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Video: Here’s The Latest Pokémon Sun & Moon Trailer

We’ve had a number of Pokémon Sun & Moon leaks over the past few days and they have turned out to be true. We know that now thanks to the earlier than expected arrival of the latest Pokémon Sun & moon video. The video gives us a look at Team Skull along with a number of new Pokemon including Morelull, a Grass/Fairy Pokémon and Raichu’s Aloha form. Check them out in the video, below.

Thanks, Henrik


  1. I’m hoping that the boss of team skull has a skuntank to reference the original team skull

      1. team skull from pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time/darkness/sky they were an evil exploration team and the leader was a skuntank

  2. Another team with grunts that think they look & are cool when, in reality, they all are just a bunch of uncool losers that look like a bunch of clowns. Only their leaders & captains look cool. But looking cool is all it is. You are all bad guys. Bad guys are losers in denial that think they are winners. Nothing more, nothing less. Least I can look forward to kicking their asses like I’ve done in all previous entries. lol

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