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Doug Bowser Promoted To Senior Vice President Of Marketing And Sales At Nintendo

NeoGAF member Sin City Assassin has noticed that Doug Bowser was recently promoted within Nintendo of America. Bowser is now Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales his previous position was Vice President of Sales. The news was uncovered via Doug Bowser’s Linkedin profile. We would like to congratulate Doug on his promotion!


18 thoughts on “Doug Bowser Promoted To Senior Vice President Of Marketing And Sales At Nintendo”

  1. Reggie be like:
    “Bowser? Gotta hire that dude.
    Wonder if he would be willing to change his name to Dawg…”

  2. Galactus The Planet Devourer

    I just don’t feel Reggie can connect with any gamer. I feel like they don’t know how to market or who to market too.
    That fisher price audience is gone. They need to be cool. It worked in the 90’s.
    They gotta go back to the roots.
    “Know your roots”. C’mon!

    1. Before working for Nintendo, he was working at Pizza Hut as a marketing guy. He should have STAYED there.

      1. He was more referring to the cool factor. Although, playing cards & love hotels were pretty cool ideas back in the day. xD

  3. A former EA VP of Global Demand Planning, Doug Bowser, is now the new SVP of Sales and Marketing. I wish “King” Bowser the best of luck. Give ’em hell, Bowser!!!!!

      1. Considering how great EA’s marketing was, and still is, I have faith Bowser will save us from Reggie’s stupidity.

  4. Now that he’s finally in charge of marketing, maybe NX’s marketing won’t be as fucking horrible as Wii U’s. Then again, someone above the guy could pull the power card *cough*Reggie*cough* & force him to do stupid marketing instead.

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