RUMOR: Tom Phillips Expects Nintendo NX Reveal In September Via Nintendo Direct & Press Event

Tom Phillips, the Dep News Editor at Eurogamer, took to Twitter to answer some fan questions. Among them were his expectations on when the NX would be revealed. He says that, as far as he knows, the time frame of September “hasn’t changed”. Although he feels info on the NX is on tighter lockdown, he expects the reveal to change that. Phillips expects the NX to be revealed by a Nintendo Direct for fans and an event for press to occur at the same time.

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  1. Come ON already, Nintendo. If this is something you want people to buy, talk about it already. Do you know how we feel about this long silence?




    We want to know!

    1. @The Man of Brisk Relax, will ya? Nintendo says they will unveil the NX system(s) this FALL! It would be a whole lot wiser for you to lower your expectations and never over-hype it on purpose. They’re doing everything in their power to keep silent (thus the Non-Disclosure Agreement remains in full effect) to prevent rival companies stealing their innovations and ideas.

      Just wait for the NeXt couple of months and then get hyped.

      1. I DID MY WAITING!


        IN AZKABAN!

        Seriously though, we’ve waited long enough, and so has Nintendo. They only have six months before the NX lands, they’re running out of time. We even knew more about the Wii U one year prior to its release than we know about the NX six months prior.

        1. Second of all, this is not a fucking race so get your head out of your ass and accept reality. What if Nintendo announces the NX and the companies , like Sony and Microsoft, steals Nintendo’s innovations and ideas? Think about it.

          It’s best for Nintendo to wait until the time is right. Just wait until THIS FALL 2016! And lower your expectations!

          1. Its good to wait, but the last thing they need is a leak. Someone snaps a picture of an NX and plasters it all over the internet before Nintendo can reveal it. That would be disasterous for them, and the longer they wait, the higher the chances of that happening become. Waiting as long as possible is good to keep ideas away from competition, waiting too long could be potentionally catastrophic.

    1. September 30th is what I have written on my calendar. Nintendo releases everything as late as reasonably possible. I have full confidence that the direct will be released 30 minutes before October 1st happens.

  2. ||Yes, suffer more little ones, me and the rest of the elite forces on the other leg are ready to charge into battle…

  3. ||Yes, suffer more little ones, me and the rest of the elite forces on the other leg are ready to charge into battle…||

    1. Rumour? I don’t think…
      13th September 1985 Super Mario Bros. released
      13th September 2006 Wii revealed
      13th September 2011 3DS revealed
      13th September 2012 Wii U revealed
      This year NX

        1. I bet someone has predicted the end of the world to that date.
          I mean, we haven’t had one since 2 months?

        1. Its not a bad game. Take away the name and you have the best shooter on the 3ds. Although I admit it is hard to look past the name. And those stupid bobble head design choices.. And the lack of Samus… ok the game sucks.

          1. I try to tell myself that whenever I watch Doom or when I saw Fantastic Four reboot a second time. Take away the name, the designs of the characters, & the character’s names, they are good movies. But then I look at the movies’ titles, see the designs of one of the “demons” in Doom, or hear the name Victor Von Doom, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, etc, I flip & remember these are supposed to be movies based on Doom & Fantastic Four and realize how terrible they really are. I’m sure I’ll try to tell myself that when I ever see Ghostbusters 2016 for free, too, but then see the slapstick humor instead of the dry humor of the originals or see the characters wearing proton packs and remember “Fuck! This is that shitty reboot of Ghostbusters! Sucks these poor women starred in this travesty. Oh wait! 2 of them have been in plenty of Feig’s movies & probably supported the slapstick humor! Fuck all of them!”

            *cough* Sorry. I went off on a tangent there. xD

            1. I understand where your coming from. I usually feel like if a game (or movie) is good enough to stand on it’s own without name recognition, then i’m ok with whatever they want to call it. But there is a certain responsibility to quality with big names. Even if a movie or game stands on it’s own, if they are using a popular IP, certain standards have to met. If these standards are not met then expect backlash from the devoted fanbase. Ghostbusters 2016 is the absolute best example of a cash grab on a popular IP in the 21’st century. The movie could easily be called something else, but uses the Ghostbuster name for recognition and marketing. It’s an insult to the original creators and the fanbase. Metroid Prime Federation Force walks that line too, but at least FF is a decent game. But I would still consider it an ATTEMPT at a cash in. They tried to use the Metroid name for marketing power, however it had the opposite effect! By then it was too late to change the name. I seriously believe that Metroid FF would have done much better, probably even hit a million copies sold had it been called something else. I’ll tell you one thing though. The more I played that game, the more I absolutely hated the character designs. They look just like bobble heads. So ugly, so stupid. Especially when they try to have serious moments in the game. Im sorry but I can’t take anything you say seriously when your head is bigger that your body….

              1. If they changed the names, changed some of the equipment they used in the movies/game, changed the powers of certain characters, changed the designs of the monsters, etc, they could have done good as cult movies if nothing else.

    1. Right. That is not a rumor but speculation. The title should state that. Who am I to change things? Same go for reviews. They should be critics. Reviews should be an explanation of the product.

  4. I don’t know…as great as Directs are, I don’t think that’d be a proper way to unveil the newest generation of hardware. It’d not reach the masses like a live, on-stage presentation would. Though, granted, if the reveal is in September, they need to announce it already. This isn’t something they can be like “oh hey tune in TOMORROW…!”. They need to market the event heavily to get more than just the core Nintendo fanbase to tune in. Announce it now, hype it up daily and just make a big deal about it.

    1. A direct would reach more people. And it doesn’t really matter because every online media channel follows Nintendo so closely. They could reveal the NX with a ten second clip on youporn and the whole internet would know about it within minutes.

      1. Not really. Directs only appeal to those who already have interest in Nintendo. If you don’t have interest in Nintendo, then you’re probably not going to watch a Direct. A live, on-stage presentation has a much broader appeal. A Direct for the NX would be underwhelming no matter how good the system itself is.

        1. Direct reveal would spread like wildfire.
          Pretty much the same people who would watch the press release, and spread the word, would do so from direct as well.
          Only that direct you can control properly, and it is a lot cheaper.

          Nintendo could announce direct 2 days notice, make no note of NX, but still you can bet your ass that large gaming media journalists would be glued in front of their monitors when direct hits.
          And media in the end is the one that spreads the most word, not event.

        2. And what would drive someone who doesn’t have an interest on Nintendo to watch a freaking Nintendo press event?

          Direct or press conference, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the press.

      2. I hope it’s a SpaceWorld type style Direct though. Nintendo could rent out an auditorium and invite fans and members of the press to the show. It would truly be epic knowing Nintendo’s style of presentations especially if it’s in the form of a Nintendo dedicated E3 like event. Kimishima has ensured that the NX will have more than enough games ready at launch so now it’s all about Nintendo correctly executing the way they produce the Direct and explaining what the NX will be. With so much anticipation built around the NX, Nintendo has got to use all of this press that it’s getting to their advantage. I’m hoping they knock it out of the park with the NX, I want to see Nintendo back on top of the gaming world again

    2. A live on stage event would be streamed just like a direct would be streamed. It would not be on any TV station except new stations would speak of it.

      1. To add, it would be view but the same people whether it is lived stage stream or a direct stream.




              1. I was going to mention how Bowler changed his picture to what he has right now before he did the name change.

                  1. Even if he didn’t make it easy to tell who he was from his name or picture, I’d still just as easily assume it was Bowler AA because of how he makes his comments.

                    1. Oh, you mean absolute moron speak? Yeah, he’s pretty good at that. All caps and zero substance. That’s him. I should have spotted it myself.

  6. Whatever it is, watching the Zelda BOTW clips and knowing I can play that on top of a mountain somewhere is pretty boss… Can’t wait to see what else this thing will be capable of.

    1. I think the NX is gonna be unlike gaming device we’ve ever seen. I certainly think it will be a far more capable system than the PS4 and Xbox One. I’m like you, after seeing that recently released Zelda footage, I too am in high anticipation of how powerful this gaming system will be

      1. I’m a little confused. You liked the Zelda footage and you are waiting to see how powerful the gaming system. I want to see how much more I will be able to do in the game. I don’t see how the footage equate to how powerful the system is. It is all Wii U footage.

        1. I said that because BOTW is also getting released on the NX and it is suppose to be a more powerful system than the Wii U. I was speaking about how more refined the visuals will be on the NX as oppose to the Wii U version. If the Wii U footage of BOTW looks this great then the NX version will be a sight to behold

          1. I don’t think there will be that much difference between both version. I’m expecting 1080p, 30fps, better textures here and there and maybe improved lighting/particle effects. The rest will probably stay the same, just like in Twilight Princess on Wii.

  7. I don’t care about when it gets revealed, my whole thing is that I don’t just want it to be showing the console. I want it to be a huge direct where they at least give us the names of the launch titles if nothing else, it wouldn’t be insane the expect that right? I don’t want them to tease anything for later, show me the stupid gimmick but then also show me immediately why I need the fucking thing with some games. Breath of the wild will be great but I want to see at least 2 other heavy hitters that show me why I need an NX (I wonder about the likelihood is of new IPS, only safe things we can guess are mario and then maybe pikmin. Lot of their big series were used on wii U not long ago.) More than the console itself that is what I’m more curious about, a massive drought means they have to deliver but what can be expected at launch? An extremely slim chance of metroid, mario kart 9 maybe in first year but eh feels too close still, f-zero maybe just on the fact their reaching for something and it’s been years, any mario sports game seems like it would be odd to have at launch, kid icarus maybe? Something to do with donkey kong? I would like to say splatoon spinoff but they are probably going to be safe as fuck with the IP and wait some time before just releasing 2.

  8. I will be requesting off work, and getting in line at 7:00 AM the day before release 15 hours prior too. I’ll be playing Pokemon go, miitomo and various 3ds games in my big chair and cooler at hand. Gonna be a great time!

  9. A video presentation for the public and a press event running alongside it. Basically what they’ve done various times throughout this past generation.

    BTW, September 8th or 10th are my main predictions right now. 22nd or 24th at the absolute latest, especially if Nintendo of Canada’s CEO really did mean the season proper (22nd is the equinox). No solid guarantee of the date aside, I’m 100% confident September is the month we’ll be getting it.

    Side-Prediction: We’ll get a Direct in December as well.

    1. Update: The upcoming September Nindie event is being called a “Summer Jam.” Given that the Nintendo of Canada said Fall would have the reveal, this shakes my assuredness when it comes to September as the reveal month.

      Please don’t be dumb and wait until December, Nintendo.

        1. First we’ll have to see if they will break the “every three months” (quarter end) pattern they’ve been establishing since December before it ever really gets going.

  10. I’m tired of rumors. They need to just tell me what it is, what it does, and how much does it cost.

      1. So I looked at the French interview page (translated to English) where this statement from Pierre-Paul Trepanier, Nintendo of Canada’s GM, was made. At no point does he deliberately say Fall. He says “before the end of the year.” Multiple things about September make sense (1/2 year away from NX launch, ends a quarter (3 month stretch)), but no representative from Nintendo has outright stated the reveal would happen in the Fall.

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