believe they may have spotted a clue to where the new game takes place in the Zelda timeline. In the E3 trailer’s closing moments, Zelda fanatics will recognise the familiar shot of the legendary Master Sword once again sealed in its pedestal at 2:45. However, according to the latest fan theory, viewers should instead be looking to the foliage in the background for clues about the upcoming game.

Fans have noticed that several flowers line up perfectly with those surrounding the blade in the SNES classic A Link to the Past. Taking this obvious nod into account, the theory claims that the latest entry in the Zelda series must take place on that specific strand of the timeline. What do you think of this complex theory surrounding Breath of the Wild? Tell us in the comments below.


132 thoughts on “Fans Notice an Interesting Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Easter Egg”

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  2. the thing is at E3 when they were playing there was koroks wich are only in Wind Waker. So it could be in that timeline. Then again the trailer show Link passing over, what seem to be, the lake hylia bridge or the Eldin Bridge from Twilight Princess. So It could be from that timeline too. and yeah the flowers can be the same from a link to the past (so could be from that timeline) or just an easter egg. I guess we’ll see and wait until nintendo tell us in wich timeline it’s in.

      1. I don’t remove that fact Komaru. At this point it’s all speculation that fan gives. This is why i said that we’ll have to wait and see. But you can’t outrule the fact that the only other game that the koroks appear is in Wind waker. Personally, I don’t really take in consideration the timeline when I play a Zelda game. but it’s good to have it.

      2. And yet Koroks, as an evolution, only take place in one.
        Until we’ve got an example of Koroks from another timeline, the logical deduction is that they only appear in TWW, which makes sense because that happened as a response to the world flooding.
        Saying ” oh but it could happen whenever” doesn’t mean that it did, or does.
        The evidence leans firmly in favor of this being a part of TWW.
        everything from the old man looking like The King of Red Lions (and using his theme tune at one point) to Hyrule looking ruined from being sealed away under the sea for so long, to many of the same themes and enemies from that age returning, everything just fits in with the WW timeline far more firmly than any other.

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||This could take place hundreds of years later though, the land of Hyrule restored by the oceans for some reason…||

          1. If it takes place hundreds of years later, it wouldn’t have enough time to recover from all that sea water.
            My bet is that this takes place either after Spirit Tracks, in the “new”Hyrule, or the Deku Tree seedlings had far greater success in reforming the land than we guessed.
            That or the Triforce came into play at some point.

        2. “And using his theme tune at one point” Um, what you hear when he lands with his paraglider is a version of the Hyrule Castle motif from A Link to the Past. It was used for KoRL in WW because he was Hylian royalty, it was not his specific ‘theme tune’. As such, it’s more likely that the Old Man is a King of Hyrule, but not the King of Red Lions specifically. Also, the ruination of this Hyrule is explained in the demos/playthroughs and has nothing to do with being underwater, and the same enemies reappear across almost all Zelda games, just with different designs… The only substantial Link to WW is the Korok’s, the rest is just you massively inferring…

          1. The presence of Rock Salt, which comes from an ancient sea, the old man’s looks bearing a striking resemblance to KoRL, only older and more time-worn, the Korocks, the enemies looking so much more similar to WW forms than to forms in other timelines, and many other things are pretty solid evidence in my eyes.
            You can say I’m inferring, but I’m inferring using decent clues.
            At the very least, Koroks alone are a stronger tie to TWW’s timeline than any other single element discovered thus far.

    1. Maybe Breath of the Wild belongs to all three timelines as this game is trying to fix everything the events in Ocarina of Time fucked up, so the reason why we see a bunch of different stuff from three different timelines is the product of the timelines merging back into one. And the reason why Link has amnesia is because he’s the conduit for this fusion as three different Links from 3 different timelines have already been fused so he’s having an identity crisis right now. @.@ Oh my god! I just created an awesome new theory!

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  3. Considering that this version of Hyrule appears to be in disarray, and that Link seems to awaken from some kind of crypt, I believe BotW takes place down the “Hero is Defeated” branch of the timeline, and could be placed between OoT and LttP.

    Of course, I could be wrong, but it’s always fun to speculate.

  4. Wasn’t the purpose of this game was to draw a parallel between Breath of the Wind, and A link to the Past? I’m pretty sure they said that during the E3 presentation. Just look.

    Whether this has something to do about the timeline placement is beyond me but it’s clear that these two games has some sort of correlation between each other.

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            1. Um, duh? ALBW is a direct sequel to ALttP, and features the almost exact same over-world (for the Light World at least)… if anything it’d be strange if those flowers weren’t in the same place…

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                                        1. It’s not just any TV show. It’s a documentary TV show where some guys get locked down in haunted locations & use all manner of scientific tools for their investigations. They come at it from a scientific standpoint, not a religious one, so they don’t take shit at face value & actually try to debunk shit on the spot. Try watching it with an open mind. Science is about keeping an open mind, after all, since half of the shit science talks about is mostly theories anyway. But hey. If you want to be as close minded as, say, a religious zealot, have at it.

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                                            1. I understand your skepticism considering how easy it is to fake shit these days. But I refuse to change my beliefs because I’ve seen the show & know they aren’t faking anything. Try watching it some time with an open mind. Maybe you’ll learn something.

                                              Anyway, if I’m wrong, it won’t matter because we’ll both be dead some day so this won’t matter anyway since we won’t exist anymore. But if I’m right, I’ll be sure to come visit you some day as a ghost, if I die first, just to tell you “I told you so!” lol

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                                                1. Funny you should say that since science itself has become a belief system to many, too, since there is a bunch of stuff science hasn’t proven without a doubt is true yet many people take it as fact, like the big bang theory for instance.

                                                  And Ghost Adventures isn’t fake, though. Like I said, watch the show & you’ll realize they aren’t faking anything. They’ve even had a number of hardcore skeptics on the show that also can’t explain some of the shit they witness. Even before it was a TV show, they were doing this stuff long before Travel Channel even got involved and made their exploits into a documentary television show. Ghost Adventures originally aired in 2008/09 while the guys the show follows started this stuff in 2002/03. So it’s not a TV show trying to hoax people.

                                                  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

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                                                    ||Scientists live after what current facts tells them, if it was a belief system then technology wouldn’t exist at all nor anything you humans take for granted today…||

                                                    ||Show me other sources beyond that show to validate these skeptics origins and work…||

                                                    ||People believe in what they want to see as their truth, science however collects facts based on current knowledge and the better technology, the more knowledge is available…||

                                                    ||How many things have science proved beliefs and myths of any kind wrong? Alot…||

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                                          2. I hate that “God is a guy with a beard” crap. If God is real, I doubt he’s any specific gender. Hell! If you are an all powerful being that is everywhere & nowhere all at once, gender is most likely just some concept made up by it when creating humans. Humans just want to believe their creator is human in appearance because most humans can’t relate otherwise. Just look at movies where no humans are present at all, like The Dark Crystal. Those movies rarely do well because most people need to see some kind of human in them or otherwise they get uncomfortable. It’s also why so many aliens in fiction tend to have a humanoid form, too. Even in mythology, most gods & goddesses also have some kind of human appearance as their true form. The most common time we ever really see non-human looking aliens is when they are the villains of the story. Independence Day being a big nod right there. Even in Men in Black, the villainous alien was a giant cockroach. In MiB2, the villainous alien was a plant like tentacle monster. In Doctor Who, the biggest, baddest villains in that are the Daleks which are just some kind of Krang like creature stuck in a metal body. *breaks off the subject* Speaking of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s Krang, I wonder if he was based off the Daleks. lol And it’s not just relegated to poor evil aliens, either. In Fern Gully, the villain is just some kind of oil creature thing. I could go on but I won’t or else I’ll be on this comment for hours on end recalling every single movie or video game with a non-human villain since there are millions of examples out there at this point in our existence.

                                            Point is, if it doesn’t look like us or have a close appearance to us, we either fear or hate it. Or both. Just a prime example that humanity as a whole can’t handle something being so vastly different to us. Hah. My comment went from a subject about God to that of how humans are assholes to anything that isn’t normal in human appearance. lol God forbid aliens ever do come to our world & they look vastly different to us. Then again, maybe that’s why aliens haven’t visited us fully yet because they see all of our fiction & how we always paint most non-human creatures as villains in our stories.

                                1. They don’t “line up perfectly” at all, the flower on the right was directly behind the Master Sword in ALttP

                                2. It’s part of the 12th timeline, twice removed. You know, the alternate past that takes place in the future, when the Hero of Time fell asleep and entered the Wind Fish’s dream of the time the moon fell out of the Tower of the Goddess and the castle in the magic air bubble under the sea rose up to the island floating in the clouds. But in reverse.

                                3. I dunno if it means anything.. but it would be nice if it was more closely tied to ALTTP and ALBW… would be nice.. i’m just sorta doubting it…
                                  I think they just were doing it as a homage.

                                4. It could just be there to honor Link to the Past as being just a cosmetic thing. Then again, they said Majora’s Mask in Link Between Worlds was just a cosmetic addition to Link’s house but we later found out it was indeed a hint of Majora’s Mask getting a 3D remake on 3DS. So who really knows? Only God & Nintendo really know.

                                    1. Oh yeah. With the religious debate up there, maybe I should have left God out of this. *shrug* Whatever, fuck it!

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