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Gamer Surprises Girlfriend With StreetPass Marriage Proposal

The 3DS StreetPass games have been an excellent way to interact with other Nintendo fans while out and about. However, one man has taken StreetPass to the next level by using it to propose to his girlfriend. Shared by Nintendo UK on Twitter, Andrew Hannay used his 3DS to pop the question to his girlfriend Nicky. It seems like love is in the air for Nintendo fans as a few months ago a man used Super Mario Maker to propose.


13 thoughts on “Gamer Surprises Girlfriend With StreetPass Marriage Proposal”

  1. Well it’s not bad, but proposals through games have been done much better, like the guy who got Valve to create a custom Portal 2 co-op map featuring original voice lines from GLaDOS (how fucking cool is that?).

    Still, hope it goes/went well.

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