Zelda-Like Adventure Game Oceanhorn Is Coming To Consoles

Nintendo’s long-running The Legend of Zelda series inspires many aspects of several action-adventure titles, including one called Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. Available now on PC and mobile devices, the game is also heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There’s currently no word on a Wii U version, but we’ll let you know if we hear anything. Check out the latest trailer for Oceanhorn below to see the apparent similarities between it and Zelda:



    1. It took me a moment to recognize the game, but nah. I’m pretty sure this came out a good while ago before we even had much info on BotW. That’s a pretty cool coincidence though.

        1. It definitely looks better than even the latest handheld Zelda but as far as which is a better game there’s no contest.

        2. The average Nintendo game looks way better. Xenoblade, MK8, Pikmin 3. Those games are all included in the average nintendo game. Hell, ALBW looks better IMO. It may not have as good texture packs, but the artstyle and the world design make up for it.

    1. What the hell? Do you not know Nobuo Uematsu? He’s one of the greatest video game composers of all time…

      He’s responsible for the soundtracks of Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 1-11… And he’s been in the gaming industry far longer than Aonuma has. Show some respect.

      1. If you really get cancer oneday your going to regret all the times you jinxed yourself. Cancer is not rare anymore, millions of people get it. I think like 1 out of 4 people will develop cancer (could be wrong about that) in their lifetime. Anyways, not trying to be a downer or anything, I just really hate that saying and wish people would stop using it.

  1. Played it one year ago, is a solid game, the developers are big Zelda fans and is not that hard to tell. The game feels like a Wind Waker for handled. Is not as creative as Zelda and is also quite short but is a nice distraction if you are a Link fan. (just not aspect Nintendo level of quality)

  2. I see nothing wrong with the outfit the hero is wearing. It looks like just a generic blue fantasy tunic to me. If Nintendo does try to go after this, it’ll just be another instance of Nintendo being a bit too petty.

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