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New Metroid Prime: Federation Force Trailer Details Galactic Chaos

A new story trailer for this month’s Nintendo 3DS title Metroid Prime: Federation Force dropped today, showing off gameplay mechanics, enemy types and more.

The campaign set in the Metroid Prime universe sees players take control of a Galactic Federation Force soldier. The player will be sent to various planets to team up with three other Galactic Marines to take on space pirates and other alien creatures.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force,  and its companion title Metroid Prime Blast Ball, will be available for purchase and digital download in the U.S. on August 19, in Japan on August 25 and finally in Europe on September 2. Blast Ball is currently available in the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Nintendo’s tag for the game references Samus’ previous time in the Bermuda Galaxy. “Samus may have won the battle, but the Federation Forces war on the Space Pirates is fafrom over. Enlist with the Federation Force now to join a fourplayer local or online squad ithis coop scifi shooter. Fight alongside teammates in your specialized Mech to eliminate thSpace Pirate menace and any threat that stands in your way.”

Also, select GameStop retailers are hosting an event on August 12th from 4:00pm – 7:00pm local time, where attendees can try out a demo of Metroid Prime: Federation Force. According to GameStop, “at the demo event you can play with up to 4 players to take on a variety of co-op missions in this first-person, sci-fi shooter set in the Metroid universe”.  The demos will be on the New Nintendo 3DS XL system.


    1. This pile of shit franchise has been dead for years now. Let it rot from where it lays.
      This satisfies me…that you want this so so bad and yet it never came to fruition.

      You pathetic Nintendo fanboy will finally know the meaning of Obinna’s wrath. And your so called savior will be obsolete before its off the shelf.. Your former leader was wise to let the darkness take him and spare himself the embarrassment of yet another friendzone of the casuals…

                1. It’s a movie streaming service. And Stranger Things is a sci-fi series that is a throwback to 80’s horror and sci-fi and it stars an Earth Human by the name of Winona Ryder. It’s excellent, highly recommended!

  1. Does anyone know if Nintendo themselves counts this as a main title or a spinoff?

    And on another note, which studio is doing this?

      1. Impossible- if the rest of the Prime series is called non-canon or a spinoff from the main Metroids (Original/Zero Mission, II RoS, Super, and Fusion), why should this be counted as canon? That would be even MORE of an insult.

        1. The Metroid Prime series as a whole in a self-contained spin-off series of Metroid. Prime rarely references the main series, and vice versa, the main series rarely references Prime.

            1. Technically, all the Primes occur between the original/Zero Mission and II: Return of Samus.

              Metroid 1/ZS > Prime > Hunters > Echoes > Corruption > Return of Samus > Super > Other M > Fusion

            2. I’m saying there would be no way for the main series game to reference the prime games when they were made BEFORE prime was. How would you reference a GCN/Wii game series on the SNES?

        2. That info comes from a Sakamoto interview years ago. It’s a mistranslation. Sakamoto meant to say that Prime is a spin-off series, but it was translated as “non-canon” since the Japanese word for such type of fiction can be interpreted as such.

          1. Very true. Sadly, some people believe that mistranslation. I saw one guy on a Metroid blog awhile back whining & snapping at every single person that dared to say the Prime series was canon. Can’t remember the site or I’d put the link here so you can see how stubborn this guy was.

      2. Thanks, that’s interesting!
        I’m still not sure if I’ll buy this game or not..
        It’s a strange balance too: I want Nintendo to know that Metroid should keep going strong, but I’d rather want “real” Metroid-games than this :/

        1. ||High Command has felt the outrage, there is no need to support viruses…||

            1. ||If we could take control over the so called critics then our job would be complete, they better crush this abomination…||

          1. I believe that they’ve felt the outrage, but I’m never confident that they actually do understand what we want. Nintendo works in mysterious ways, and although it can be a triumphant success it can also be frustration on the fans’ side. Like the Paper Mario.-series for example…
            And I hope for so much more for Metroid than that kind of failure. I dont actually think it will happen, but the thought that it could bothers me.

            1. ||I’ll be satiafied if they give us a Metroid Maker, at least that would be something…||

              1. That is an interesting idea commander!
                I wonder how Metroid would suit itself to the shorter level-design that a Maker-game would (most likely) output, but it is indeed and interesting thought

  2. This will be the worst selling Metroid game in the entire series………mark my words. Critics are gonna slam it on principal alone. This just wasn’t the Metroid game that a majority of the fans were looking forward to…..I’m sorry

    1. But it INCLUDES BLAST BALL! Clearly the defining video game – nay- ART FORM of our generation!!!

      Maybe the sequel will finally give us what we’ve REALLY always wanted… Nintendogs + Zoomers, where you can pet, feed, and avoid consumption by your own little Zebesian horror. And enter it in cute little contests!

  3. Again, this is Nintendo’s attempt to cash in on the Monster Hunter crowd.
    I hope it fails. Vote with your wallet people!

      1. ||Even as a stand alone game this garbage is utterly dull, shooting at a ball to complete missions, worst future ever…||

      2. If people were reacting positively to the game, i am sure your opinion about it would be different.

  4. Only ten days left until we see how badly this game flops. Then Nintendo will probably have the stupid idea of ending Metroid because of their own mistake.

  5. poor Nintendo doesn’t realize , it no use making improving the game because it’s still get blown apart by their butthurt fanboys anyways


    1. fanboy
      1. A person who is completely loyal to a game or company reguardless of if they suck or not.
      2. A pathetic insult often used by fanboys themselves to try and put down people who don’t like whatever it is they like.

      You are the second definition, brah. But hey! Brandon is the first one so continue on! This should be a good watch! Don’t disappoint me! *gets popcorn & soda ready*

      1. too bad that definition is made up bullshit, I’ll do the same

        Metroid fanboy : will get butthurt if a game about metroid that isnt about the main series comes out

        1. Except I took mine from an actual site. You made up yours on the fly because you are just a mad fanboy angry that we’re not giving Nintendo a pass for making an extremely bad decision. Clearly you aren’t a Metroid fan or fanboy & are just a retarded casual that only knows Metroid from that Nintendo Land game on Wii U or from Smash. Or you are just some loser troll with nothing better to do on the internet. Either way, you’re just a fly that needs to be swatted.

            1. If you think FedshitForce is so great, go play that game instead of trolling on here. If you can’t do that, it further proves you are just another troll picking a fight because you aren’t happy with what you DO have.

            2. By the way, that’s a pretty retarded thing to say about definitions since every word was given a definition by somebody in the history of words being created. I guess you prefer to suck someone else’s dick & go by their definition of every word you just typed, huh?

  6. So it’s direct follow up to Prime Hunters. Not too much of a surprise.

    I’ll be curious to hear the reviews on how the single-player mode is. That will determine if I get it or not.

    1. Not even close- Hunters was competitive multiplayer, this is cooperative multiplayer.

      We already know the game’s missions can be tackled alone- they give you three drones to command in place of other players- but it is not scaled down in difficulty to accommodate the lack of manpower (that may be one of the very few things I like about it- no hand-holding).

      Don’t bother with Blast Ball; I tried the demo, and it’s god awful. Want a good FPS soccer hybrid? Play Overwatch’s Lucioball mode while that’s still up.

        1. Even then, you’re off. Hunters took place in the Alimbic Cluster, consisting of Celestial Archives, Alinos, Vesper Defense Outpost, and Arcterra, and the Oubliette.

  7. I mean, Eh. I don’t have the right to judge since I’ve never played and finished a Metroid game, but if what I’m saying is true, Metroid’s gonna have a problem.

      1. Better to have Metroid die then become something it’s not. Like what happened with Mario Party (with the stupid car and now it’s not even a board game anymore as people don’t have to wait their turn to play) & Paper Mario (with the partners & RPG elements removed.)

        1. What happened to Paper Mario is cruelty :( But in my humble opinion, people that want Metroid “to die” are prohibited of whinning about Nintendo forgetting the 30th anniversary. Metroid was never a big IP such as Mario and Pokémon, and before Federation Force, we already had Other M messing around in a way that I believe it’s worse than FF. At least, FF will have a silent protagonist and an actual Metroid story instead of soap opera crap.

          1. I don’t want it to die but I don’t want it to live if it’s just gonna be a zombie shambling about without a soul. So I WILL complain about NintenD’OH! not giving us a proper Metroid game for it’s 30th anniversary.

            1. Nintendo will never give a game for the annoversary of an IP that they don’t consider relevant. In fact, Metroid was never this bigger, sure we had Super Metroid and Metroid Prime that are masterpieces, but with the exception of these two, are there any other relevant Metroid title out there?

          2. kirby is not as big as Mario, Zelda or Pokémon, still Nintendo decides to milk the crap out of it.
            I mean, does kirby games even sells as much as Mario or Pokémon?

            1. Kirby is bigger than Zelda, Kirby games sells more and are of more easy acceptance for new players. Zelda is suffering on the hands of Aonuma, a man that cannot complete a game in the scheduled date and create the most over the top excuses for his design decisions. BotW is the biggest Zelda game in ages!

  8. I’m confident in this game’s success, not as a million seller, of course, but as a somewhat big seller. If this game bomb in the market, it will be hard to tell when Nintendo will work with Metroid again. Metroid was never that popular, relying on a spin-off title to boost the franchise is pretty risky.

    1. I can guarantee you that if this came out AFTER a mainline installment after this 5 year drought, it wouldn’t be so hated by us.

      The problem is not that it’s a spinoff- the problem is that it’s a spinoff after 5 years after the last main game was a terrible, terrible game, extending it to 9 years after the last GOOD Metroid (Prime 3: Corruption).

      1. ||Whether it came now or after a true Metroid, wouldn’t change my verdict on that virus in any way, it would still corrupt my core and Metroid…||

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