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Nintendo Australia Announces Amiibo Bundles For Certain Nintendo 3DS Games

Nintendo Australia and New Zealand has announced on Twitter that the company has a few amiibo +game bundles coming out next month. There’s two bundles for Fire Emblem Fates and one for Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS. The newly announced bundles coming September 22nd include the game, an amiibo, and the NFC Reader/Writer for $69.95. These bundles haven’t been announced for other regions, yet.


  1. ||The final boss of the Fed#^¤%#¤%tion Fo!#¤ce virus is the biggest insult there ever will be to Metroid by any standard, Tanabe and the rest of his mongrel slaves of inbreeds must be terminated at once…||

    1. All video feeds are restricted at my current facility. Maybe i’ll just experience the boss fight first hand one day, you know, when I’m in a civilian trash kind of mood… ;)

    2. As if chibifying Samus Aran wasn’t an insult enough, they had to make her into an enemy!? *right eye twitch*

        1. I know. The hits just keep on coming from this abomination. And what’s horrifying is it’s produced by the same guy that produced the awesome Metroid Prime games. Boy has Tanabe fallen.

  2. Oh god. I’m so tired of these amiibo bundles that keep certain amiibo from selling by themselves. Now I’m worried Lucina will be bundled with a fucking game I do not want like how Marth is bundled with THAT game in Australia.

    1. I’m not at all fond of the watered-down translation either, but as someone who bought all three branches of Fate, I can say they (for the most part) improved upon everything from a gameplay/game mechanics standpoint. So if you liked Awakening for that game’s mechanics, you’ll like the improved mechanics in this one. Just sayin’.

      Also, fuck RNG’s that let Camilla miss a 96%-chance-to-hit attack against an archer and then get taken out by said archer with a 10%-chance-to-hit attack (swear to gods, that actually happened).

      1. If I can get Revelations without having to get Birthright or Conquest, I’d probably consider getting Fates.

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