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Pokemon GO Has Broken 5 Guinness World Records

The official Guinness World Records site has reported that Pokemon GO has broken 5 records. They are “Most revenue grossed by a mobile game in its first month”, “Most downloaded mobile game in its first month”, “Most international charts topped simultaneously for a mobile game in its first month (downloads)”, “Most international charts topped simultaneously for a mobile game in its first month (revenue)” and “Fastest time to gross $100 million by a mobile game”. The site says the records were confirmed after “consulting the kings of digital data SuperData”.


Thanks, Kris “Paidenthusiast” Ford


  1. Anything that has Pokemon’s name on it prints money, unless you are Hey You Pikachu! or Pokemon Channel.

    I’m not expecting any of the upcoming Nintendo mobile titles to break the same records.

  2. “Most revenue grossed by a mobile game in its first month”
    “Most international charts topped simultaneously for a mobile game in its first month (revenue)”
    “Fastest time to gross $100 million by a mobile game”

    No offense to Pokemon GO itself but look at all of those paid for micro-transactions! Ugh! Mobile games have casuals by the balls and their wallets by the chain, don’t they? I bet Nintendo Badge Arcade is making a fucking killing off all of those Pokemon badges, too. lol While it’s nice to see a company make money, it’s truly sad when they are making money for all the WRONG reasons.

    1. You can literally play Pokemon Go without paying anyone. If people want to buy extra things that’s their business. No one is obligated to buy anything.

      1. “No one is obligated to buy anything.” I bet drug dealers tell themselves that at night to feel better about selling drugs to an addict, too, so they can sleep like a baby.

        1. I mean that’s what drug dealers do. They don’t care. The consumer isn’t obligated to buy drugs. I mean people are still going to do it that’s why there’s drug dealers.

    2. Unless you live in a city or have someone drive you around, you can’t easily grind for potions and extra balls easily. Those who live in agricultural and rural neighborhoods will have it rough due to little monuments to serve as PokeStops.

      Sad, but that’s why non-city livers have to pay for the microtransactions unless they travel a lot.

      1. Exactly my point. Like a drug dealer making money off a drug addict that can’t help themselves because they need help with their addiction & can’t do it alone, these mobile developers are making bank off of people that have no choice if they want to enjoy the game to the fullest. If they’d get into actual games, they wouldn’t get robbed like this, though. So in the end, both are at fault.

  3. I am at the point where I am sick about hearing about the success of pokemon go. I am an avid player who loved the game when it came out and for weeks afterwards. I gave them $15, not because I needed to, but because I wanted to show my support for a free game that gave me enjoyment. Now, I am a level 24, who feels stuck at a stand still. I get the same bogus monsters in eggs that I find around my town, I have 103 of the 146 but without the tracking, a sense of progression or help from eggs, this game feels so useless. Millions upon millions of dollars are going to this game, what are they doing with the money? It sure does not feel like they are putting the income into this unfinished game. I desperately wanted this game to continue to be a success but as I see them continue to just cash in on an incomplete game, I am starting to feel ripped off. In the meantime players are dropping one at a time because they are at the same stand still that I am finding myself. I suppose I should just wait for Sun and Moon to come out so I can be confident that will be a complete game from the start. The unfinished game method only works if the updates are frequent and meaningful enough to get e to come back. These have not been either, with money being thrown down the drain and it just makes me sad.

    1. I pretty much stopped playing because of the battery drain. I didn’t really had much time to go on the internet and listen to music. Believe it or not, i have a portable battery and I still was always posted up at a McDonald’s or burger king charging my phone and my portable battery!

  4. Pretty sure it also broke the records for “Most Broken Game”, “Game most likely not to be able to be played”, and “Game with the most critical features removed in the first month”

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